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marvelB 2009-10-26 10:55

One Piece - Chapter 562 (manga)
Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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Okay, there's a summary and a few pics out now. Here's what's known so far:

-Chapter title is "Pirate 'Maelstrom Spider' Squado". The cover pic shows Robin.

-Sengoku orders the PX army (which is 20 strong) to attack the pirates. They march forward, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Meanwhile, admiral Kizaru is the one to stop Luffy this time. He kicks the young rookie away, but Jinbei catches him. It's at this point that about 5-6 of Whitebeard's division commanders take on the admiral so Luffy can advance towards Ace.

-Buggy's group of prison escapees manage to secure one of the denden mushi cameras and interviews their captain. Buggy boasts about his days in Gold Roger's crew, and speaks of his relation to the Yonkou Shanks. He even goes as far as to brag about how he survived being sliced up by Mihawk. Sengoku, fearing that the marines' reputation will be tarnished by Buggy's antics, orders for the clown and his followers to be eliminated......

-Mihawk and Vista decide to postpone their duel in light of the advancing PX army. Moria, meanwhile, is facing off against Whitebeard's 10th division commander. The New World captain Squado appears in front of Whitebeard, who is ready to give him orders. Suddenly, the pirate unsheathes his sword and stabs the mighty king of the seas. Luffy, Ace, Marco and several other people witness the scene in shock and confusion.......

Hmmm, definitely some intense stuff, here! Here are the pics, by the way:


Well, this further confirms the theory that Whitebeard will meet his end during this war. Even if he survives Squado's stab, the wound will probably start to wear him out as he continues fighting, and.... well, his legend will come to an end. Still, I guess we should have seen this twist coming since it was pointed out that Squado had disappeared a couple of chapters ago, anyhow.....

Also, I love how Buggy was pretty much the first thing shown on the TV when the re-airs. Of course this further pushes the clown's rise to the top. :D I also can't wait to see Moria's battle against the 10th commander. Should be an interesting match, indeed.....

tsunade666 2009-10-26 11:09

Is whitebeard paracmeia or logia? and is the wound even deep enough or rather did it even pierce him? the picture is so small to see clearly.

And dragon will be mentioned for sure. Save the best for last.

Blackbeard D. Kuma 2009-10-26 11:35

Looking at the pics, Whitebeard is stabbed in the abdomen area, not the chest.

It's about time somebody wounds the old fart. I really like how it was a traitor of all people that injured him first. Gotta love the conniving bastards :).

From here on now, everything goes downhill for Whitebeard. His incessant bleeding is going to greatly affect how well he'll be able to perform in his duels.

ShadowKiko 2009-10-26 12:15

Thats a promissing chapter...
However i dont think that whitebeard could be defeated by a low trick like that...
We're talking about the most powerful man in op world...

How bad that wound is remais yet to be seen but i dont think so it will be that big of a deal... Whitebeard doesnt even seem bothered by the wound at all...

Well if i am wrong... then that will for sure shake the world.

Finally the revolutionary army comes into play...
Im looking forward to see Dragon in action...

marvelB 2009-10-26 12:17

Heh, I'll bet Crocoboy is sulking over the fact that it wasn't him who got to stab ol' Newgate first. :p

Anyway, a translation of that summary appeared (thanks to Svg for the trans, by the way). Marco helps out Buggy in mid-air, but the clown ends up landing in front of Mihawk again. Suddenly someone from the revolutionary army confronts Hawk-Eyes (so.... uh, what happened to Vista. then?). When the TV broadcast re-airs, it's mentioned that Buggy is actually being interviewed (oh, lordy....). Also, the PX army attacks Doflamingo, and he uses his string powers to manipulate them, as well. The rest we already know (Squado being a spy, and all that).

However, the summary still hasn't been fully confirmed to be legit yet, which is why I haven't updated my first post yet......

james0246 2009-10-26 12:41

Isn't the captains name Squardo not Squado?

That being said, nice touch making the person Whitebeard wants to lead the New World Captain's into the first person that wounds Whitebeard. Can anyone say Silver Medalist?

That being said, I love that Bugy is supposedly being interviewed by a news network that works with the Revolutionaries. This has Mr. Satan written all over it...which is why it is probably fake...

Nvis 2009-10-26 13:41

I have my doubts WB is wounded or if that is even him.

He should have known that guy's a spy.

marvelB 2009-10-26 13:46


Originally Posted by james0246 (Post 2730406)
This has Mr. Satan written all over it...which is why it is probably fake...

Actually, the part about the Buggy interview is what has me most convinced that the spoiler summary is real. It would be a great way to hype his infamy even further (and he has a huge group of followers who will back up his words, so the public will definitely be convinced that he's a big-shot criminal).

But yeah, Buggy's definitely turning into the Mr. Satan of One Piece. His brief fight with Mihawk was already proof enough of that. ;)


Isn't the captains name Squardo not Squado?

To be honest, I'm not sure. I've mostly seen him referred to as "Squado" so I just stuck with that......

ashesatdusk 2009-10-26 14:02


But yeah, Buggy's definitely turning into the Mr. Satan of One Piece. His brief fight with Mihawk was already proof enough of that.
I wonder how long that will last. If he survives this arc, his bounty is going to at least go up to 50,000,000 if not higher. Then bounty hunters are going to be really after him.

Sazelyt 2009-10-26 14:49

Oda added another surprising twist. Who could have guesses there was a traitor among the new world captains that came to help Whitebeard? Whitebeard's life span just get shortened. But, this will add more suspicions for WG's actions. I think the possibility of someone among the Marines capable of altering the mind of someone is greater than 0. So, a forced traitor, he would become. I don't think the aim was taking Whitebeard by surprise, rather to create problems among Whitebeard's supporters. If that is the case, it was a really dirty tactic. But, understandable. And, it may show to the world how not strong WG really is compared to one of the Yonkou.

The revolutionaries entering the scene. That is another great development, expected, but, I am sure, they have different plans. And if they are continuing the broadcast, the next few chapters we will see some hatred growing towards WG. Sengoku's face at that moment should show some emotions.

And, about the Pacifistas attacking or maybe targeting Shichibukai. I wonder if that will become a costly mistake for the WG.

ntherblast 2009-10-26 16:07

Umm can someone tell me who squabo is like his characteristics? Or was he just introduced?

Sazelyt 2009-10-26 16:11


Originally Posted by ntherblast (Post 2730711)
Umm can someone tell me who squabo is like his characteristics? Or was he just introduced?

He was introduced in chapter 551, page 12. He is the one with the obvious traitor look.

marvelB 2009-10-26 16:22

Squado is this guy, in case anyone's forgotten:


Y'know, now I'm wondering if Doma and Makugai are in on the assassination, as well. It certainly would explain why we haven't seen either of THOSE guys in action during these past 10 chapters......

ntherblast 2009-10-26 17:00


Originally Posted by Fipskuul (Post 2730714)
He was introduced in chapter 551, page 12. He is the one with the obvious traitor look.

Traitor look? hes a pirate lol.

Blackbeard D. Kuma 2009-10-26 18:24

I'm going to make a wild prediction here:

Squardo is going to be recruited into Blackbeard's crew. You heard it here first :).

Rainbowman 2009-10-26 18:31

My review:


Originally Posted by marvelB (Post 2730180)
-It looks like the revolutionary army makes their appearance at the battlefield, and Mihawk is fighting against them. Sengoku wants them stopped, but the rebels end up starting the TV broadcast again..... which focuses on Buggy. :D

Looks like Sengoku didn't foresee this. I bet he wasn't happy with the broadcast starting up again.


Originally Posted by marvelB (Post 2730180)
-It turns out that the New World captain Squado is a government spy (Cipher Pol?), and he proceeds to stab Whitebeard's chest.....

I knew Whitebeard was going to take damage eventually, but to take it from a traitor in his ranks was something I never expected.


Originally Posted by marvelB (Post 2730180)
Also, I love how Buggy was pretty much the first thing shown on the TV when the re-airs. Of course this further pushes the clown's rise to the top. :D The revolutionaries appearing comes as no surprise either, naturally. Still, interesting that Dragon hasn't been mentioned yet. I guess he'll make a flashy entrance a few chapters down the line or something......

I wonder if this is the same revolutionaries that freed Robin from the Tequila Wolf working area?


Originally Posted by marvelB (Post 2730347)
Also, the PX army attacks Doflamingo, and he uses his string powers to manipulate them, as well.

Why the Pacifistas were attacking Doflamingo I might never know but he seems he got it under his control (so to speak). Doflamingo is still using his powers but they still haven't been mentioned yet. I wonder if there would be a log book coming out with such info?

Talendra 2009-10-26 19:04

wow, thats a shocker at the middle of the night :D

However, Squardos actions raise a few questions, e.g. why noone noticed him getting near Whitebeard, why Whitebeard wasn't able to react, how Squardo thinks he's actually going to get out of there alive (he is a pirate after all, dont expect him to sacrifice himself for the WGs cause) etc. ... in the end, this scene with WB getting pierced reminds me a little of sasuke piercing through Itachis chest ... so i can't really see Whitebeard suffering heavy disadvantages from this blow yet, if any at all. On the other hands... it's Oda were talking about.

Also, what about the PX's actions MarvelB mentioned? WG Forces attacking (still?) loyal shichibukai? Any further info on that one?

But compared to all the real twists, im somehow the most interested in the most expected one: the revolutionary army ... how are they going to be presented in this battle... how is their organizational structure build up and of course a lot of new named characters (will they have someone to top Ivankovs design? :D )

Crusader 2009-10-26 22:25

Squardo/Squado is now favorite character! Stab WB again if you can! It's about time he took some damage. The question is what does he gain from this?

What are the Gorosei doing? You would think they would have some opinions about this major event, which appears to be consuming thier forces.

tsunade666 2009-10-26 22:27

Whitebeard is a quake man right? How can one stab a quake? Unless its a seastone?
No body yet answer my question on if his a logia or paracmeia. And does he even have a solid body? or elemental like the logia?

marvelB 2009-10-26 22:42

I'm pretty sure Whitebeard is a Paramecia. An earthquake may be a naturally occurring phenomenon, but it's not an "element". Besides, I'd think it would be pretty difficult to draw someone literally transforming into seismic energy. :p

Besides, if he were a Logia, I doubt Crocodile would have been so eager to impale him with his hook in the first place. And I can definitely see some blood splashing from Whitebeard's back in that spoiler pic where he's stabbed, so yeah, he's definitely solid......

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