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Urzu 7 2012-04-27 17:24

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
Super Smash Bros. rip off with Sony characters. Could be fun! It lacks the charm of Super Smash Bros., though.

What is Playstation All Stars Battle Royale?

So what is PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale? First and foremost, it’s a celebration of a storied history of great characters and rich worlds brought together in one game. And for us, there’s no better way to celebrate than by creating an experience that players can sit around one screen and enjoy together. There are probably a few types of games that can be enjoyed by four players simultaneously, but for us at SuperBot, a brawler was the obvious choice for one really good reason: the developers here at SuperBot really like fighting games. We love playing them and we love making them. With PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, we set out to make an experience accessible enough for all PlayStation fans to enjoy while also creating something deep enough for the serious fighting game aficionado. We think this “accessible yet deep” strategy is the perfect way to bring PlayStation fans of all stripes together.


PS Blog:




First Take (impressions)

Hit Points[/QUOTE]

Gameplay Features:
Smash bros gameplay confirmed
60 FPS confirmed (nerds)
multiplayer with options
3rd party characters are in
3 layers of super for each character, the Bars represent your "Super meter"
Mash Up Stages featuring elements from multiple fanchies, like God of War/ Patapon, Ratchet and Clank/ with God of War elements.
The aura glow around the characters signifies that your Super meter is full. It is not always present.
You can use D-pad or Analog to move around

Confrimed Characters:

(First Party)

Here's a quick rundown of the six debut characters:

Parappa the Rapper: Parappa is small and fast; a short-range melee character. His moves come right out of Chop Chop Master Onion's kung-fu dojo, though you'll have to be right up on your opponents to connect with most of them. One of his most useful moves is also pretty funny: he brings out his Boxy Boy boom box (it arrives with the classic "Aw yeah!" hip-hop sample) to the play field, where it spews AP bubbles that can be picked up to charge super meters. Smart players were using the boom box to level up and use Parappa's skateboard super, which dashes through and knocks out anyone in sight. It's a total dick move, but it works, and wins matches.

Radec: Killzone character Radec isn't as cute as our favorite dog rapper, but he makes up for it with badassness. He's quite the opposite of Parappa, working best as a long-distance attacker, with projectiles and lasers that easily land hits on the opposite side of the play field. His level one super gives the player a reticule that can be placed over any character to direct a large-scale fire attack.

Sweet Tooth: Those wanting to play as a strong bully will want to choose Twisted Metal's scary clown hero. He's huge and all about space control, with attacks that can send you flying. Up close he hits really hard, so stay away if you can. I loved using him to shoulder check enemies to send flying across the screen. His level three special is flashy, bringing fire and parts flying out of the sky to his body to turn him into Mechatooth, armed with a machine gun that will easily mow all opponents down.

Fat Princess: No one picked the big girl in the first rounds, but I found that she was one of my favorites after trying her out. I fell in love after seeing her match opening animation, which has her instantly plumping up after downing a piece of cake. Princess has swinging mid-range attacks that are fast and reliable, and they provide good defense, as a lot of jumping and blind swinging can take place. She's surprisingly agile and has lots of power.

Sly Cooper: Sly is unique in that he has no defense at all. Instead, and true to his character, he can turn invisible by hitting the block button. This makes him quite a bit more sneaky, as he can get behind opponents to use his special moves in close range. His normal attacks glide him from platform to platform, and he can fly/attack diagonally, making him great at recovery.

Kratos: Anyone that has enjoyed any of the God of War games will feel right at home with Kratos, as he plays exactly the same in All-Stars. He's the best all-arounder of the initial line-up, with a mix of both ranged and close quarters moves. His spin attacks take up huge space, and his spear-based pokes will push you back. He's a beast.

(Third Party Characters)

Third Party Characters have been confirmed, but none have been revealed yet. Pulling from 2 decades of material, so chances are good for some PS1, and PS2 characters.

(Confirmed Stages)

-Some Stages are combined between Franchises-

Hades stage (hades doing things during the fight) Includes Patapon elements.
Buzz stage (get quizzed DURING the fight)
LBP stage (starts off empty, stage builds as you play)
Sandover Village stage
Ratchet and Clank stage with Hydra from GoW

Zexas 2012-04-27 18:33

since third party is confirmed they'd be ton of dlc for this game :heh:

....give me Isaac then :D

Tyabann 2012-04-28 01:57

This is such a bad idea... :heh:

SOGESNAKE 2012-04-28 02:00

I'd assume we'd get such characters as Solid Snake (or Old Snake), Nathan Drake, Lara Croft, and Crash Bandicoot~?

Sagi 2012-04-28 02:04

What a rip off, it looks like a carbon copy of Smash bros.
Did Sony bought Gameloft to make this game?

RRW 2012-04-28 21:18

well 2d 4 battle royal is essentially a genre now -_-

Terrestrial Dream 2012-04-28 23:17

The gameplay sounds lame. The fact that only super attacks could knock out opponents seems like an minus for me. It seems like it is trying to incorporate Dissidia's brave point system, but seems to be worse. And the game does lack the iconic characters of Super Smash, so at this point the game is not very impressive.

Mateus 2012-04-28 23:23

Who is the fat princess supposed to be?

SOGESNAKE 2012-04-29 00:09


Originally Posted by Mateus (Post 4134911)
Who is the fat princess supposed to be?

It's actually the princess from.... well.... Fat Princess. :heh:

Blue-kun 2012-04-29 10:53

I actually think they did a good job at mimicking Brawl's gameplay from some of the videos, so at least in that front it could be fun. Still, the fact this is being developed by an american company doesn't inspire me much hope. The concept's good (and I can see why they'd rip it off), but if all you add are characters like Kratos and stuff, well, it certainly won't draw me in. Sony (and SCEJ in particular) do have a bunch of really nice characters like Kat from Gravity Rush and the ICO/SotC onesm and those would actually lend themselves really well for a game like this. Not to mention that an ICO/SotC level would look far more breathtaking than whatever grey looking things they've showed so far.

But yeah, what's going to make or break this game for me is the roster. Sly, Jak & Dexter/Rachet & Clank, Alundra, Gravity Rush plus all the other 3rd party exclusives that have ever graced Sony's consoles could really offer a nice selection of characters, so it's all up to them.

Linkark07 2012-04-29 11:02

For me the problem of this game is that Sony lacks the magic that Nintendo characters have. You can't really compare Kratos or Nathan Drake or the Fat Princess to characters like Mario, Link, Samus and all of the characters that belong to Nintendo.

So far, not impressed and I doubt I'll buy it.

Westlo 2012-04-29 11:11

Yeah it's a obvious clone but it's not like it can't be fun or as good, look @ Crash Team Racing... heck that's better than any recent Kart game by light years.


Originally Posted by SOGESNAKE (Post 4133264)
I'd assume we'd get such characters as Solid Snake (or Old Snake), Nathan Drake, Lara Croft, and Crash Bandicoot~?

Drake's pretty much 1st party so he's a given, I'll say Solid Snake, Crash, Lara Croft, Dante and Cloud Strife are probably going to be locks for this game too. Maybe a Resident Evil character.. like Leon as well.. all those characters were an important factor in Sony dominating the console industry for 2 gens straight.

Kizoku Keenan 2012-04-30 13:25

I wonder if Cloud will make an appearance or Vivvi would be cool.

Kafriel 2012-04-30 13:50

If FF characters are involved, I'd rather play Dissidia :P The thing is, Nintendo characters were made for platformers (Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, Samus, etc.) while the majority of the PS roster is not. Plus, what new does this game have to offer, gameplay-wise? Why play this and not just fire up good ol' N64?

Kizoku Keenan 2012-04-30 16:05


Originally Posted by Kafriel (Post 4137921)
If FF characters are involved, I'd rather play Dissidia :P The thing is, Nintendo characters were made for platformers (Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, Samus, etc.) while the majority of the PS roster is not. Plus, what new does this game have to offer, gameplay-wise? Why play this and not just fire up good ol' N64?

Verrrrry good point my well observed compadre I just wish i could find my power cable for my ancient ass N64 (which for some reason I had Pokemon snap lol) but still maybe at least one odd FF character would be nice like vincent.

serenade_beta 2012-04-30 22:12

It's not like Sony was ever subtle about ripping off Nintendo, but damn... *facepalm*

RRW 2012-05-19 02:02

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Nerroth 2012-11-08 15:50

The game has gone gold:

Kyero Fox 2012-11-08 17:49

They put the heavenly blade chick in? why :heh: Ninja Theory really wants their characters in it. :heh:

Again they miss a chance at selling God Hand by not putting Gene in it. Oh well, PS is bad at advertisements anyways.

Nerroth 2012-11-15 11:46

Kat from Gravity Rush is one of the first pair of DLC characters to be added next year; she'll be free to get for the first two weeks, but I'm not sure how much she'll cost after that.

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