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Catgirls 2006-01-16 17:04

What book(s) have you read recently?
What are you currently reading?

I believe before the forum hack we had a thread entitled "What are you reading?" or "What are you currently reading?". I thought the thread was older than the forum hack, but I couldn't find any trace of it. If you know of it or find it, let me know.

I read mostly non-Fiction. Currently, I'm knee deep in these books:

Economics On Trial (Lies, Myths and Realities) | Yes, a book on that fabulously entertaining subject: economics. Written in 1991, it's an unabashed critique of American's current economic orthodoxy and longs for a more "pure" Capitalistic system that survives beyond government intervention (i.e., it takes a stand against the current "mixed" economy America has today). The author is in disagreement with (in part or in whole) such economists as Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Karl Marx, John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman.

The book so far is "fair". A bit preachy, idealistic and stiff, I can't say I agree entirely with the authors’ views and I know that human nature would never allow for a pure Capitalistic economic system, but the book does round out my knowledge base and the writing is comprehendible.

I give it a B, but I wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone and I wouldn't read it while operating a moving vehicle.

The Coming Collapse Of The Dollar and How To Profit From It | I’m just a bit into this book, but so far it quite interesting because I think the authors, James Turk & John Rubino, are about as paranoid as they come. Now, I’m not saying that the dollar won’t collapse (actually, I think it will), but the way this book is written you’d think we’re so far doomed that there’s little point to doing anything…even buying gold (which is their solution).

It is a good hard look at the illusion of prosperity via fiat currencies and the difference between money and wealth. Buy gold or mining stocks such as Newmont Mining Corp. (NEM) is their call to arms.

Good book, but not for the faint of heart: A-

Shay 2006-01-16 17:21

The Gods Of War By Conn Iggulden.

It's good, I like it.

shiro83 2006-01-16 17:21

I read crime fiction, currently stuck at Killing the Shadows by Val McDermid. She writes chillingly real plots of psychotic serial murderers.

Currently also forced to read A Concise Introduction to Linguistics as part of my Language Puzzle: The Study of Human Language course.

Aristophanes 2006-01-16 17:47

Market forces by Richard Morgan
and The Great War for Civilisation : The Conquest of the Middle East by Robert Fisk.

mxg 2006-01-16 18:21

Photoshop CS 2 bible and 3Ds Max Essentails 8 Nt sure if that classifies as casual reading but I do read them casualy.

BellaD 2006-01-16 19:59

Currently reading Carnal Gift by Pamela Clare, The Wrinkle Cure by Nicholas Perricone and Revelation by Bentley Little (started long ago but havent had the time to finish it yet :().

Stardash 2006-01-16 20:21

I'm currently reading Mary Mary which has been in the top five category for best sellers, for a couple weeks.

Lady Yanami 2006-01-17 22:30

Currently I've taken the challenge of reading Stephen King's Dark Tower Series. I"m on the first book, The Gunslinger.
I'm outta Clive Barker books to read right now. As I am for Ann Rice & JK Rowling.

I need to start buying more books.

triela 2006-01-18 03:23

I'm reading Shadows and Light by Anne Bishop, it's really good and the second book in one of her great trilogies.

Aoie_Emesai 2006-01-18 12:21

Well for my reading class in college, i have to read the Novel " The Color Purple ", the teacher says it's a nice book. Besides i have to read it anyway. I hope it's good.

harudasakurada 2006-01-18 13:41

I'm reading Labyrinths by Borges. I had to read a few of the stories for class last semester and loved them, so I'm reading the whole thing now.

Lady Yanami 2006-01-19 09:12


Originally Posted by Aoie_Emesai
Well for my reading class in college, i have to read the Novel " The Color Purple ", the teacher says it's a nice book. Besides i have to read it anyway. I hope it's good.

That is a GREAT story. It's a movie as well, done in the 80's
Has Oprah, Whoopie Goldberg and Danny Glover in it. I highly recommend after reading the book, to watch the movie. I'm happy to see they're having ppl reading decent books now instead of stupid ones lol (my opinion).

Anyway--Stephen King has a new book out "Cell" so I may have to go out and buy that, since I love his stories.

Ciao for now (heh, I rhymed)

lai 2006-01-19 11:55

I'm reading Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan le Fanu at the moment, very dark. It's a victorian gothic novel about vampires etc, it came out a few years before bram stokers dracula. And i personally think it's much better.

Ambience Blue 2006-01-19 14:36

Seeing as how Lai's avatar depicts the rather fun 2-aminopropylbenzene (correct me if I'm wrong), I feel compelled to represent the science-nonfiction readers among us.

Currently reading:

Lenny Guarente's Ageless Quest -- An MIT researcher's investigations into isolating a gene which prolongs youth.
Though not particularly well-written from a literary viewpoint, the book provides an interesting overview of the way current scientific methods function in modern-day genetics. I recommend it for anyone who's interested in learning more about the way biologists work, as well as for armchair scientists wanting to know about the latest developments in the field. For one, Guarente does a good job simplifying the issue, though certain technical aspects can't be overlooked. B++ (shamelessly ripping off Catgirls ;) )

Sherwin Nuland's How We Die: Reflections on Life's Final Chapters -- I must admit, I'm not entirely unbiased since I took a class from Dr. Nuland in the past, but this is truly a brilliant and inspiring text. Nuland is not just a physician, but a true humanist, and he boldly faces the concept in both biological and spiritual directions through his own experiences with death around him. I haven't made too much headway yet, but I highly recommend this to anyone with serious questions about what the Hippocratic tradition has to say about the end. A+

Akhil Amar's America's Constitution: A Biography I may as well throw a bit of a liberal-arts flair into this. Fantastically-written, Amar basically takes everything you learned about our Founding Fathers and the Law of the Land in the US and tears it apart with laser-like precision. He then remolds it into a greater, grander vision of the United States Consititution, instilling readers with a truly respectful view of the document. I heartily recommend this document for all Americans and for those interested in a highly in-depth look at United States Contitutional law. A+

lai 2006-01-19 15:58

As far as i'm aware its 1-phenylpropan-2-amine. Maybe i'm wrong.

Ambience Blue 2006-01-19 16:24


Originally Posted by lai
As far as i'm aware its 1-phenylpropan-2-amine. Maybe i'm wrong.

Hmm. By IUPAC, does the amine have a higher priority than the benzyl group? I suppose I could google it up right now, but I'm way too lazy and I need to shower.

Jekyll 2006-01-19 16:30

Currently, I'm reading The Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition, which consists of Lewis Carroll's (or Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's, if you so prefer) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass and obviously a whole a boat-load of most enlightening annotations by Martin Gardner.

Apart from being a nice and interesting read in and of itself, it is also interesting in respect to the Alice references thrown around in some anime series.

ImperialPanda 2006-01-20 01:03

Professional C++
Core PHP 5


Come this May I will be able to add the next dresden book to that list though. :D

Roughy 2006-01-20 06:50

I dont really read alot of books, other than the Elfen Lied Alpha fanfiction.

though a while ago i did buy a book just cause i liked its cover xD, its called, Pandoras Star, dunno who wrote it. I'm only about 100pages into it.

Lina Inverse 2006-01-20 16:38

Currently reading Terry Pratchet's "Going Postal" - very funny! :D
I'm reading it in English too :D (always better to read things in the original language if you can)

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