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jackass jimm 2003-11-08 00:19

in eps 56...when the fox says that this time naruto came to him
just wondering...i have read the manga from 106. but what exactly does the kyubi mean by this. whe he sees naruto he says something by the lines of

-this time you came to me-

this happens when naruto is about to blackmail the fox demon and after the fox demon takes a swipe at naruto.

so then how exactly did it happen the other two times that naruto recieved powers form the fox demon.

did the body of naruto automatically drain some fox demon chakra then gave ti to naruto..???

well..thanks in advance for this response.....also, forgot how to spell the fox demons name so i am calling it fox demon becouse of that

Lst2touchdasky 2003-11-08 02:03

The seal was designed to protect naruto, so when hes pissed off it kinda just leaks out

[^_^x] 2003-11-08 07:10

its more like when his life is in danger and his normal chakra isnt enough.

Vicious 2003-11-08 10:26

The Kyuubi sent him some Chakra the times before when Naruto was at life risk. The Kyuubi fears if Naruto dies, he'll die too, so he protects Naruto when it's necessary. In episode 56 was the first time Naruto asked for the Chakra.

Hunter 2003-11-08 11:21

The first times it was the Kyubi which came to Naruto, he used the weakness of the seal due to the mental state of Naruto (anger, sadness, ...) to release his fury and rage.

Like Vicious said, in episode 56 that was the first time that Naruto asked for the chakra, used the Kyubi and not the opposite.

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