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Pellissier 2009-03-25 04:52

Toradora! - Episode 25 (END) Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Toradora!, Episode 25 (END).

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stormy001_M1A2 2009-03-25 04:58

Let's see how JC Staff gonna wrap this excellent series up. Thanks for the journey, my friends.

AnimeFullForce 2009-03-25 05:42

I wanna see how J.C. Staff is going to end this wonderful anime.....
I have high hopes for it...ohhhhhhh, i cant wait :D

frivolity 2009-03-25 06:09

Yeah, my anticipation for this is through the roof. I'm hoping that the final scene will feature the full version of Orange.

physics223 2009-03-25 06:10

I'm hoping the ending makes everything all the more worthwhile. :)

Neki Ecko 2009-03-25 06:19

It has been a long journey for us, from beginning to now,

We laugh at Minorin antics, We cried when some of the powerful scenes, we cheer, and we boo, even fuss between each other.

Toradora has been a excellence series from the beginning, now that question is, If this is this episode will take Toradora from a excellence series into a landmark series, and to be compare with other landmark series in the past and in the future.

r0cawearz 2009-03-25 06:23

It seemed rushed from ep 24.. Only thing I can say is that they should fix it up and add a new season, which isn't really possible at this point. Unless they can postpone last episode in 26 instead of 25, but it was already announced as last episode.

akitoki 2009-03-25 06:55

When this series is Fridays will never be the same again...oh's to hoping they wrap up the series as beautifully as they started it.

wistfulloner 2009-03-25 07:19

Give an epic conclusion to an epic series, JCstaff. The episodes have been one joy-ride after another, end off the ride with a real bang which will tell me I have not wasted 25 weeks of my life following it.

For once, I would like to have my cake and eat it too. My money is on you, JCstaff, don't disappoint.

EDIT: I can see this episode will be so great that people have already started giving perfect scores :D

Peanutbutter 2009-03-25 07:25

From the preview, I guess we'll be seeing this:

Spoiler for novel volume 10 illustration:

From episode 24, I'm preparing myself to have a sense of underwhelm/what if for this final episode, though I'm sure it will satisfy me somehow.

SageGaiGar 2009-03-25 07:39

Going to miss the show, but not the craziness in these threads. XD

Well maybe a little.

typhonsentra 2009-03-25 08:12

This has been a hell of a ride. Sad to see it go.... :(

MeoTwister5 2009-03-25 10:03

Damn. With Clannad and Toradora over, I'm at a loss finding my next Friday fix. Hope Spring 2009 season has something that can at least match them.

Game8910 2009-03-25 10:28

im expecting epic, if done well this is now on my top 5

yezhanquan 2009-03-25 10:35

Well, let's hope that the 5 Man Band stick together for each other. This band of nakama seems unlikely to drift apart.

CaptGloval 2009-03-25 10:39

No nice boat for sure.

And that novel illustration up there... Why do I have a feeling I've seen that in some OP before? (Where the next scene consists of cheerleaders.)

yezhanquan 2009-03-25 10:41

I actually have some difficulty figuring out who's who.

Yukinokesshou 2009-03-25 11:37


Originally Posted by yezhanquan (Post 2296792)
I actually have some difficulty figuring out who's who.

Back row: Kashii Nanako, Baka Chihuahua, Takasu Ryuuji, Kitamura Yuusaku, Kihara Maya, Takasu Yasuko, Koigakubo Yuri.
Front row: Haruta, Kushieda Minori, Tenori Taiga, Noto.


Originally Posted by CaptGloval (Post 2296788)
No nice boat for sure. And that novel illustration up there... Why do I have a feeling I've seen that in some OP before? (Where the next scene consists of cheerleaders.)

Huh, huh... cheerleaders? What's a nice boat? And to those of you in Japan, it's about to start in 11 minutes (that 「終」 in a red square on the TV Tokyo schedule makes me sad).

gigithestar 2009-03-25 12:05

it's kinda sad knowing Toradora will be over this Friday..first thing I will do is re watch it since I don't wanna believe it's over.

Tango337 2009-03-25 12:22

Good end, im going to miss this..

Spoiler for Oh man:

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