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Pellissier 2010-09-07 03:16

K-On!! (Second Season) - Episode 23 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for K-On!! (Second Season), Episode 23.

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Kev-kun 2010-09-07 04:01

This seems like another great episode =)

ronelm2000 2010-09-07 04:51

So what is this supposed to be about again? =S

Damn...pre-graduation isn't it Y_Y

Maccette 2010-09-07 11:31

It's almost over....:(

TakuanInc. 2010-09-07 12:21

...I don't know what to feel about this episode...

But it's really ending, huh....

keroro gunsou 2010-09-07 12:36

Ummmm , the final episode of K-on coming soon ,next week!!!
Spoiler for ep23:

-Rhythm 2010-09-07 12:56

I'm graduating this year, taking my final exams now. =[

Rice_slayer 2010-09-07 13:17

I just graduated 3 months ago and work full-time as a Automotive service tech. , the job I have wanted for like 6 years lol. I wouldn't say graduation is the downer part, it's just how emotional and anti-climatic it is. They spend the last 2 months of school pumping you up and preparing but once the ceremonies end My friends and I all thought "Is this all? Really THAT was it?" The melancholy feeling was around for a week, and just seemed weird that 2 weeks after grad I was a working member of society is what scared me. Can't wait to see this Ep.! I hope KK has it's subs out soon!

GuiBleh 2010-09-07 14:56

It's ending :(

Sparvid 2010-09-07 15:36

Spoiler for ep 23:

ElizLestrad 2010-09-07 17:22

Well, theres definitly hope for a Season 3, with Azusa getting Ui-chan and that other girl to join (I can never remember her name). Or since 22 ended the way it did, they could just stick with the origional characters, but then they'd be missing out on Azu-nyan and Sawako-sensei.

ronelm2000 2010-09-07 17:47

that other girl...? Who is it?

goombas 2010-09-07 18:23

I'm so sad that this anime is ending T_T

It made me depressed because I never got to experience fun High School days like this and I've already graduated from high school.

ElizLestrad 2010-09-07 18:23


Originally Posted by ronelm2000 (Post 3233755)
that other girl...? Who is it?

You know the one in the Jazz club with the frizzy hair? The one who hangs out with Ui and Azusa all the time.

goombas 2010-09-07 18:24


Originally Posted by ElizLestrad (Post 3233821)
You know the one in the Jazz club with the frizzy hair? The one who hangs out with Ui and Azusa all the time.

You're talking about Jun-chan right?

ElizLestrad 2010-09-07 19:04

Ah thats right! Yeah, I can never remember her name for some reason -_-

Francismeunier 2010-09-07 20:39

A nice calm episode full of surprises.
I am really sorry I have not been with you all on thee discussions since I have so much other series I want to comment but this series end surely will bring great sadness as it was the only series that was comedy, slice of life, cute and of all musical with songs hitting top charts I would never imagine in anime. Well now I am here with you all so let me do mything and engage in conversations of this episode.....First thing about this episode is the sad part is that our girls have finished passing all their exams and qualified last episode to go all to their college #1 choice as well as to graduate high school. So this episode they were kind of bored and tried to do things. Well here is what I got as reactions during the various parts of the episode.....first thing came into mind was if these clothes are of Yui's new college or not here=>
I did not even know they had holders for Pockys as seen here=>
I found out that not only it was funny but also cute of Yui to eat the pocky here=>
Oh yes! Pocky eating contest between Mugi and Yui! I though Yui at that point got some cavity from of her reactions around this part=>
Ritsu sure drew a yummy parfait that I like savor here=>
Oh my! O_O Ritsu sure has lots papers in her desk here=>
Nice face Yui makes in the teachers' room while talking at the same time as Sawa-chan was to Nodoka=>
I liked how Ritsu and Yui commented at the same time on Sawako's reaction to denying them having their fun with her here=>
This was a particularly interesting part due to Nodoka's photo album I don't remember too well of seeing. The group pictures was especially interesting with all the people being around Nodoka=>
Yui with Nodoka's glasses! So cute! With that scarf and all she looks a little like a secretary here=>
Particularly funny was Ritsus' expression here and Yui with her were so close yet cute. Reminded of that single part of episode 20 when they held hands=>
Interesting enough was when they asked which breads they wanted to Azusa and wanted to buy them for them here=>
How cute! :nod: They put a ribbon on Ritsus' last coin of her money here and do wonder how much is worth that yen?=>
Spanking clean is the window! If you can your reflections it means for sure that! Mugi sure knows how to clean properly here but it was good they did cleaning after all it was near its spring due time=>
Little competition of floor cleaning between Ritsu and Yui? Why not? it was funny at that part for competition=>
I think it might have been a good idea to have put their names on the desk like it was mentioned here but eventually crossed over with a X =>
Nice team pose at this episode here=>
If they play Honey Sweet Tea Time at their graduation as a would amazing! As seen here in the list and did not hear it at all during the concert =>
Oh my! :D Mio and Azusa look shy towards their voice recording on that radio at this part here=>
I did not see that Froggy for some time.....well now it's back!=>
They must been playing at least for 2 and a half hours or more judging from the time being 7:40pm on this clock here=>
Anyone know which type of Radio this is other is obviously made by Sony? Anything on the web about this radio? Here=>
The tape we see in the intermissions......well it's done finally! The first tape was nice! It was a sign of a heritage they can leave for future members of the K-ON club itself well I hope they also make copies for themselves too here=>
No! :sad: It really is graduation next episode!=>
But the series is 26 episodes long so 25 & 26.....I hope they will show their new college how it looks like and maybe more family members are a last graduation concert! Heck yeah that would be nice! I will leave you with a interesting article I came up with but due to the site it is NFSW so at your own risk=>
What do you all think? If this really happens I will feel and share her :T_T: I voted 10/10 no problem! :D

Originally Posted by keroro gunsou (Post 3233357)
Ummmm , the final episode of K-on coming soon ,next week!!!

Eh!? :twitch: The series is 26 episodes long.

Rice_slayer 2010-09-07 20:58

Next week is the last "plot" episode I believe, the last 2 are extra episodes like how Clannad:After story was

NakanoAzusa 2010-09-07 21:54

So its coming to finale isn't it? The last Graduation...i m very happy yet sad that i get to graduate in the same year with Yui and co.....really....Overall its a nice episode..showing how we should keep on living even though our usual normal living change to a new can i put this?? i m full of tears in my eyes:T_T:

Francismeunier 2010-09-07 22:21


Originally Posted by Rice_slayer (Post 3234027)
Next week is the last "plot" episode I believe, the last 2 are extra episodes like how Clannad:After story was

So is it possible they might show how all are in the future like in Clannad: After Story? That might ruin a lot of things if they do that. I hope they do a third season but as a Neo K-On meaning Azusa and other band members since K-On is not only about Yui, Mio, Mugi and Ritsu. Sure they made the show a success but I will stress out that K-On is the club itself so adding the Neo to it might just mean a new beginning for what has a end must have beginning and all beginnings do have endings less they are suspended in time (in other words not finished and waiting to be finished). Also Sawako used to be in the K-On club and they still showed 2 to 3 of her friends....a partner in her band and for sure that girl that got married.

Meaning they could the same thing and just show the old members of K-On (Yui, Mio, Ritsu and Mugi) show up from time to time to visit Azusa.
Anyways it's GIF time! Master sets will be done eventually but for this episode I decided on the following to be done.......Yui freebies and I think one of them did not come out too well but at least I tried!=>
Originals follow in the order of the avatars from left to right=>
Yui jumping at Azusa hugging her and rubbing her face on her face=>
Everyone eating the famous large chocolate bread...that one was nice I will admit=>
That's it but TBH this episode was one of the weak ones for GIFs as I did not catch too many opportunities to make many of them as I did with other episodes once I do master sets themselves.

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