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AnimeSofii 2010-12-23 11:47

A Cute Anime?
Hello Everyone!!
Merry Christmas!! :)
I was just wondering if anyone knows any really cute animes which make you cry at the end or have a really cute ending or something?
And maybe a romantic couple in it? :3
So please reply to what I should watch!
Thank youu <3
Sofii x

I have watched and liked (Which is cute)
Ouran high school host club
Full moon wo sagashite
..And that's about it.. So please reply! ^.^

barcode120x 2010-12-23 12:28

I thought Kaichou wa Maid-sama had a lot of "cute" parts to it, especially the ending. I love the romance in it, different than the usual high school romance.

Probably wanna of my top's "cutest" genre. Maybe Kobato will work too?

Larthak 2010-12-23 12:46

Cute, you say? Perhaps Kannagi? It's a fun series with a bit of romance and a little drama, but nothing ridiculous.

Also, go ahead and watch Fruits Basket as well. I believe it's exactly what you're looking for, after examining the anime you listed.

Kotohono 2010-12-23 12:48

I'll second Kobato it's a very cute series, and you should like the ending :), lesser seconding to Fruits Baskets. Similarly I'd recommend Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~.

Kanon 2006 or Clannad might fit what you're looking for as well.

SeijiSensei 2010-12-23 15:04

Chi's Sweet Home
Hidamari Sketch

Neither are romances, but both are definitely cute.

Moyashimon has a bit more romance, but it's the microbes that will make you smile.

English Otaku 2010-12-23 15:21

Pita Ten has cute characters a bit of romance and a lot of drama.

Akuma Kousaka 2010-12-23 15:46

I'll second Hidamari Sketch and Clannad. Throw in Best Student Council while you're at it.

SuzushinaYuriko 2010-12-23 18:44

Seconding Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, Fruits Basket, CLANNAD and its second season, Kanon 2006, Kobato, Hidamari Sketch, and Mahoraba.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
Azumanga Daioh
Nodame Cantabile
Fruits Basket
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi
Sky Girls
Arakawa Under the Bridge
Sora no Woto
Spice and Wolf

xtrablu 2010-12-26 18:53

Hi :)
I'd say Zero No Tsukaima, especially the second season.

Cute - yes.

Romance - yes.

Cute and/ or sad ending - yes, especially the end of season 2.

Additional details - has the same leading VA's as Shakugan No Shana (also a cute anime, but a tad more serious than ZNT).
Also, every season is about 12 eps long, so it won't be too long until you're finished with the first season and ready for the second ;)

FireChick 2010-12-26 19:07

I know some cute anime!

Hime-chan's Ribbon
Miracle Girls
Shinryaku! Ika Musume
Yumeiro Patissiere
Princess Tutu
Heartcatch Precure (in my opinion, this is the best and cutest Pretty Cure series ever!)
Hanamaru Youchien
Aoi Hana (in a way it's kinda cute)
Kamichama Karin
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (this doesn't air til January 6th so you may have to wait)

Guardian Enzo 2010-12-26 23:29

Try the very underrated Petopeto-san.

Archon_Wing 2010-12-27 01:06

Saki! It's about mahjong, but that's not needed to understand the plot. It's definitely high on the cuteness scale.

Sola might be a good try as well.

kk2extreme 2010-12-27 01:22

CardCaptor Sakura, it is just too cute but a bit old

Kleo Scanti 2010-12-27 07:14

Aria (all three seasons and the OVA). Not much of romance, but it appears here and there on the background. Generally nice and pleasant story. Beautiful art. And cats! What can be cuter than cats?

Kimura sensei 2010-12-28 11:33

Kowarekake no Orgel

Also, if you liked Full Moon wo Sagashite you may like Kaleido Star.

Haak 2010-12-28 12:18

I recommend Tamayura.

qwertyuiopz 2010-12-28 13:20

kannagi and kamichu

Sackett 2010-12-29 01:12

Cross Game

Kimi Ni Todoke (warning, the cute levels are at dangerously high levels in this one).

Abbs 2010-12-29 18:47

Death Note.

Because who doesn't find Light Yagami or detective L unbelieveably adorable?

JRendell 2010-12-29 19:00


Originally Posted by Abbs (Post 3413793)
Death Note.

Because who doesn't find Light Yagami or detective L unbelieveably adorable?

That would be me. How the hell is Death Note cute? It's not even a case of personal opinion....

Seconding Kanon, Clannad, Nodame Cantabile, Chobits and Spice and Wolf.

Putting forth Aishiteruze Baby.

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