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Deus ex Digital Boy 2007-11-30 15:24

Petite Cossette ought to be easy since it's only a couple episodes, but I WARN thee it is a T-R-I-P. Only reason I didn't have it on my list is cuz I haven't seen much but man, you wan tot talk about Akiyuki Shinbo in his absolute prime. The first episode of that show positively oozes with nothing but pure style, flair, and absolute what-the-fuck-iness. If you enjoy it, though, I'll probably gain an entirely new respect for you XD

minhtam1638 2007-12-05 01:58

Changed the title topic from Thanksgiving to Christmas... although that seems far with the amount of make-up work I have to do... when will I be finally able to watch Shuffle!?

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