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marvelB 2011-08-31 11:46

One Piece: Kaizoku Musou (Pirate Warriors) [PS3]
So, as I mentioned in the Gigant Battle 2 thread, there was a rumor about there being a new OP game for the PS3..... and it turns out that the info is legit after all! In fact, there's even a teaser site for it! :) From what I gather, it's basically a "Musou"-type game (think Dynasty Warriors/Sengoku Basara. It's even being developed by Tecmo Koei, apparently), and it features levels based on Marineford, as well as the post-skip setting! No other info or scans or anything have been released yet, but that stuff should come around soon enough.

Personally, I'll be looking forward to this game a lot more if it has gameplay similar to God Hand. :D

Blackbeard D. Kuma 2011-08-31 12:02

A One Piece game on the PS3 has been long overdue. Dynasty Warrior style games are a lot of fun (especially when playing with friends), so seeing these gameplay elements in a One Piece style setting should be very interesting. Can't wait to check this out :).

marvelB 2011-08-31 12:16

Personally, while I'm also glad that there's a PS3 OP game, I also kinda hope that this will get a Vita port, as well. I mean, I do own a PS3 and all, but I'd like to have my OP on the go, y'know? ;)

Nonetheless, this is still some damn awesome news (along with the Persona 4 port and fighting game spin-off). :D

Shiroth 2011-08-31 14:24

It was only a matter of time before a Musou One Piece game was released. Seriously looking forward to it. My expectations will be on the same level as the musou Saint Seiya game that's being released later this year.

marvelB 2011-08-31 14:47

So the game's title was revealed to be One Piece: Kaizoku Musou. Furthermore, gameplay details will be available on that site I linked to earlier in about 5 days' time. Definitely something to look forward to next week! :)

Undertaker 2011-08-31 15:21

No way, an OP Musou game?!!!! That I gotta have.

I don't care what medias in U.S. keeps saying about how out-dated and repetitive musou games are, They are greet fun and the best stress releaser available. And I played every single one of the (except the Troy one and Fist of North Star one)

Damn, I'm getting heated up.

But seriously, though, while I don't know how many stages there could be but OP could be a pretty good fit to musou games since the main players are all significantly stronger than fodders (yes, even Nami and Ussop).

In addition to Marineford I can already see Thriller Park against zombies, Skypiea, Alabasta, Enis Lobby, Impel Down, even Shanbody all has fodders they can put in....

PS, looks like we still need to wait for 5 days for the teaser site's grand opening...

Shiroth 2011-08-31 16:16

I'm guessing the site will feature a PV, so here's hoping for some gameplay footage.

Undertaker 2011-08-31 20:24

That reminded me, IGN reported a few days ago that Namco-Bandai and Tecmo-Koei is teaming for a project. They were making fun speculating that the title might be Gundam Extreme Volleyball but more likely to be a v.s. game like Tekken&Soul Calibur x DoA and was pretty hyped up given the recent revival of v.s. games and fighting genre. But it looks like this is it.

Great news to Japanese and ACG fans, but IGN people will probably got pissed off.....:heh::heh::heh:

Edit: Just checked some Japanese and Chinese game sites. Everyone is incredibly hyped up despite there is zero pictures so far and the teaser site is in countdown...

Rainbowman 2011-08-31 21:02

I don't even have a PS3 and already it sounds interesting. What's so special about this game if it's exclusively for that system and not shared by XBox 360, Wii, Wii U, and even the portable consoles?

Undertaker 2011-08-31 21:55

Well, PS3 and PSP are the dominate console in Asia among the core gamers and ACG fans in the area, that is enough to hype up the game in the region. In addition, this mark the first major PS3 OP game announce when most (if not all) of OP game since PS2 have all been released on Nintendo platforms so far.

Lastly, Musou series are incredibly popular in Asia due to the historical background used and hack&slash game play. (Chinese Three Kingdoms and Japanese Sengoku Period). The Gundam spin-off was also very popular can considered one of best Gundam-related franchises as SRW or SD Gundam Online, even the lackluster Fist of North Star version has cult following, so it's not hard to see why they are all psyched up like I am.....

SOGESNAKE 2011-08-31 23:53

And I was all fine with the Unlimited series... guess we'll see if this ever comes over~

I would usually be against it playing like Dynasty Warrior, but after playing Fist of the North Star... I might actually look forward to it~

Undertaker 2011-09-01 00:33

You actually like Fist of the North Star more than the regular Musou series?

The reason I missed that entry was how people keep mention that game is a bit buggy and lack of fluency compare to the regular Musou game in the Chinese game site and shows when it first came out in Japan and Asia, and like Japan sites are usually high on Musou games. That led me to ignore it when it was ported...

SilverSyko 2011-09-01 00:45

What is a "Musou" game exactly?

Is it like some kind of free-brawler or something?

Undertaker 2011-09-01 01:57

They are Dynasty Warriors and related games. Since the original title are all in kanji (Chinese characters) the names are the same in Japan and surrounding countries.

In that region Warrior games are call "-----" Musou,

These are all the main series from Koei (now Tecmo-Koei):

Sangoku (Three States/Kindoms) Musou (Dynasty Warriors)
Sengoku (Japanese Warring States) Musou (Samurai Warriors)
Gundam Musou (Dynasty Warriors: Gundam)
Hokuto(North Star) Musou (Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage)
Troy Musou (Warriors: Legends of Troy)

The kanji for Musou stands for "peerless" or "matchless"

SilverSyko 2011-09-01 02:06

Um, that's not really what I meant but okay.

I was more or less asking what kind of genre these games were.

Undertaker 2011-09-01 02:15


They are action games with hack & slash gameplay.

Basically you have a battlefield filled with enemy and ally solders (most of time vastly out numbered) and you need to slash through hordes of fiddlers to achieve stage goals, usually by defeating enemy commander.

In most stages you can usually score 300-500 K.O. without even trying. :D

Google it, there are TONS of gameplay video if you are still not sure what the gameplay would feel like.

SilverSyko 2011-09-01 02:20

Nah I get a pretty good idea of what to expect from what you said right there.

Sounds like something I should give a shot, especially if it's a One Piece one.~

PS3 will make importing simple.~

Undertaker 2011-09-01 02:26

Yes, It's time like this I love PS3's no region-lock.

Personally I think Musou games' simple combo-mechanics fit pretty well with OP fights.

The trick is going to be in the graphics, are they going to be the usual 3D or Cell-shade ala Gundam Musou 3. And how they are portraying Musou attacks.

SOGESNAKE 2011-09-01 02:27


Originally Posted by SilverSyko (Post 3750502)
Nah I get a pretty good idea of what to expect from what you said right there.

Sounds like something I should give a shot, especially if it's a One Piece one.~

PS3 will make importing simple.~

I'm just gonna go ahead an post up some gameplay from these type of games~

It's more or less mowing down hordes and hordes of enemies (usually fodder), which with One Piece I can really see going~

Undertaker 2011-09-01 02:40

Exactly, and if they throw-in some original content like survival of Ace or WB become Pirate King, I would be a happy man.... (not that I'm not if they don't have them)

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