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SeijiSensei 2021-02-28 19:35

Funimation prefix for current series?
Maybe it's time to start using an (F) prefix for shows on Funimation? Right now shows carry either a (CR) for Crunchyroll or an (L) for licensed. All the Funi licenses fall into the latter category. Pretty soon there won't be a CR, and F will be carrying most of the new seasonal content.

relentlessflame 2021-03-04 02:21

Well, I'm not quite convinced yet Sony will kill the Crunchyroll brand for streaming in favor of Funimation, despite ownership. The Crunchyroll brand has good notoriety in the space, arguably better than Funimation. The Crunchyroll brand is also a bit more global than Funimation; in other global markets there are other brands (many of them now also owned by Sony) that do local market streaming and often get the shows Funimation gets in North America.

But aside that, looking at the problem in a broader sense, I honestly wonder if it even makes sense anymore to list licensing status at all. This is all basically a relic of the site's fansub roots, back when a show being licensed fundamentally changed the sort of stuff you were allowed to post here. But now we don't allow people to post fansubs here anyway, and if we have to have labels it'd probably be more efficient to label everything that isn't licensed for streaming by one company or another. As you suggest, it probably doesn't make any sense for us to single out CR in particular anymore given the other players in the streaming licensing game now. But if we're going to add F for Funimation, what about NX for Netflix or others? And what about shows that are licensed to different streaming providers all over the world? What you really need is a calendar these days that lists every show and what streaming provider it's on for a given market (and when new episodes launch), and that's beyond what we can really do with a label anyway.

So yeah, personally I'm not really opposed to making a change in this area but I'd tend to lean towards just getting rid of the labels entirely -- unless some people do still feel passionate about them being there.

SeijiSensei 2021-03-04 17:09

Fine with me. Dump the labels. Or mark all licensed content with (L) regardless of source, or perhaps better as you suggest, mark unlicensed content with a (U).

SeijiSensei 2021-04-02 18:16

Whoever began labelling new series with "NetFlix" should know that the F is not capitalized

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