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MrTerrorist 2009-08-21 11:10

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
I'm very happy to announce that the manga Kaichou wa Maid-sama! aka Maid-sama! in the US has been green lighted for an anime!

From ANN

The October issue of Hakusensha's Monthly LaLa magazine will announce on Monday that a television anime adaptation of Hiro Fujiwara's Kaichou wa Maid-sama! shōjo manga has been green-lit. The romantic comedy centers on the student council head named Misaki Ayuzawa who despises the mostly male, slovenly population at her school, which was once an all-boys school. However, Misaki's most handsome schoolmate just discovered her secret — that she works afterschool at a maid café. Tokyopop is publishing the second volume of the manga this month under the Maid Sama! title.
Source: ANN

From wikipedia:
Seika High School, once an all-boys school notorious for its wild students and for generally being a terrifying place for girls, has recently become a co-ed school. With the female population still a minority and living in fear of the over-the-top antics of the males, Misaki Ayuzawa takes it into her own hands to reform the school and allow the girls to feel safe in the rough environment.

Training, studying and even becoming the first female student council president of the school, Misaki has gained a reputation among the male students body as an uptight boy-hating dictator and as a shining hope for the teachers and fellow female students. However, despite her tough-as-nails appearance, she secretly works part-time at a maid cafe in order to support her family. Unfortunately, her hard-earned reputation is threatened when the popular and somewhat impassive Usui Takumi takes an interest in her after discovering her in a maid uniform after school.

I'm very happy they decided to animated this since it's one of my favorite shoujo mangas. I hope they keep the original VA's from the Drama CD, Sanae Kobayashi & Tomokazu Sugita who played the main leads Misaki & Usui respectively for the anime.

Manga thread

The Chaos 2009-08-21 11:12

wow !! That Great News :D

White Manju Bun 2009-08-21 11:29

Ok yay! Happy to hear about this! Ive read bits and piece of the manga. I hope they keep Tomokazu Sugita as well :D

Bonta Kun 2009-08-21 11:32

I think this warrents a

Wow I really never thought this would happen but now we're getting a anime, great stuff!

Foreshadow 2009-08-21 12:27

Oh my God!! Really?? I'm Excited for some Usui Sexy-ness!! I love this Manga!

LKK 2009-08-21 12:42

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Shiroth 2009-08-21 12:45


Originally Posted by White Manju Bun (Post 2595487)
I hope they keep Tomokazu Sugita as well :D

Indeed. Fingers crossed on that one.

Satsuki Yuuhi Ramius 2009-08-21 16:09

Im not really surprised if Kaichou gets TV animation maybe because since the first time i read the Manga my Intuition said that Kaichou can get TV Anime adaptation.

I hope they use same Seiyuu like in Drama CD

Mizuno 2009-08-21 16:33

I knew this would happen eventually, thought Dengeki Daisy would get adapted first though.

War_Lord 2009-08-21 16:42

I pretty much expected as much, it's a pretty good series once you give it a chance. It's turning out better than Special A anyway.

hoofy 2009-08-21 18:06

1000% agreed on the drama cd VAs ... every single one of them.

I'm looking forward to the animated flustered and blushing Misa-chan :D

frubam 2009-08-21 18:15

I'm not surprised either this is coming since Special A got adapted. I'm not all to hyped about it anyway, the manga has its moments, and some of the middle chapters dragged heavily to me, but its getting back up to snuff. Hopefully, the anime will make it a bit more lively.

Westlo 2009-08-21 21:28

I read the first volume of this and didn't mind it, will more than likely watch a few episodes of the anime. Can anyone list the cast from the drama cd btw? I wonder what studio will end up doing this..

Natsuki Hyuga 2009-08-21 21:51


Originally Posted by Westlo (Post 2596407)
Can anyone list the cast from the drama cd btw?

Spoiler for Cast List, Drama CD version:

/needs to listen to this that has been dumped somewhere in her comp FAST :heh:

Shiroth 2009-08-22 03:10

Sugita Tomokazu and Kobayashi Sanae are very perfect, so yes i'm hoping they stick with the drama CD cast. The only cahange i'll be happy with is if they change Kobayashi Sanae for Maaya Sakamoto. :p

sirn 2009-08-22 10:40

I've heard rumor flying around in 2ch since quite some times that this will be KyoAni's production. The chance is pretty high, since TBS seems to be the main lead for this series (as they did with all KyoAni-Key shows and recently with K-on.)

darkchibi07 2009-08-22 11:26


Originally Posted by sirn (Post 2597394)
I've heard rumor flying around in 2ch since quite some times that this will be KyoAni's production. The chance is pretty high, since TBS seems to be the main lead for this series (as they did with all KyoAni-Key shows and recently with K-on.)

That'll be interesting if it's true especially since they'll take on a shoujo genre.

musume_no_hoshi 2009-08-22 11:33

KyoAni and shoujo does not mix, unless it's those shoujo manga with a strong moe moe feel. Hidamari Sketch and To-love-Ru was aired on TBS too. Although I will not complain if KyoAni does work on it . If KyoAni does announce they're working on it, I bet you it'll get canceled in 3 weeks.

This was the shoujo manga that was most likely to be made into anime in my opinion, but I wasn't sure whether it would be made (the other one being Otomen, and that's getting a dorama). The target audience should be the same as Ouran. If they give the same effort as BONES gave into Ouran, it would turn out a good comedy.

sirn 2009-08-22 12:21

The rumor starts sometimes around the beginning this year, I think. Certain anonymous, who's confirmed to be unrelated to the usual "2ch leak" source, posted in Aota-gai thread saying the next KyoAni's work is gonna be shoujo manga.

Though, I can't remember what's going on after that (it's something about TBS and KyoAni's connection), but somehow many people come to conclusion that the rumor is referring to Kaicho wa Maid-sama! after today's event.

I don't think they'll do it because of the same reason: KyoAni and shoujo does not mix (but still post it because I think it's interesting). The reliability of this "leak" is pretty low too, since the usual "leak" person said he never posted in Aota-gai thread.

Westlo 2009-08-22 12:30

I really don't see how KyoAni and shoujo don't mix, more like KyoAni's fanboys and shoujo don't mix. It's not like Key and moe pandering is all KyoAni can do, imo FMP The Second Raid is a better mecha action series than anything that has came out after it. And I've read Kaicho wa Maid-sama, it's not that hard to adapt lol... any studio could do it... and you could do a lot worse than KyoAni, you would think shoujo fans after years of getting mediocre produced adaptions would jump at the chance of KyoAni doing one.. especially so soon after I.G is doing Reaching You. Anyway I'll like too see KyoAni once again work out of their comfort zone but it's only a rumor so lets see what happens.

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