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TheFluff 2008-12-03 15:49

Viper's Creed
It appears we don't have a thread for this yet.

Viper's Creed is Aniplex's new original anime series, that will start airing on January 6th. It's a sci-fi show set in a close post-war future, revolving around a band of mercenaries dealing with terrorism as well the aftermaths of the war.

Directed by Aramaki Shinji, who is mostly known for directing the Appleseed movies. Main female character is voiced by Toyoguchi Megumi (Revy in Black Lagoon, Winry in FMA, Sei in Marimite).

Gives me GitS:SAC-ish feelings but with more action and less philosophy. Could be pretty good I think.


Sinestra 2008-12-03 16:16

Looks pretty interesting Toyoguchi Megumi did a good job voicing Revy and Sei so that should interesting cant wait for more info. I love sci-fi so I will be on the look out. Aramaki Shinji did a bang up job with Appleseed i should expect the same quality there but since this is a series we shall see.

DangerMouse 2009-01-08 02:27

Yeah, I've been enjoying Toyoguchi Megumi's characters such as those and also Honoka in The Third.

Still waiting for it to get subbed but skimming through the visual/audio end of things it looks quite nice since I had no real idea what to expect so I'll just throw out some quick positives, looking forwards to more. Seeing them in action I like the motorcycle/robot, with the moves they showed I could easily see the main characters' mechas in some rather dynamic action scenes. I very much enjoyed the Appleseed moves so I was looking forwards to Aramaki's next project and once again he showed off some more good action scenes, I really liked the camera angles they chose for showing the action with them and for the various panning shots of them racing along etc. as well as the impact adding "little" things like the speed "line" effects, and also not skimping on the amount of extra sparklies during collisions and stuff looked nice and sharp.

Like in GITS I really like the squad aspect and there's a nicely large cast to develop just on the side we are following even before we get to see more characters, so if they can make the storyline/excitement gripping enough I could see your comment being right in that it turning into something a bit like a GITS-style scifi show with more action and less philosophy. It's also nice and rare having a relatively adult age cast of characters. I'm a huge scifi fan so I look forwards to seeing where this goes and it sticks out in the new season.

Too early to tell but hopefully it turns out good, I really want another scifi anime to follow.

MeSu 2009-01-09 11:23

I would like to notice the very nice opening for this anime. It's made by an artist/band - iLL. I never heard about them before. The ending is quite good too. And what else... it also reminded me about GITS. And this typical sound of landing on the ground by Tachikomas was to hear when Calva jumped on the Manevuer-Blade. It was kinda similar :P. Also the way the Megasoma rides is very similar to Tachikomas. It would be nice if some group subbed it. I think it's worth to do it.

Again... the OP is very cool. I am desperate to find a full version of it :eyespin:

Since I am not using Share or Winny, I'm looking for raws only by torrents and I found the best raw file for the episode 01 was released by [TV-J].

Zu Ra 2009-01-10 18:55

One of the shows I am going watch this season . I needed my fix Blassreiter and I hope this shows delivers. The brief summary and plot looks promising too : )

Slice of Life 2009-01-21 07:49

I peeked into the first episode of this and it didn't look like anything that would scare subbers away - quite the contrary. So I wonder why this hasn't been done already.

Four reasons might be 1. no manga, 2. no light novel, 3. no game, and 4. no anime prequel, I guess?

Nerathor 2009-01-21 11:14

It's a nice anime!
Someone know where can i find the lyric of the opening or ending?

orion 2009-01-22 17:10

Just saw the ep. 1 raw. It's a shame that this one isn't getting any attention.

Also, what was the big deal with the ep. 1 mecha? Why was it necessary to self-destruct to stop it?

Boduar 2009-01-24 19:03

Like 3-4 eps out and no subs yet cant wait till we get them since it looks decent enough.

DangerMouse 2009-01-24 20:42

This has looked really good, and it seems like an anime that should be getting some subbing attention, I wish we could get some subs.

cyoti 2009-01-24 21:09


Originally Posted by Slice of Life (Post 2172957)
I peeked into the first episode of this and it didn't look like anything that would scare subbers away - quite the contrary. So I wonder why this hasn't been done already.

It's not gay or emo enough.

Shadow Kira01 2009-01-24 23:08


Originally Posted by cyoti (Post 2179343)
It's not gay or emo enough.

Is this a joke?

The protagonist is voiced by Kuroda Takaya, the same guy who voiced the protagonist of all the "Ryu ga Gotoku" games, Kazuma Kiryuu.

DarkestHour 2009-01-25 12:44

it look's like good.. but i hate some anime with 3D things around it.. ^^.. ill be waiting this

Mgz 2009-01-28 00:14

I love both the OP and ED of this anime

the OP - R.O.C.K by iLL

sounds very much alike to FLEET - Brand New Reason (from Innocent Venus) and Cloud Age Symphony( Last Exile) <3

the ED surprisingly is entirely in English :)

the art is very Appleseed-ish but still pretty nice and sharp.

Zu Ra 2009-02-06 15:44

Finally episode 1 was subbed can get to watching this anime . But the lack of subbing until now has made me slightly apprehensive. Here is hoping what cyoti said was true : )

Moci 2009-02-06 16:00

The first episode was good, i hope some other group also subbing this anime...
Kariya really cute! :love:
I like the op, but this can be out on cd? I saw 'Januar 28 - release date' a website, but it's true?
Anyway i'll wait the second ep, this will be a good series, i think.

yozaku 2009-02-07 06:13

it really has blassreiter vibe

but the action is good :D

sadly -amanda

k'2 2009-02-07 07:03

gotta check this out and tell u what i found :).......btw why don't u recommend it to some of the groups i think will ur voices will reach them from this topic???

slidingk1 2009-02-07 07:57

Is this the season for mecha moto's or something? Rideback now this one too. Seems promising enough but episode one was all run and gun with little plot.

orion 2009-02-07 10:44

Well it's just an intro episode. Now that I finally have a sub, I find that it's partly depressing too. Post war number whatever with remnant technology trying to kill of the surviving citizens and a private corp tring to stop it. Kind of reminds you of planetarian without the private corp angle.

Nice episode.

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