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cyberdemon 2011-04-06 19:03

Maken-ki [anime]
Been news for a while apparently but i just noticed it was getting an anime and noticed there was no thread for it. Anyways love the manga and am looking forward to an anime for it.

from ANN:


The official website of Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age magazine has revealed that an anime adaptation of Hiromitsu Takeda's Maken-Ki! manga is in the works.

The romantic comedy centers around Takeru Ōyama, a boy enrolled in an elite school where the girls (and boys) fight with mysterious powers called Maken. The student body includes the enigmatic girl Kodama, a girl named Inaho who calls herself Takeru's fiancée, and his childhood friend Haruko.

The manga launched in Dragon Age Pure magazine in 2007, but it has been running in Monthly Dragon Age since last year. The fifth compiled book volume shipped in October.

Source: Saishin Anime Jōhō
currently no other info on the anime.

MrTerrorist 2011-04-07 10:03

Ah yes. More superpowered teenagers and busom ladies.

Eight_wonder 2011-04-07 10:47

More like,
More superpowered bouncing breasts in the battlefield.

cyberdemon 2011-04-07 16:57


Originally Posted by Eight_wonder (Post 3561500)
More like,
More superpowered bouncing breasts in the battlefield.

luckily this time there is a main character who would gladly go after them lol.

Eight_wonder 2011-04-08 00:36

Well, a perverted male lead is always needed in ecchi animes.
and a perverted sidekick too.

Bonta Kun 2011-04-08 07:09

Oh hahaha I never really expected to see this get a anime but well YAY!

Nothing really great to series...expect maybe for certain "stuff" but still I enjoy the manga so far, some mindless fun to be had:D

Ravenblitz 2011-04-08 08:19

the news was like last year and there's no thread but oh well nice to see this animated

Master Assassin 2011-04-09 01:38

Takeru became more likable in the more recent chapters, so I guess trying to start watching the anime will be a bit of a pain since he's not much likable at the start.

If only he is as likable as he is right now rather than the beginning...

KiNA 2011-04-09 02:34

They must keep the art style. Takeda Hiromitsu's girl are pretty :love:

Aki sensei *_* .. /get wet.

Ravenblitz 2011-04-09 02:38

Aki sensei pwns all of them haha

MisaoFan 2011-04-09 03:14

Any news of the anime version ?

AnimeUltimate 2011-04-24 08:46

Here's the staff :
Director : Koichi Ohata
Series Composition : Yosuke Kuroda
Animation Production : AIC

Endscape 2011-04-25 16:31

Hoo, Maken's getting an anime, yes, life is good.

sebo3e 2011-04-26 13:03

I cant wait for this anime lol

Newprimus 2011-04-26 19:34

Wow, AIC is doing this.

Midonin 2011-08-08 23:20

We've got a website, and a date (this fall). And a promo movie too, I suppose.

Duo Maxwell 2011-08-08 23:28

For some reasons, it's not as how I thought it's going to be....

Endscape 2011-08-08 23:36

Inaho doesn't look like I expected her to. But otherwise, nice.

Bonta Kun 2011-08-09 07:14

Don't think I can say great but then I never really expected it to be but none the less still looking good and I can't wait!

Plenty of ecchi service to be had and thats all I want really:D

KiNA 2011-08-09 09:46

Bad art was my first comment ;_;

2nd comment.. blue panties :love:

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