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Obelisk ze Tormentor 2012-07-22 21:35


Originally Posted by Ikaoru (Post 4268287)

Thanks for the info. I just order a couple of replacement parts from... GG Infinite. It'll be a slow process but at least it's possible for Quanta to hold the GN Sword IV.

Thanks again

Good for you :).

Personally, I don't want 00 QanT to hold the GN Sword IV. It looks better mounted on its shoulder, but that's just me :p.

Ikaoru 2012-07-22 22:56

I got jealous that 1/144 get to hold the sword. So I'm trying to find a way to do it for 1/100. I'm a little bit close to achieved that. Too bad that I can't do like the professionals did to their kits.

Znozzy 2012-07-23 00:55


Originally Posted by Ikaoru (Post 4268178)
What kind of tool do you recommend?

the good ol' hobby knife first, sandpaper and superglue later :)

Znozzy 2012-07-23 01:30

duotiga 2012-07-23 03:37

Whatever RG line suit is up, i will still be getting ^^

Zeydra 2012-07-23 05:53

Hmm, after Justice I expect the next Real Grade will be a UC suit. Will it be the Zeta? Only time will tell. Honestly, I kinda hope it's the Qubeley, I'm a sucker for the type of suit that is.

casval cehack 2012-07-23 06:17

Same with the comments on gundamguy, sure looks like Zeta's distinctive top camera. Maybe Bandai actually pulled off a transforming advanced ms joint, hence the "new evolution".

justavisitor 2012-07-23 11:08

If that's the case then i think it's wing-zero (TV version)'s transformation is a lot simpler...right into zeta is too big of a step imo (and wing-zero is also popular)

MakubeX2 2012-07-23 17:19
Can't believe they manage to pull this off.

Obelisk ze Tormentor 2012-07-23 17:52

Ah, so it's Zeta indeed. Can't wait to see how Bandai deal with the transformation. The risk is high if they indeed going full transformation with this. It can be one hell of a flimsy kit with falling-apart parts if done wrong.

duotiga 2012-07-23 19:24

What I'm interested is the crotch area where thy have to split the legs during transformation. Perhaps they miniaturize the MG ver 2 tech into RG?

justavisitor 2012-07-23 21:01

Wow, so it's zeta....RG is not famous for being sturdy XD. How is the MG zeta version 2?? I don't really expect it to be better than MG version 2?

casval cehack 2012-07-23 23:40

With this release, we'll also get a "RG Zeta Zaku" (with RG Zaku II).:heh:

Obelisk ze Tormentor 2012-07-23 23:51

I can't believe they actually did this :twitch::

MG Blitz Clear

I always thought that this is a dumb idea since it's nowhere near transparent :heh:.

HasuMasu 2012-07-24 05:17

RG Zeta? Bandai has heard my prayers. :T_T:

Now I MUST go to Hong Kong and get it...when it's out.

Appel 2012-07-24 06:08

for those who are still doubting it:

yup, thats the zeta alright!^^ thats really cool. i wonder if it will be able to transform... personally i dont really think its needed though. as i said before, i buy models of giant robots to display them as robots and not as freaking planes^^

duotiga 2012-07-24 06:36

Well Appel, the cool part of Zeta is being able to change to plane (waverider) which makes the unit unique

WefiDasst 2012-07-24 06:46

I will buy it in a heart beat. Keep my MG transformed, and this one in MS mode.

casval cehack 2012-07-24 07:09

One can always get two or more RGs at this near HG price range. If the teaser photo is indeed Zeta, there's probably a P-Bandai exclusive of a White Zeta (Green Divers) version too.

duotiga 2012-07-24 07:22

& from there they can do Zeta Plus (C1 / A1) or even delta plus in the future? =x

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