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monir 2008-07-16 18:34

Macross Frontier - Episode 15 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Macross Frontier, Episode 15.

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P.S. Premature voting is equivalent to premature eja... uhm... Do not vote in the poll without actually watching the episode. Since the poll is public, all of us can see who those premature voters are.

zalem 2008-07-16 18:48

More Grace scheming I bet! Should be interesting.

justinstrife 2008-07-16 19:59


Originally Posted by zalem (Post 1734602)
More Grace scheming I bet! Should be interesting.

Not looking forward to seeing Sheryl go through more pain and suffering, especially with Ranka and Alto coming together to visit her in the hospital. :(

Hope Michael isn't too mad about having his fighter blown up. :p

zalem 2008-07-16 20:04

I hope Michael remembers about that Witchcraft pill....what are the chances he saved it some where and can have it analyzed? He probably lost it when his VF blew up.

Hmm.... 2008-07-16 20:18

even Sheryl Earring can make it back from a blown VF inside Giant Vajra stormach which is vaporized by macross cannon
I know that pill can also make it somehow :p

ani_d 2008-07-17 02:24

I just want to see a new OP and ED already. ^^

D a m i e n 2008-07-17 03:14


Originally Posted by ani_d (Post 1735443)
I just want to see a new OP and ED already. ^^

I hope the new op end ending will be as good as the previous ones.

mike_s_6 2008-07-17 04:02

I want it to be better. Tons better.

v717 2008-07-17 04:09

how much time before it's out

magnuskn 2008-07-17 04:20


Originally Posted by v717 (Post 1735558)
how much time before it's out

Too much. :(

( About eight hours from now, 19:30 GMT+1, for the HorribleRaw).

rei_lied 2008-07-17 05:45

someone has already voted but the episode hasn't been aired yet...

I also really want to see a new OP and ED. Don't tell me that they will only come out in episode 18. That only leaves us a few episodes to savor the new OP and ED.

StratoSpear 2008-07-17 07:49

I wanna see Klien Tai bitching over the loss of Raramia.... Wonder what would happen to Ranka now that Brera manages to get ahold of her...

dee32 2008-07-17 08:48

I want to see how they explain how Grace got off Galia 4?

Angrypokstick 2008-07-17 09:48


Originally Posted by dee32 (Post 1735835)
I want to see how they explain how Grace got off Galia 4?

she never got off. it was a second body for her. she transfered a copy of her memory into a back up body. the Grace on Galia 4 is dead/gone/disintegrated. Is a common concept often used for cyborg and androids in Various sci-fi works.

squaresphere 2008-07-17 09:58

In the specific case of Grace. She'll just probably tell the truth. ie the planet blew up and she woke up in her backup body. Oh and that fact that the vajra blew up the planet :p

dee32 2008-07-17 10:58

How is Grace going to explain to Sheryl how she got off the planet? Sheryl probly doesn't know that Grace is a full cyborg and not a human with implants.

lone_wolf 2008-07-17 11:03


Originally Posted by dee32 (Post 1736049)
How is Grace going to explain to Sheryl how she got off the planet?

It will most likely occur how squaresphere speculated...."that she never actually got off the planet but perhaps created a backup data and transferred it to the cloned body."

At this point, we'll just have to watch episode 15 and see what happens...

--Lone Wolf

KiNA 2008-07-17 11:27

What new OP?

Its still triangular D:

Tsuchiro 2008-07-17 11:28

no new op again.. sigh..... :(

KiNA 2008-07-17 11:35


Flashback episode tru Grace's PoV .. except for the first few minute of Ranka being held back for customary checkup and then Alto visiting .. then its a flashback galore with Grace explaining stuff to her higher up probably


flashback end, and first thing Grace do when visiting Sheryl is putting some bad stuff on Sheryl 's med or something :mad: ..actually, she took Sheryl's blood sample it seems.

And KK spoon feeding Michael =3=.. so cute ○ω○

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