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Jimmy C 2011-06-09 07:10

But the Incubators are responsible for and dealing with that problem themselves and XCOM still can't detect them either.

Ace Of Scarabs 2011-06-09 10:36

I was planning to resolve that by making full use of some of the characters I've planned. Three original Girls, two of the luckiest Agents, and they're going to endure some rough times.

The original method I devised to introduce X-Com to the wonderful world of PMMM was to have a Witch-Realm intrude into a routine Terror Mission after the last Floater falls to Laser weapons, whereupon the guy carrying a HE-autocannon would get Kissed and kill himself plus some others by "going berserk". The surviving Agents would end up fighting familiars before the local Magical Girl sneaks ahead and kills the Witch.

Naturally, the higher-ups would suspect hallucinogens and Psychic attacks, at least until live footage from the gun-cams of the squad are reviewed. Threy will place interest in the Magical Girl, who exhibits nigh-superhuman abilities.

Two of this squad's survivors are going to be the major X-Com agents this story focuses one - they both have daughters, and one of those two girls will Contract with Kyubey successfully, which is how X-Com gets a keen insight into the Magical Girls.

Incubator contact will happen later through either detection via Mind Probe or use of a Psi-Amp, although their presence would have been betrayed by the Magical Girl telling her Daddy what happened. Kyubey would attempt to contract her friend as well, but the father would deny it the chance by shooting it through the girl's bedroom door with a laser pistol after triangulating its position with his Psi-Amp, which he was encouraged to practice with to develop his Psi-skill.

It will be hard to map out how X-Com will work with the Girls, but they will definitely try to lend aid secretly, without the UN ever finding out.

The guys will later get transferred to the Japan branch base of X-Com, where Homura will definitely steal a bunch of obsolete Heavy Cannons from, as well as some Blaster Bombs and Launchers. She gets tracked down by Psi-Amp users, and begins working alongside X-Com in exchange for massive firepower from their armories and support from the Original Girls after explanations are had and demonstrations are made.

I also plan to have some Alien UFOs land in Witch-realms with death-riffic results awaiting, and intend to allow information to leak up to Cydonia, so the Aliens will attempt to prepare for a massive assault on Walpurgisnacht to destroy the potential threat to their attempt to conquer Earth for human resources. This will bump the Cydonia Raid up to just before WPN, separating the Girls from their fathers.

A bunch of "maverick" X-Com agents sneak off (read: get sent on a secret mission so classified even the UN knows nothing of it!) with some additional weaponry to try and aid Homura and the Original Girls against Walpurgisnacht (they will fail, of course, since even this noncanon Crossover universe will run somewhat parallel to the true timelines). Nevertheless, they manage to stall enough so that Madoka can arrive on the scene and witness their deaths and Homura getting pinned. At the same time, the Cydonia Raid will almost horribly fail in this timeline, except that the last of the Original Girls makes a Contract and uses almost all her power to fly to Mars and save her Daddy and 'Uncle', sacrificing herself to destroy the Alien Brain thing at the heart of Cydonia. The last thing she sees is Madokami coming for her with a loving embrace before the universe is remade.

I'm going to follow much of the canonical events in PMMM, although how X-Com will fare after Madokami's retcon has yet to be determined. In the new timeline, The two Original Girls who went to WPN will survive for sure though.

Jimmy C 2011-06-09 11:34

Major roadblock with your idea. If you remember your XCOM, the soliders live on base, away from any families they might have. They might not even be in the same country!

Ace Of Scarabs 2011-06-09 11:46

Good point.

I figure that I could come up with some kind of event to get the Original Girls to Japan some time later, though, since they don't need to be there until near WPN (School trip? Holiday which coincides with Daddy's new workplace?). There will be a window of time where the two fathers worry for their families (particularly their daughters!) whenever off-duty, although stuff like Skype make it less difficult for them to keep in touch. This makes sure two of the key locations in the story are X-Com Singapore, and X-Com Japan.

Of the three Original Girls, two of them, as mentioned, are daugthers of two of the X-Com guys. They are both Singaporean, and their fathers both served in the SAF before being reassigned to X-Com's Singapore base around the start of the story. The other magical girl would have wandered in from overseas undetected by the ICA by means of magic. Both of them are transferred to X-Com Japan because of intel of Incubator activity, as well as to train some of the rookies due to their mission counts, AND because they have some Psi-potential which makes them candidates for some Psi-training in the new lab in Japan.

Unlike usual portrayls of X-Com being full of maniacs, I go with the idea that there are both crazed maniacs and genuine elites in X-Com, the crazed maniacs being used as cannon fodder and "spotters" for the elites. Some of these disturbed souls are so far-gone that Panic Attacks only make them go berserk more often than not! Granted, that only makes them more dangerous when Witchkissed.

Besides, I wanted to do this for two major scenes, one being Kyubey getting shot by an X-Com agent protecting his daughter from being Contracted, and the other being Homura getting her hands on Blaster Bombs for use on Walpurgisnacht.

Jimmy C 2011-06-09 14:08

Maniacs or not, XCOM uses the toughest, most dangerous soliders in modern militaries, even then 50-75% of them die on a typical mission. I don't know if Singapore's standards are that good.

Ace Of Scarabs 2011-06-09 20:02

They're mostly hired as startup consultants when getting the Singapore Branch Bas online, but ended up getting dragged along. Their survival during the Witch-realmed Terror Mission cemented their permanent role in X-Com, which was further cemented a few months later when both of them tested with at least above-average Psi strength.

Jimmy C 2011-06-09 23:17

XCOM doesn't need consultants like that.
As much as I like your idea and really hope you can succeed, I wish I could help you more.

Ace Of Scarabs 2011-06-10 10:54

No worries, poking holes in the Headscratchers in my story helps me get more consistency, and naturally I'm going to go off the rails where canon is concerned sometimes for the sake of making the story more interesting (Witch-Realm encroaches on Snakeman Base! Witchkissed Chrysallid rampage!) or cracktastic because it amuses me.

What I'm planning concerning SAF's involvement in X-Com is to lend support in various roles so the other countries could concentrate on providing field agents. The two dudes I'm throwing in are meant to be lending support in other areas besides field missions, but due to a shortage of manpower when several missions crop up at once in a single day, they're pretty much dragooned into participating in the Terror Mission. (Well, better than being stuck in the back doing the rubbish work for the others anyway)

X-Com is an international effort anyway, at least according to the lore in Enemy Unknown. SAF providing support and perhaps even a little manpower is not going to be considered odd, especially if politics demands that Singapore show more willing in such affairs in order to sweeten some trade talks that are ongoing, on top of getting scientists inside X-Com to get an inside helping on all the sweet Alien SCIENCE.

But I digress. The story is going to be pretty much partly crack in any case, so I might as well load up the Skyranger(s) and prepare for a soulcrushingly depressing meatgrinder with more firepower and magic than before.

Master Assassin 2011-06-16 11:18

I feel like vomiting more ideas as I pull them out from my bottom... which is essentially where my brain is. (Metaphorically, not literally.)

Must.... vomit them out from my brain!!

Spoiler for Shorty: Meet the Kamijou:

Hagoshod 2011-07-03 20:15

This is totally not referring to what you think it's referring to.

rantuyetmai 2011-07-04 03:41

Has anyone read Lestaki's "Puella Magi Homura Magica"? This story took place after Madoka's transcend and Sayaka's death, in the new world our remaining girls have to fight against demons. The romance aspect will focus on Homura and Kyouko's relationship.

The fic is set in-universe, no OC (at least not yet), as a believable continuation of the anime. Characterization-wise it's the best in MadoMagi section at the moment IMHO, even Junko was portrayed perfectly. Lestaki is quite famous for building the characters through the interaction they have with each other, as opposed to using a narration or thought, so the readers can feel the characters themselves without being spoon-fed. Hopefully someone here can enjoy it as much as I do :)

Hagoshod 2011-07-08 15:34



Ace Of Scarabs 2011-08-08 10:41

Spoiler for Old Spice Parody:

I got bored while watching Megatron and Grover parody the Old Spice commercial. Originally posted on the TV Tropes Madoka thread.

Zero Hurricane 2011-08-08 11:40

Hey guys! Check my fanfic here: The Chronicles of Magic Knights

Spoiler for Synopsis:

Well, the story still in development. Hope you guys enjoy it :D

Triple_R 2011-08-11 01:20

I just put up a new fanfic titled Puella Magi Madoka Magica, March to War.

It's based on the premise of "What could happen if another teenage girl made a massive world-altering wish like Madoka did?"

That, plus as the title suggests, it involves serious military conflict (later on).

Anyway, I'd love to know what people think of it. :)

Sayaka will be a very important character in this fanfic, by the way.

MinuSeveN 2011-08-23 22:15

8 Seconds
My contribution to the fandom. I regret nothing!
But I would appreciate any helpful comments for future writing. :)

Originally Posted by Summary
8 Seconds

"... is the time the oxygen in the brain takes to renew itself. Afterwards, the neurons no longer have an energy source to produce the necessary electrical impulses. In other words, it’s about the time Louis XVI had to think after he got his head cut off."

Spoiler for 8 Seconds:

Spoiler for Author's Notes:

Hagoshod 2011-08-24 02:27

The Witch's name was Walpurgisnacht. I watched it materialize in Mitakihara Town myself.

It was going to fight a team of Magical Girls who would have won us the war, before they were separated from their captain.

-----Who was their captain?

The great Mami Tomoe, our mentor. She was commander of the Magical Girls before Madoka.

It's imperative that we find her before the Incubators learn of her location. Madoka has the ability to get there, and you must pray it's in time.



Originally Posted by MinuSeveN (Post 3740236)
My contribution to the fandom. I regret nothing!

I prefer Charlotte's Cuisine Critique, but that's probably because I wrote that one.

sa547 2011-08-24 03:53

Uploaded chapter 4 several days ago (yep, that's what the sig says now; working on the next chapter):

Hagoshod 2011-08-30 00:54


Originally Posted by Hagoshod (Post 3740462)
The Witch's name was Walpurgisnacht. I watched it materialize in Mitakihara Town myself.

It was going to fight a team of Magical Girls who would have won us the war, before they were separated from their captain.

-----Who was their captain?

The great Mami Tomoe, our mentor. She was commander of the Magical Girls before Madoka.

It's imperative that we find her before the Incubators learn of her location. Madoka has the ability to get there, and you must pray it's in time.


I'm just about done writing the extended version of this fanfic, but I can't decide whether or not I should include the Transformers quotes I have in mind.

Any suggestions?

MinuSeveN 2011-08-31 04:42

^Transformer's quotes? Personally, I think it'd be cool but... kinda depends on the quotes...

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