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minhtam1638 2013-09-25 17:22

Anime character singers
So... I'm having a mental block and I need someone to help me out on this.

Suppose that there was this gigantic singing competition (akin to the Voice) that encompasses all of the anime worlds, and any anime character can enter. No big deal - anybody wants to enter can enter. But with a competition like that, you'd need judges/coaches that can score, judge, and facilitate all the competitors. Now I know that there's a list somewhere that includes all of the anime characters that sing in the anime, but I'm having a hard time picking apart the Characters of the Day from the prominent main characters of said Anime.

So what I'm looking for is this. I'm looking for suggestions on which four anime characters - two male and two female - could take on the role of the coaching panel. They can be anime characters that have a credible singing background (in essence, they don't have to sing in the anime itself; they could have released tracks outside of the anime), but they have to be anime characters that have played prominent roles in the anime (no one-shot characters). In other words, I'm looking for names, and the animes that they come from (so I can check them out).

Anybody up for the challenge?

EDIT: I'm especially having trouble with the male portion of the challenge.

Jan-Poo 2013-09-25 17:48

The producer from "Idolm@ster" seems like a logical choice here.

Chiaki from "Nodame Cantabile" with a bit of a stretch could also work. He's a genius for anything related to music so he could easily become a pro coach for singers too if someone forced him to.

I can't think of many male anime singers that have their own songs and that are famous enough, but "Nekki Basara" from Macross 7 definitely comes to mind.

There are then the starlight singers from "Sailor Moon", Or the boy band from "Idolm@ster".

"Mao Natsukawa" from "Hikari no Densetsu" and "Go Kato" from "Ai shite night" also have a prominent role as singers but the anime themselves are a bit obscure.

"Gravitation" is also filled with many male singers, but... I don't even remember if you hear their songs at all.


I forgot "Yukio Tanaka" and "Tsunemi Chiba" from "Beck".

Darthtabby 2013-09-25 18:45

At the risk of stating the obvious (and indulging in some fanboy-ism): Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier. Main character, very impressive discography, and has been a singing competition judge and mentor to a younger singer in series.

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