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umeboshi_onigiri 2007-03-24 15:12

Higurashi Daybreak
Twilight Frontierís battle action dojin game Higurashi Daybreak is getting an expansion, Higurashi Daybreak Kai. The game is up for preorder at HimeyaShop.

Klashikari 2007-03-24 17:42

this is a bit redundant, but well, i guess it would be better if the game has its own thread in a more suitable sub-forum.
meh, i didn't expect himeyashop would already start the preorder so quickly...

here is a copy of the post i made on the other sub forum :

Higurashi Daybreak Kai

Website of the game :

now, here are the informations i could gather with a loosy translation with bablefish :
New Features
  • 2 new characters : Hanyuu and Natsumi (obviously XD)
  • Third weapon mode for every character
  • Third Hypermode bar : Kakera (no information about its effect, nor its condition of filling/activating. Yellow Aura) => Some changes will be applied on Oyashiro and Friendship to increase the strategy choice between he 3 Hypermode
  • Spectator mode for Netplay Matches
  • Improved Hosting Interface : 8 slots, Improved Chat
  • New Stage : 「祭具殿前」 : saigu dono mae
  • New costumes
  • Game Balance
this game is an Expansion (bingo cpt obvious!) and will require Higurashi Daybreak previously installed.
this add-on will be released the 22nd April with FINALLY, Higurashi Daybreak Original Soundtrack
its cost appears to be ridiculous : 1000 Yens (yeah, expansion should be cheap, but heh, why not free big patch then? XD)

Additional Information :
Hanyuu will be voiced by Hori Yui
Natsumi will be voiced by Mizuhashi Kaori

so once again, Twilight Frontier managed to grant us a serious fanservice here, with that insane goody (omg, i can't wait for some "auuauauau" moments, while bashing some irie around XD)

As we can see on the screenshots :
1) Hanyuu seems to have a FC based on reflecting/shielding. only 2 charges.
due the ambiguous description, it might play also a role with some time control... maybe some slowing down effect on the oppenents/missile, or a haste effect on herself.
2) Natsumi sounds to be a less mindtrick melee character than shion, but some safer traits : according the description, she will stab several times, doing a barrage as a defensive and offensive move (like Rena's Renapan). 6 shots charges and 10 FC charges with her kitchen knife mode.
3) Rena third weapon seems to be an "even more insane" melee weapon than the actual great "splitting axe"
with only 1 shot charge, and 1 FC charge, it will be a "burst damage" character type (which will be the ranged nightmare... prepare yourself mion!)
Also, note that she has the "Ryukishi" outfit (litteraly : Dragon Rider)... huhuhu...

gummybear 2007-03-24 19:04

wait, is this online play or single player?

Klashikari 2007-03-24 19:07

both : it can be played with only 1 player (the computer control the non player character, but absolutely no difficulty setting so far.)
but it is more a Multiplayer game, with Netplay option.
don't expect something like servers though : someone hosts a game, and the other players can join the host game with host IP.

Klashikari 2007-03-29 14:33

in advance, i apology for the double posting ~~
i don't think this is offtopic, and since there isn't any discussion on this thread, until maybe the release of kai, i think this "should be ok" ^^"

i have a suggestion here : why not some organization for Netplay matches?

this is a big shame that people with the game don't enjoy the biggest fun of the marvelous daybreak brawling bash so...

here is my idea then (if you can't call an idea ~~) :
i would like people who are playing this game, and who wants to play netplay to show up here, and let some informations about their availability and other things.
of course, i don't ask blatantly your IP or anything.

the purpose of this idea is simple : it would be way easier to find HD players, origanizing matches via PM/Chat/Instant messengers/whatever.

here is my information :
  • Country : Belgium
  • Time Zone : GTM +1
  • Availability : week : around 5-10PM. week-end : any time? :heh:
  • Host : no problem (i ask this, since some people can't host, while they don't have any problem in joining other host game)
  • Connection : DSL
  • Experience : playing the game since December 06 (this information can be helpful to balance matches)
  • Discussion : On AS forums, Hinamizawa Club, and on my MSN account (see my profile). i don't lurk on IRC, but i don't mind coming.
you got the picture i think ^^"
currently, i got 2 EU players, and a third one soon.
of course, US players should show themself too (i don't think it will be THAT laggy but...)

meh... i hope it will attract some players here ^^"

Toxic 2007-03-29 15:19

* Country : Sweden

* Time Zone : GMT +1

* Availability : Week: 4PM-12PM Weekend/holiday: Any time.

* Host : No problem whatsoever.

* Connection : ADSL, 24 MBit

* Experience : Getting the game tomorrow :P

* Discussion : On AS forums, and MSN. Can go anywhere you want, though.

I'd be happy to play a few rounds :P

umeboshi_onigiri 2007-03-29 16:49

Nice initiative! I can not join you for the moment, but maybe later. Newcomers to the game may have some help from the Higurashi Daybreak Wiki. Unfortunately it seems to not have been updated since december 2006, but may be helpful with the menues and the like. There is also some information in the World of Eternity Forum. If you play Higurashi Daybreak proper, do not forget the updates at Twilight Frontier.

Toxic 2007-03-29 16:56

What do you mean by "proper"?

umeboshi_onigiri 2007-03-29 17:02

"Proper" = not the expansion.

Toxic 2007-03-29 17:06

The expansion isn't even out yet, is it? Anyway, what link should I click on that page?

Takemaru 2007-03-30 07:09

Takemaru's information
§ Country : Finland

§ Time Zone : GMT +2

§ Availability : Week: Normal days (5PM-8.25PM) Weekend (9AM - 12PM ,) depends on my timetable what i will do at that day:heh:

§ Host : I think there is not problem

§ Connection : Cable 7Mbit

§ Experience : 2 Month exp. But anyway i am not good ^^

§ Discussion : Animesuki forum and MSN messenger

Klashikari 2007-07-14 05:48

Patch 1.11b has been released the 11th july.
you can download it here :

the amount of change is HUGE, considering the patch notes.

Spoiler for snip for space, patch notes:

what i could get with babelfish :
-Keiichi's damage decreased
-Rena Axe and Ironclade Cleaver damage increased
-Akasaka's damage increased

if anyone thinks s/he is able to translate, please be my guest, the terminology is really technical.

it appear they also buff/nerf a lot the CS/FCS of various characters for their firing speed and all.
didn't test it at all, gonna do it tonight/tomorrow.

Miko Miko 2007-07-14 15:36

so is it an online game, or do you buy it...?? :confused:

Flame-X 2007-07-17 14:43

this game is weird but kick ass

mist2123 2007-07-17 15:06

I just bought the game with the expansion! :)

Shamisen 2007-09-28 01:36

Anyone still play Daybreak Kai? I've always wanted to play online with other people and I just recently discovered a little program called Hamachi. A few people are in the network already. Though I haven't seen them on. So it'd be fun to get more people in there. The network name is: day break and the pass is: day break

Just like that.

Miko Miko 2007-09-28 12:51

is it online or what :confused::confused::confused:

mist2123 2007-09-28 18:40


Originally Posted by Shamisen (Post 1170052)
Anyone still play Daybreak Kai? I've always wanted to play online with other people and I just recently discovered a little program called Hamachi. A few people are in the network already. Though I haven't seen them on. So it'd be fun to get more people in there. The network name is: day break and the pass is: day break

Just like that.

LOL how many people are playing XD i wana join:heh:
RENA will own EM ALL using big cleaver-san!! XD

Klashikari 2007-09-28 19:07


Originally Posted by BJR (Post 1170971)
is it online or what :confused::confused::confused:

yes, there is a online feature, Netplay.
Basically, one player host the game, and the other challengers join it with the IP.
Any slot left will be controlled by the IA, and you can have spectators as well.

I'm still playing this, and the information before are still applied.
I might join this hamachi network channel, though it would be a good idea to have more information, as hamachi hardly help issues with localisation. (i'm not sure if America <-> europe will have a good latency...)

Twarz 2007-09-30 07:51

Ah, great, i'm happy to have found this kind of thread :D It's been quite a while I was looking for other Higurashi Daybreak Kai players. I'll try to connect myself to the Hamachi network tonight 'cause it was full this afternoon.

§ Country : France

§ Time Zone : GMT +1

§ Availability : Around 21h00 on week, all the time on week-end

§ Host : I think I can

§ Connection : 4 M

§ Experience : Maybe 2 or 3 monthes... I'm not this bad with a few characters (Rena, Psycho-Rena and Psycho-Rika, Shion, Hanyuu, and i'm training with Natsumi)

§ Discussion : Animesuki forum and MSN messenger

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