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Catgirls 2006-09-25 14:06

School Rumble S2 Overall Series Impressions & Total Series Rating
This thread is to be used for discussing the entire 26 episodes of School Rumble Season #2 ... your thoughts about the show, overall impressions, speculation on a third season, should their even BE a third season or is the story getting old, etc., etc…

A few subjects you might want to ramble on about:
  • General impression of the series.
  • Opinions on the overall story, writing & plot devices.
  • Thoughts about the animation quality.
  • General speculation on the upcoming FUNimation R1 English language DVD release.

  • How did the anime compare with the manga?
  • Characters/Character Design
  • What the show meant to you.
  • What could the creators/animators/writers could have done better.

  • How did Season 2 compare with Season 1?
And so on.

The poll represents your total series rating. In other words, how you would rate all the episodes combined (1-10)? If you'd rather rate the whole series by technical/artistic merits, you can do so. An example:

Animation Quality: 1-10
Voice Actors: 1-10
Script: 1-10
Adaptation from Novels: 1-10
Editing: 1-10

Average = Total Series Rating

Or a combination of the two. Or your general gut feeling.

ichigoismyhomie 2006-09-25 15:55's my take on season 2. I gave it slightly lower score than first season cuz all those lame fillers they stuffed in between episodes. Here's my breakdown:

Animation Quality: 9
I almost give it a 7 since it's pretty mediocre at the beginning, but the Initial D spoof take my heart away and I gotta give props to that one. I think the spoof look much better than the original Initial D itself.

Voice actor: 8
the main characters don't change at all. They got perfect chemistry between them. The only set back is that they change the voice actor for ichijo, but she still sound close enough to the original voice actor.

Script: 7
Here's where SR2 falls apart. The anime story got a lil messy cuz of those fillers, especially that 1 hr special. Some of them look ok and kinda integrated to the main plot. They should do less filler on SR3 or cover more from B chapter.

Adaptation: 7
Read explanation above.

Editing: 8
I think they did a pretty good job putting all these fillers and main plot together. although some of them pretty much out of place, they still stick with time line....except toward the end where things are out of hand.

Overall: 8/10
Good season (not great) that need some more work on adapting to the real story line from manga. I know season 1 has some fillers in it, but they don't really distract me from following the real plot. Hopefully season 3 will have less filler and more lover till everything is over......(damn i made a rhyme)


kauldron26 2006-09-25 18:43

this show has been ruined because the writer and the producers refuse to grant a resolution. The show shouldnt even be called school rumble anymore... it should be called "masterpiece anime that was destroyed due to money hungry bastards"

Now i wouldnt be complaining if the first season wasnt so incredible... if the first season was mediocre i could care less... but when a show is just sooo amazing and then sinks into a pile of crap... it just hurts...

How in the world can characters not develop in 52 episodes??? how?? How can they possibly still have tunnel vision?? Tenma, Tenma, Tenma, Tenma, WTF Harima?? open your eyes!!

~sigh~ it wouldnt be this frustrating if even in the manga there was some development... 40 chapters later and guess what people!!! STILL NO DAMN DEVELOPMENT!!

o well... i guess midori no hibi still owns the crown for greatest comedy-romance anime IMHO.

kare kano was perfect but then episodes 19 - 26 were animated by 4 year olds, and it was incomplete.
Ai yori Aoishi was good from episodes 1 - 4 and then filler killed it but eps 21 - 24 was awesome, but the sequel was horrendous. Both kare kano and AYA were great but too flawed.
Honey and Clover was a phenomenal masterpiece, but then incest had to be included between cousins, who had a father daughter relatioship.... and that just killed it for me...
Karin was pretty good actually...

Is it really that hard to make a comedy romance anime?? maybe i should just give up on the genre, im a 22 yr old med student for Pete's Sake. But goddamnit i love a great love story: greatest couples ever: Blue and Hige, Caska and Gats, Hachimaki and Tanabe, Ayato and Haruka, Van and Hitomi... why cant we have a love story comedy with characters this developed??

Midori no Hibi on the other hand was just so fufilling... funny as hell, touching, and dramatic. just wonderful.

miko tian 2006-09-25 19:39

Animation Quality: 8
usually the quality was good, at others, it was kinda bad (yakumo was drawn notably bad in the ep when she had a fever)
Voice Actors: 8
the VAs were mostly good, but at times, lala and some of the other chars seemed really out of place and bad
Script: 6.5
fillers kinda sucked, and some stuff just seemed haphazardly put together
Adaptation from Novels: 8
stayed loyal enough to manga, though it was kinda bad at some points of uninspired filler
Editing: 8
it was surprisingly well put together at times
Overall: 7.5/10

Decagon 2006-09-26 01:04

Animation Quality: 9
I really like the variety of cgi and backgrounds. The flashback Yakumo in 26 was so moe~... :upset: . I really liked all the Tenma pics from early on, even if they were kind of random... and not animated.
Script: 6
Stupid whale. The iron chef parody still eats at me, and some of the lines in the last ep felt off character (among lines from original scenes). The lines I really like in this season are more than likely taken verbatim from the manga, so no points there.
Adaptation: 9
What they did bring over, I think they did well. I believe they did a great job with the Christmas arc--dramatic pauses here, awkward moments there, and timed well enough that I don't remember anthing to complain about. It was cool seeing the basketball manga and Mai's spoof animated too. More manga material being covered would have been nice, but ending at this point would be better than ending right after the flaglicious Kyoto arc. I'm a kids' meal guy, but I still want to dream of onigiri... ending early was probably best.
Editing: 7
They followed the manga pretty well, but the fillers made me think "Why/When the hell did that happen?" more than once. Must be a pretty long semester.

Overall: 8

I think FUNimation will do a good job with the R1's, but I'm getting tired of some of their VA cast. It'll be nice to buy the DVDs at R1 prices though. I hope S3 doesn't start too early. I won't have enough money saved up.

JarOfMayo 2006-09-26 02:33

Animation Quality: X, well part of adaption for me.
Animation in the sense of the style used and all... Not really a big deal. Though personally some things could have taken better hints from source.

Voice Actors: 9
The change of Ichigo's VA took time to get used to but it was ok. I too have a sorta gridding urge to change how Lala expresses herself... :heh:

Script: X, filler wise, 8
The few fillers that were part of this season were for the most ok. I really don't mind such things as its usually obvious how fillerish those episodes really are... compared to stuff taken from the mangas. It also puts up front what SR really prioritizes, which is usually comedy first... with a seat next to romance to help facilitate and as an attraction itself.

Adaptation from Novels: 8
2nd Season goes from about Ch.98 to Ch.160 (161 starts off with a top page note: "3rd semester"). With only 60~ chapters to work with it was fine in producing the two prominent arcs and the winter break as a 3 distinct parts this season. Some parts of the manga honestly presented better "scenes" or "views" then sometimes shown in the anime... but there are also some anime scenes that were well made compared to the manga... A mixed example (good and bad) would be some scenes in Runaway Eri arc. A good example is the Imitator-Tenma scene (disguised as Yakumo).

Editing: 8
Spaced out the prominent arcs and fillers fine... except the stretch at the end was ... in my opinion as a manga reader a painful one. Its pretty obvious manga wise the 2nd semester is a good ~35-40 chapters short of 1st season... I would say they didn't destroy the boat going into the bay at least.

Overall I'm pretty pleased... and more so that 3rd season is highly likely... uhhh at KJ's pace though I would expect 3rd season to start Fall 07. By then we would be up to 240-250ish Chapter wise (barring it had not ended by then)... About 90 chapters would be fine source for 3rd.

Owaranai Destiny 2006-09-26 05:32

Here's my take on it...

Animation Quality: 8.5
It was basically quite well done...No obvious stuttering in the movements of characters or change of scenery, and the quality was there, but it felt as though there was something missing....Some more high-profile graphics, perhaps?
Voice Actors: 9
They did a good job, as a whole, utilising their voices to best portrait each of the characters they were playing. Hiroki's somewhat gruff voice for Harima the former delinquent, Mamiko's soft voice for an equally gentle Yakumo and Horie's sassy voice for a tsundere Eri. Werem't many discrepancies as far as I can see...or hear. :heh:
Script: 8
While I would have wanted to see a more seriousness in season 2, especially regarding Harima and his relationships, they played it out quite well, despite having a little more fillers than some people could endure. The ever so famous parodies are back in the season, somehow spicing it up for the above average script IMO, probably due to the fact that nothing much has changed-Harima still chasing after Tenma and not much of a resolution from the last episode.
Adaptation from Novels: 8
They followed it quite closely, though I would have preferred them to deviate a little more away from the manga, or simply made it such that it would somehow accomodate a few more chapters.
Editing: 8
Nothing much I can say on this one. I was pretty satisfied until the last episode. It seemed slightly rushed, and the switching of scenes in the previous episode to accomodate the scenario with Yakumo and the ghost was a little confusing, but other than that, it was all fine.

Overall: 8.9....It falls a little short of my expectations for a what I would deem as a fabulous anime, but it's still very good, especially since I regard comedy as the central theme. I would love to see a little more seriousness and emphasis on relationships in San Gakki, though, if there happens to be one, which I think it's highly probable, what with the ending in Ni Gakki.

Pakxenon 2006-09-28 01:17

I gave it a 7.7 at Out of 10:

Animation (8): Same as last season, but they outdo themselves on several CG scenes (like the Initial D parodies).

Sound (7): I missed Guruguru Mawaru. The OP felt really lame as an anthem, and the first ED was okay. The second ED was so stylish with the paper-cutouts and just won it for me. Everyone still has the same enthusiasm.

Story (6): No developements. I'm disgusted at the story for not having that. Not many things changed, even if this is the second semester, and the manga chapters in the middle of the season really felt fillerish. Most stories are usually fun, but they can't progress the love triangles. I felt that the filler stories were better than more than half the season.

Adaption (9): As always, the transition onscreen is better than the manga. The only complaint (recent) I have was the "you're too fat" scene with Tenma and them. That's an example of a bad transition. Otherwise, everything came to life and stuff.

Cheers to 3rd semester.

12da 2006-09-28 10:23

since i give a perfect vote on this anime , i can't reli give another score othre then 10 i geuss xD

althoguh this seies seemed just a never ending loop of harima --> tenma --> karasuma , i really just watching it for fun (for now). Although im curious about whats gonna happen next, i hope they dont end too fast >.<

animation : i like the way it is now , and i dont exactly like the super cg-ed scene ( such as the parody for initial d) >.<

story : i don't mind the slow character development as long as its there. even on the stupidest filler , if it could show somehow a side of character that we don't know i would love to see it.
dubbed sr : please GOD i beg you, make them have a good seiyuu >.<

i think sr2 has more story development than 1, for some reason , i reli can't remember alot of story goign on sr1, it feels more like another azumanga daioh type, altho with a heavier romance, and in sr2 i feel like theres a thicker story specialy for yakumo.
oh and the song , both op and ed sr2>>>>>>>sr1 , i kinda dun like the op for sr1 >.< , but sr2 has godly op-ed xD

sedukshun 2006-09-28 16:11

Animation Quality: 9
i love SR's style of drawing ~ it can be funny, sexy and cute all at the same time
would be great if there was better backgrounds? just me perhaps?

Voice Actors: 9.5
haha i love the voices they fit perfectly with the characters
my fave voices are harimas, yakumos, tenmas, imadoris and lalas (hahah quote: "IchiJOU!!!")

Script: 8.5
very funny but needs more character development and the story needs to move at a quicker pace. like nearly half of it was fillers T_T and after 2 seasons there are no pairings ." and the story i dno...seems to be lingering ~ the parodies were great tho and there are some great intimate moments ^^

Adaptation from Novels: 8 (???)
personally ive not read any of it, so cant really say anything. but as ive seen on this forum, it follows most of it so its okay right?

Editing: 8
i guess it was decent enough. abit rushed in some areas thooo..

8.6 = Total Series Rating

definately made it into my top 5 anime ^________^!!!!!!!!!!
and one of my favourite anime characters of all time is definately harima <3
i love all the characters and they'r all pretty unique

i think SR 2 is slightly more random than SR 1
and english released...that would be god-awful

but woteva happens

i'l be waiting for School Rumble San Gakki

in japanese of course lol

lookin forward to:
*valentines episode
*more character and story/plot development
*their trip to england
*them graduating
*all the other couples dating
*and finishing T______T

~ faithful SR fan ;D
a harimaXtenma supporter

Shredder 2006-09-29 00:43

9 for season 1, 7 for this one. Harima lost his edge, the delinquent thing and that hurt. Karasuma grew too powerful. New characters were annoying at times. Eri helped but didn't come into play at the end when it counted. Fillers of course didn't help. This season started strong but declined maybe halfway through. The contests at the beginning and rave were awesome.

Deathkillz 2006-09-30 05:31

Animation ~ nothing wrong and no adnormal animation 10/10
Sound ~ voices fit and i dnt have any complaints either...the soundtrack is also good 9/10
Story ~ this is where it screwed up...fillers galore....development none (even after getting out hopes up countless times grrr!!!) but they managed to keep the eps funny (most of the times) at least so i guess its fine if you are in it for the comedy 7/10
Characters ~ asides from relationship development i think the charas have developed more...besides from the ones who hanai and karasuma (funny how he still comes back to ruin it for harima) i think eri has changes quite a bit tho 8/10

overall its about 8.5 but ill round it up to 9
not as good as sr1 but hopefull sr3 would try to conclude it...

katakami 2006-09-30 08:41

Animation/Art 6/10
I thought animation was pretty average, as with the art.

Sound 6/10
Music, sound effects were average too. Voice acting was good. Nothing special - nothing that stood out - if you know what I mean?

Story/Script 6/10
I agree with kauldron, that it's frustrating not to see development - and there isn't much in this series. Although there's affirmation on Yakumo's feelings, on Eri's feelings and other little bits.

I liked seeing Harima come through as the main character. Usually shoujo main characters are female but that's one thing that really stood out with this series for me.

There were a few enjoyable moments - I'm a big fan of battle royale and the episode 2-3 parody really caught my attention. But over all, an anime about high school crushes just gets old pretty easily.

Gave it a 6. I'm a hard marker. =P

Potatochobit 2006-09-30 23:15

overall the whole season was average. not many memorable moments and lots of filler. this is not a naruto remake here.
the music was below average. the first season had a superb soundtrack. this season was below mediocre. good intro and endings but they did get old fast.
overall story plot was below average. i could have come up with better scenarios on alot of the issues.
the first half of the season was good but the second half was a big let down, and the closing had almost no flare.
character development was below average. in the first season, even if you didnt know who the character was it was easy to accept them into the flow of the story.
this season promised to introduce alot of the new characters, but it did not deliver.
overall rating of 7

kenjiharima 2006-10-01 00:14

The season is perfect with the main characters storyline...But the filler episodes kinda wores down the REAL plot. And in one episode in SRs2 Harima only made 2 appearances!!! ACK!!! >_<

i0td 2006-10-01 00:48

Animation, art: 7
I found the overall animation and art to be on the average side, because not much really stood out. However, I have to say that the CG has improved a lot , so I give bonus points for that.

Voice Actors: 10
Excellent work by the seiyuus. Made the characters believable and very entertaining.

Music, sfx: 6
Enjoyable, but not brilliant.

Story, development: 5
This has been posted several times, but I reiterate: little to almost no plot or character development whatsoever. Simply put, a viewer can go from season one to three and not really miss anything too critical.

Comedy value: 8
Some jokes repetitive, but despite that, the series continues to make me laugh.

Overall: 8
I put most weight into the comedy criteria, because this is really the main reason I enjoy this series. I like the randomness and silliness of it all. This season was definitely fun to watch, but I still have to say that it lost some of the shine that made the first term so appealing. Nevertheless, a minor drawback, and I have been an enthusiastic fan of School Rumble from the start, so I look forward to a third season.

Diedrupo 2006-10-01 03:11

I thought season 2 started out great but then fell apart near the end where it became clear that the production team had to start making stuff up because they were ahead of the manga at that point or something. The original filler near the end was very poorly done compared to the episodes that were based on actual manga chapters.

jayj713 2006-10-03 11:24

Animation: 9
It's just hilarious and nothing was drawn badly
Sound: 7
I never really liked School Rumble music that much
Story: 5
It just seemed like random stuff thrown together, as the other people said, no character development.
Comedy: 7
I laughed a little bit but not nearly as much as I did in S1.

Overall: 7
I just wanted to see more character development with the love pentagon or whatever it is now T_T

saner 2006-10-03 16:46

Animation Quality: 5
In my opinion the animation is worst than in SR1.

Voice Actors: 7
Quite good.

Script: 1
Boring, annoying, etc.

Adaptation from Novels: 1
A lot of stupid episodes, eg. the office scene.

Characters: 1
The is no development.

0 - ZERO - REI
This season was so boring(my favourite word I use to describe SR2), the character so annoying.

Amirali 2006-10-04 00:17

Animation: (9/10)
This isn't a major criteria for me, as I'm more interested in the characters. All I ask is that the animation isn't so bad it distracts me from the story. I did appreciate how they subtly exhibited the feelings of characters through facial expressions, the eyes , smart use of close-ups, and so on, which added a layer of emotional depth and complexity to the characters (Yakumo and Eri are prime examples of how such subliminal messages can be just as effective for a character as her actual words).

Voice-Actors: (9/10)
Strong cast with brilliant performances by the Harima, Eri and Yakumo VAs in particular. I'm docking one mark because Harima lost that bad-ass edge to his voice and dialogues(I agree with Shredder that they've softened him too much), but that's more the fault of the script than the VA who acts out what's given to him.

Editing and packaging: (6/10)
The transition from comedy to romance, main-story to side-story felt a lot more forced and awkward in term 2 as compared to the first season. Whereas before it all seemed to seamlessly flow together, now it doesn't feel integrated at all. You know when you're watching anime-original fillers, or when the main-story has been dropped for the side-story, or when romance has been put on hold for comedy. It lessens the enjoyment greatly for us fans who want to see progression of the main romantic storylines of the characters, alongside the other elements. For the mirror-side of my view, JarOfMayo feels that it was better to have such obvious distinctions between filler and main story, and comedy and romance. Well, I guess to each his own.

Storyline: (8/10)
If you really think about it, there were some huge developments romantically. In the first season, there were only hints of Flag in a few episodes, and little indication of Onigiri. Season 1 was almost exclusively focused on HarimaxTenma and TenmaxKarasuma. For a anime-only fan who didn't even know of other school-rumble factions before season 2, it was a rare treat to see chemistry develop of the Flag faction, and the stuff involving Yakumo's feelings in the last two episodes. Although I acknowledge more analytical reviewers' comments that there many flaws in the last 2 episodes, it still delighted the Yakumo fanboy within me. The introduction of Flag and Onigiri as serious factions was a major shift from the first season.

Now, the downside. First of all, despite having a strong outline, the execution of the main storyline left a lot to be desired, by introducing too much boring filler and trivial side-stories in between important events. With more effort, they could have kept the focus on main characters and the blossoming of Flag and/or Onigiri feelings going over the whole season. I've already incorporated it into the low marks for editing, so I won't cut the storyline marks too heavily for that. Besides, I really do feel there was enough of a story outline here to fill a season perfectly, if there was better editing and more judicious use of filler.

Comedy: (7/10)
Not much to say really. A lot of the gags weren't terribly funny or memorable, but by now I'm so familiar with the characters, I even enjoy that repetition. Its like when you have an absent-minded friend, and you have to chuckle each time he wears mismatching socks, because you've learnt to take his weaknesses as a comfortable, familiar joke. Similarly, I can't help but laugh each time I see Harima chicken out(yet again!!) when trying to confess to Tenma, or seeing the latest example of Tenma's astute observational skills :heh: But that's just me........I can see where fresher humour would satisfy a broader audience.

Adaptation: (N/A)
Since I don't read the manga, I can't grade that. In fact, I really don't care much as long as I find the anime tells me a compelling story. Sadly, I'm FORCED to care when I see awkward transitions and fillers in the anime because they're short on manga material to work with. I'd rather have seen them wait a few more months before realeasing season 2 so that it felt more complete.
Either that, or I'd liked to have seen them make meaningful, anime-original episodes(NOT empty filler) that explored the feelings of the main characters as we saw in the last two episodes. The only problem is that the anime-writers don't have the required skill to pull it off smoothly and still keep it resonant with manga material, as proven by the lukewarm response that the last two episodes of Season 2 got from the fanbase

Overall: 7
Watchable and fun throughout(I didn't even get bored during the fillers), but the ad-hoc feel of the way the season was packaged and paced took away some of the impact of the main storyline.. For the anime-only fans of School Rumble season 1, I'd recommend watching season 2 and then the final season+OVAs. Otherwise, for those who follow the manga as well, they could probably give this season a pass and not miss anything of major portent, as others have stated in this forum..

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