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jesh462 2012-04-08 23:56

Something moving
I've been on an anime binge lately and am looking for a new series to watch. This first post is updated whenever I have chance so that you don't have to look through the whole thread. I try to get to everyone's suggestions. :)

I find shows like Lucky Star and Ouran HS Host Club funny, but I can't finish them simply because they're too episodic. I need something more cohesive in order to feel like I'm not wasting my time.
I don't require an intricate plot line or a specific genre or the inclusion of giant robots or the exclusion of bishies. I'm rather neutral to the actual content of an anime as long as I feel touched by it.
I just want to know what shows have, for whatever reason, left a lasting impression on you and touched you emotionally.
In other words, which anime do you really remember?

To give you an idea of what I like, here are a few shows that I can say are my favorites:

Full Moon wo Sagashite: I watched this on animesuki back in the day. It may be my all time favorite, even though it moves slowly and has a lot of filler. Mitsuki is simply amazing. While she can't fly (on her own), doesn't have lasers, has no giant robot, superweapons or altered genetic code, she does have something that everyone can achieve, and that is a strong heart. It really hits me every time I re watch Full Moon what a beautiful heart Mitsuki has. Meroko, Takuto, even her manager and doctor are all impressive and great people. Anyone can become a better person by learning from this anime. One of my favorite parts of this show is a beautiful ending that ties every single loose thread and culminates in a way that few other shows ever accomplish.

Kanon 2006: Very good, I liked it a lot. Makoto is one of my favorite characters to this day.. so sad. In retrospect I probably like this better than Clannad (but less than ef), but just wish the relationships with the other girls were less platonic.

Clannad: I really loved the characters, although once it was Tomoya and his wife, I felt not as involved, perhaps because I'm an adult now and have had to go through so many of the same things. I dealt with it, I don't feel sympathy for him. lol
I preferred the high school setting since many characters were fleshed out. I didn't really like Nagisa compared to the other girls. I feel all of them would have been better picks.

Escaflowne: I wasn't a fan of Hitomi, but the plot was excellent and I was swept up by it, even if it felt rushed at times. I also had a man crush on Van. I'd be the first person in line if this show was remade with twice the episodes.

Simoun: I saw this show as more of a "slice of life" than anything. To me it really portrayed the realities of war very well.

Chrono Crusade: The ending crushed me. The closest thing to a perfect tragedy I've watched in a series format. Sadly the ending was all too real.

Gungrave: The perfect gangster series. While only a few characters are fleshed out, and sometimes the show feels a little over the top, it's still one of my favorites.

Cross Game: Perfection, really. What more could you want? Besides a real kiss at the end.

Fushigi Yuugi: Simply timeless, the characters and setting really swept me away.

Crest of the Stars: Wow, I never understood the meaning of "space opera" until I saw this. I could never have imagined something this epic existed until I watched Crest of the Stars and its sequels. I do wish there had been more kissing etc, but honestly I've come to not even expect it anymore while watching anime.

Angel Beats: For some reason this show really moved me. I loved the music, I loved all the characters. I wish so bad it was longer, as it was a bit rushed.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Hilarious and so awesome! Characters were great, I'll never forget this show. The very end I felt was rather random and unnecessary, (what happened to the main character), however, it wasn't enough to ruin episode upon episode of perfection.

ef - A Tale of Memories/Melodies
: Soul shattering goodness. The characters and development were so so good.

Solty Rei: Thick sci-fi plot, amazing characters, unusual themes and beautiful ending. Oh so good.

Casshern SINS: Quiet a few good characters and memorable moments, I loved the focus on life and death. The show managed to bring the message home well. It was very philosophical and introspective. I can describe this show as "art" with conviction.

Princess Tutu: If Crest of the Stars is a space opera, this is opera. Ahiru was amazing and this fairy tale simply came to life on the screen for me.

Mayo Chiki: So much fun to watch, I loved Mr./Mrs. Subaru <3! While this show never made me cry, I loved every episode. I want more.

Toradora: So much love for this series! I absolutely enjoyed the characters, their interaction, and most of all, the humor. One of the funnest shows I've seen. I loved how their love ended up going somewhere beyond their first hug/kiss.

Kimi no Todoke
: I love all the main characters, and I love the gentle and passionate art. What struck me about this show was just the softness to every minute of it. It's as if the world was covered in fuzz and everything has become perfect. Are there really people like in this show? I wish I could meet them.

SaiKano: Plenty of good characters, love, war, fear, doubt and tragedy. Nothing to improve upon in my opinion, especially with how much emotion and storytelling was packed into those 13 episodes.

Uchuu no Stellvia: I like how there are really strong main characters, but also plenty of other well developed secondary characters. I loved the artwork and music and portrayals of friendship, all the while carrying the plot forward.

Blassreiter: I loved the very intense bonds between the members of XAT that are developed and the relentless pace. Very strong female character, (Amanda Werner), always a plus! This one I couldn't put down once I had started.

Full Metal Panic!: What stood out to me the most for FMP was the depth of the main characters and how the creators really brought forth feeling and emotion in their storytelling. The episode where Kaname cuts Sousuke's hair is something that I don't think I'll ever forget. Season 3 please!!!

Black Lagoon: I was glued to the screen. Besides being very fun to watch, I have never seen subject matter like this in anime, or thought about the implications of illicit activities on the people who are caught up in them. While I don't pretend that watching Black Lagoon is as good as an organized crime mastermind's biography, I definitely got a lot out of this show. I loved the characters, the plot, the setting, everything. Of course Revy was wonderful. I want more!

Claymore: This show was a blast to watch, I actually marathon-ed it along with 3 other people who were just as captivated as I was! Clare of course was my favorite, and I always think it's wonderful when I find anime with such a strong female character. The only thing I would change is to make the story longer to better flesh out the tales of her fellow Claymores.

Chobits: I recently rewatched this, and it's better than I remember. All of the characters with any amount of screen time have their own personality and story that is explored well. There's ethical questions with no right or wrong answer and some very memorable moments:Shimizu-sensei and Shinbo in the rain, Ueda's story of his past, etc. Another thing that stood out to me is the excellent sound production. It really stood out, along with the backgrounds. It made me wonder why I haven't heard from CLAMP in a while since they're obviously capable of such an incredible quality of art.

Romeo x Juliet: While staying true to the spirit of Shakespeare's work, the creators of this show definitely made it their own. The viewer is aware that this will be a tragedy, there's a caution label on the first episode. Despite that, there is a very real sense of hope portrayed as the Romeo and Juliet from hundreds of years ago are turned into real, living, breathing characters that soar through the skies of Neo Verona. I couldn't help but imagine that maybe this time, just maybe, fate would change and they'd find a happier ending. The blend of love, hope, tragedy and conflict reminds me a lot of Princess Tutu, though the two ended up very different. It's just as the show states, Romeo and Juliet have taught the world what love is. Classical sauce. Also the (excellent) main character is a redhead! +2 points

School Days: I feel a bit different about this show (and Casshern SINS) than my other favorites. While I mostly like shows that introduce me to unforgettable characters or a world that I want to visit again, School Days, is different. I feel more like it was an excellent use of the medium to produce actual art. School Days is packed fully of symbolism on top of well developed characters who don't fit any mold. The story is captivating. I don't think I've encountered any show that made me ask more questions about myself and the world around me. Amazing.

Other shows seen already:

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: I loved the characters and the very real relationships that I saw forming. While it is not the most off-the-wall crazy artwork I have ever seen, it was still drawn beautifully, and that added enjoyment for me. Time will tell if Sakurasou makes a lasting impression on me, but maybe it will.
Shinsekai Yori: Lots of imagination and very suspenseful, great story. Very dark and somber, that probably will keep it off my list of favorites.
Fantastic Children: I have mixed feelings, I loved the second half where the children's origins are revealed and the plot after. The first part was somewhat boring and while I liked the animation style, I didn't like the character designs.
Kaiba: I loved the first half, up until Kaiba leaves Chroniko's body. Lots of ideas and dilemmas presented. The second half seemed more of a visual spectacle than anything to me.
Futukoi Alternative: I absolutely loved Sara and Soujyu. I laughed and sometimes teared up watching their antics and adventures. I'm not sure if there was enough good about this show besides the lovely twins for it to be a favorite, but wow, they are both awesome.
Koi Kaze: I found this cute and touching, but besides the brother/sister pairing and the super cute voice actress who played Nanoka, there wasn't much memorable about it.
Kurenai: Cute and sometimes suspenseful. This combination is nice but I feel they should have focused on one of these feelings more than the other or made the show longerto flesh out both aspects more. It has a duality that could be great, but doesn't quite work, imho.
Kurokami: Sometimes I found it unpredictable, but thankfully most of the plot snuck up on me. I loved Kuro and wished there had been a happier end for her. I found this very memorable, it may be a favorite. Also, Kuro is well fleshed out, adorable and a redhead to boot. +2 points
REC: I fell for Aka from the first episode. She's everything a character should be, not fitting into any one stereotype, but having her own unique, flawed, beautiful personality. Also she's a redhead. +2 points. I don't like the standard "empty shell" male main character, but I completely enjoyed seeing Aka on my screen.
School Rumble: I grew very attached to all of the characters, especially Eri and Yakumo. Of course it was incredibly fun to watch, but the lack of any real conclusion keeps this from being a favorite of mine. There just isn't any closure.
Beck: I appreciated the relationships between the band members. The characters are memorable and so is some of the music. It helps that I love the guitar. This may be a favorite.
Sola: I loved the painted style of the backgrounds and the dialog. This show brought me many smiles as I watched it. Sola wasn't afraid to avoid a happily ever after. This may be a favorite.
Flag: I don't like the camera effects, i didn't care for any of the characters, I don't like this attitude towards the military. I dropped this after episode 4.
Gunbuster: I liked the more mature look at the problems of space exploration. I appeciated the thoughtfulness towards issues with age and loss. I also really loved the boobs, not gonna lie. Why did this trend in anime stop???? :( The main thing I didn't like here is the tiny length. If this had been extended to 24 episodes I'd definitely see it as a classic.
Hourou Musuko: Surprised me with a serious and intense look into how society perceives gender, and not with the usual Japanese twist of writing the issue of as something to grow out of. I also loved that the characters are all children, but are treated with proper respect and fully fleshed out. I wish that was more common in anime. While not a favorite, I'm glad that I took the time to watch it.
Maison Ikkoku: Classic but a bit too predictable. I never fell in love with Kyoko, which I think is crucial for shows like this to accomplish. I also didn't like the cruelty of Godai's neighbors, who I think you were supposed to think of as friends.
Planetes: Tanabe and the unresolved moral issues really made the show for me. Tanabe's enthusiasm is lovely, and the loose ends made for a more thoughtful finish than a happily ever after. While it's not quite on my favorites list, there were plenty of memorable moments. Good stuff.
BTOOOM!: So far, a good start. It's enjoyable to watch for it's harshness, animation, and intricacies. I'd like to see the show continue into something less predictable. Killing off or condemning Routa or Himiko or both of them would be great, as this type of show always seems to set characters up like these to be invincible heroes who can do no wrong.
Fate/Zero: After all the hype, it did nothing for me. Extremely beautiful animation doesn't make up for the pointless darkness, shitty plot and paper-flat characters. I couldn't even enjoy Saber like in FSN. **** this show.
Haibane Renmei: While I did like the ending, the rest of the show wasn't as memorable.
Ga-Rei Zero: I really enjoyed Yomi and Kagura's story. The setting was a little generic and story a bit predictable.
Broken Blade: Did everything beautifully, I had fun watching it. There was never any particular moment that I got choked up, but that's ok. It was a memorable experience.
Bokurano: Young characters are hard for me to identify with, especially ones w/ 1-2 ep for development. Very "meh" experience overall.
Tenshi na Konamaiki: Well developed characters and funny, but no real conflict? Not pretty enough to be enjoyable as a slice of life either. I did enjoy it though.
Berserk: I loved the bonds of friendship here as well as the very developed characters of Griffith, Guts and Casca. This was really dark for my taste, not sure if it's a favorite yet.
Higurashi no Naku Koroni Kai: The friendship elements grew to be cute and touching, I liked this show a lot. For whatever reason it's not a favorite of mine. Possibly the animation style and the type of humor? (chibis flailing at each other ineffectually at exactly the right time to set off the incredibly dark and depressing mood, it felt rather forced)
Midori no Hibi: Cute and funny, didn't really leave an impression with me.
Onegai Sensei: Quiet touching, especially for short length. I watched it all in one sitting. =)
Mawaru Penguindrum: Slow to start, excellent plot and then a terrible ending. The ending was so bad that I felt it was a waste of my time.
Honey and Clover: I enjoyed watching this and loved Ayu, but overall not a favorite.
Durarara!!: Lots of laughs and very fun to watch but not too many moving moments.
Nadome Cantibele: Loved the music and loved all the main characters, ending was a little rushed, I felt. I loved the hug at the end. It made me warm and fuzzy inside. I still need to watch the second season.
Haruhi Suzumiya: Lots of laughs, but the ending absolutely destroyed the show. It never got anywhere and left me feeling like I wasted my time.
Hoshi o Ou Kodomo: Not a series, so not one my favorites, but that's the only reason! One of the best movies I've seen, absolutely beautiful story and art, a true fairy tale. If you have a movie to suggest that is THIS GOOD I'll watch it even if it's not a series. xD
Nazo no Kanojo X: Perverted and strange, not that those are bad things! I happily watched it, although nothing really moved me in this series.
Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien: This show was very powerful and struck a chord with me personally, in a bad way. Not the shows fault. It may be a favorite of mine in time, I'll have to revisit it later. I like the mature take on the content a lot.
My-HiME: In retrospect this show did almost everything right.I can't pinpoint why I wasn't attached to the characters quite enough to add it to my all time favorites. A little too predictable.
Welcome to the NHK!: I loved the characters and music, not quite enough romance to make it one of my favorites.
Dennou Coil: No character attachment for me at all (this is common for me with children characters) but the plot was so stellar that I was still riveted to the screen. Great stuff!
Ano Hana: Made me cry like a baby, I absolutely loved Naruko. I didn't really like the other characters, but I was still attached to them.
Aishiteru ze Baby: Cute but couldn't finish.. It just didn't draw me in.
Maria-sama ga Miteru: Also didn't draw me in at all. I may give this another chance since I've heard a lot of good about it.
True Tears: He picked the wrong girl!!!! Ended up average although it had potential..
Basilisk: Too much like Naruto/DBZ/any other generic shounen. I could see there may have been a beautiful romance in there, but I couldn't stand to watch the rest of it.
Fate Stay Night: I absolutely, positively, loved Saber. My gosh I hated the main char! Very fun to watch.
Spice and Wolf: The two main characters were amazing as was the art, music, story.. I was swept away, but Holo scares me. She's way too intelligent to make this a favorite of mine. I guess I like my girls not so incredibly crafty, wise, brutal and menacing; although Clare from Claymore is great. There's just something about Holo that unsettles me. I can't feel too attached to her.
Kowarekake no Orgel: Very cute, would love to see this fleshed out into a whole series.
Now and Then, Here and There: Couldn't finish.. I just hated the main character. I stopped watching when I realized I didn't give a ---- what happened to him. He's too young, stupid, and totally unidentifiable for me.
Last Exile: Very unique setting, this was my favorite part of the show. I also loved the plot line. The characters and their relationships were memorable and well thought out. I think the main things that put me off a tiny bit were the age of the main characters and the way the characters were drawn. I find it easier to love more mature people drawn more beautifully. Yep, I'm shallow.
Usagi Drop: So deliciously cute, I was hooked right away. I loved the characters. This is the one and only show that made me want a daughter someday.
Chihayafuru: I had no idea card games could be this exciting! Fun to watch and Chihaya's beautiful enthusiasm is contagious. The lack of deep, well developed relationships is what keeps this off my favorites.
Ayashi no Ceres: This would be one of my top ten shows if it weren't for Fushigi Yuugi, I'd feel weird putting them both up there.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The golden standard for 13 episode anime.. completely blew me away. There was too much time I felt was wasted in the beginning of the anime for it to be a favorite. All the emotion and story came rushing in at the end. I understand the reasons for it, but it's still not a favorite.
Scrapped Princess: I loved the characters, I wish the story had been more fleshed out. This could have been longer and filled in all the missing holes, not to mention giving me more time with the characters.
DNAngel: CG was SO BAD I couldn't watch more than 5 episodes. I may read the manga since I keep hearing suggestions for this.
Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu: Funny, enjoyed, wasn't touched at all.
Gunslinger Girls: I liked this a lot at the time, but I watched it a long time ago, I can't remember details.
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom: This show drew me in quickly and never let go. Unfortunately there was no long lasting impression for me after all was said and done.
Trigun: Fun to watch, loved Vash. This was a very long time ago but I don't remember too much emotion at the time. I may have to rewatch this.
Samurai X and Ruroni Kenshin series: good from what I remember, never finished series
Evangelion: great, never saw ending
Love Hina: Cookie cutter characters pissed me off. Nerdy, hopeless awkward guy? Check. Amazingly beautiful girl who doesn't realize she's in love with a loser? Check. Random nudity? Check. Random other girls who also magically fall in love? Check. I've seen this too many times before.
Air: Too short, confusing plot full of holes, characters not developed enough and drawn horribly. I liked this orders of magnitude less than Clannad or Kanon.
Shiki: Interesting.. that's about all the good I can find here. The pacing was slow and the story and characters weren't particularly good, but it had an interesting concept.
Code Geass: Great plot and action sequences, but I didn't feel attached to any characters except Kallen, and to some extent.. Zero.
Mushishi: Too episodic
Card Captor Sakura: one of my favs, a little too much like Pokemon drawing out all the cards to capture, didn't like the ending
Wolf's Rain: Great but the ending was lackluster and didn't connect with me. To me this was more of a way to cheat the viewer out of a proper ending.
Elfen Lied: So much nudity but never got down to business.. wtf!? This should have just been a hentai. Otherwise, the action was good and so was the story. I didn't care about anyone. All I can remember is the main character bending over doggy style making adorably sexy noises.
Naruto: watched 1st 120 episodes.. no urge to see more - see DBZ
Serial Experiments Lain: forgot.. I watched this forever ago. I remember it not comparing all that well with my enjoyment of Kenshin or Escaflowne.
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Too episodic. I hate the scene with her marching up the stairs and the predictable fights. I may give it another go and just skip the parts that repeat.
Magic Knights Rayearth: Great but lost steam in second season. At the time I really enjoyed watching this. I hadn't seen much anime to compare it to, though. There's also my terrible memory to contend with, this was a while ago.
FMA: The main characters being children prevents me from becoming too attached in FMA. I also can't really do the whole teenage super power genre anymore. It's too overdone. I haven't seen the remake, but I'm not interested.
DBZ: In real life, a fight that would last 5 seconds gets drawn out for entire episodes.. I'll definitely pass on this and anything remotely like it. Also I hate the character art, especially for females.

Any suggestions would be super appreciated! :smile:

Obelisk ze Tormentor 2012-04-09 00:11

So, you’re looking for romance, some action, good characters, and moving story? Hmm... how about Fate/Stay Night? Have you seen that? Also, if you don’t mind mecha element, there are Broken Blade, Full Metal Panic! series and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

I mentioned Full Metal Panic! (FMP) since in your list there's only FMP? Fumoffu. Have you seen the original series & The Second Raid?

I'll add some more titles I consider good: Scrapped Princess, Mushishi and Basilisk.

jesh462 2012-04-09 00:27

Mostly just the characters, it doesn't have to be romantic or action based. It's hard to describe, I want to see an anime series that just feels like it stayed with you.
I haven't seen Fate, I'll give it a shot as well as the others you mentioned. :)
I saw about half of Mushishi and stopped just because it doesn't feel like a whole. It's hard to explain.

Obelisk ze Tormentor 2012-04-09 00:38


Originally Posted by jesh462 (Post 4097953)
I saw about half of Mushishi and stopped just because it doesn't feel like a whole. It's hard to explain.

Yeah, I get that a lot. For some people, Mushishi is just not their thing ;).

Oh, yeah. If you like Fate/Stay Night, you might want to continue it with Fate/Zero. It's a prequel, but you really need to watch Stay Night first to better understand the gist of things. There's a lot of cool characters in Fate/Zero and the story is more intense.

Kirito 2012-04-09 00:42

Kowarekake no Orgel was really touching and cute. It's an OAV though bear that in mind if that's okay with you.

jesh462 2012-04-09 00:47

Thanks Deikan, I'll look into it. =)

jesh462 2012-04-09 01:22

I just watched Kowarekake no Orgel on youtube. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I hope they do more with it. Thanks for the suggestion Deikan. :)

creb 2012-04-09 04:35

Now and Then, Here and There.

A story of hope against overwhelming odds. :p

If you somehow get through this 13 episode anime without feeling moved in some way, you are dead inside. :D

Also, make sure you watch past episode one if you do decide to watch this, as most of episode one is a bit...misleading. To quote Wikipedia:

Although it may seem like it at first, this is not a lighthearted series. Much of the series deals with serious moral issues relating to war, the consequences of war, rape, democide, human brutality and the exploitation of children.

Don't let that scare you off, as there is a strong message of hope as well.

thundrakkon 2012-04-09 05:46

Well, if you like older series with great story and characters that stay with you, try:

The Twelve Kingdoms
Last Exile
Great Teacher Onizuka

As for a long series, I noticed that you did not list One Piece. It is mostly comedy, has some action, but there are parts of the story where it is difficult not to cry (although, thankfully, they are really far apart in episode counts before you start bursting into tears again). It takes about 40ish episodes to be completely hooked, but everyone that I know who has seen it (Japanese dub, English sub version) loves it, both males and females alike.

More recent series with interesting stories are:

Usagi Drop <--- Some warm moments
Chihayafuru <--- Light-hearted and fun
Cross Game <---- Really good, btw. Very character driven.
Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin <--- Very heavy emotions, although dark at times

If you have any questions concerning these series, please let me know.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA 2012-04-09 06:02

Hey, how about some old animes like Fushigi Yuugi? That anime encapsulates romance, fantasy, drama, adventure......though the plot could be cliche at times but at least it is not episodic.

You can also try another one of Yuu Watase's work-Ayashi no Ceres. Same author as Fushigi Yuugi, so you can expect the same stuff. Difference is that it is set in the modern world, but plotwise, it is similar. Plenty of deaths, magical powers here and there, and who could forget the grandeur of romance in Ayashi no Ceres?

Boys Be is one of my favourite high school romance animes. The development between the pairings is very realistic and plenty of drama for you to feast on.

Shin Hakkenden-This anime is basically about saving the world and all, featuring 8 warriors. The drama aspect is rather heavy, and the ending is one that you least expect it to be. What I love most is the character development of Kou. Such a bratty kid, but he grows a lot throughout the show.

XGeneral2000 2012-04-11 01:02

You may want to look into a couple shows from just last year, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Steins;Gate. They're excellent - some of the best anime I've seen in recent years.

Also seconding Usagi Drop.

hyl 2012-04-11 01:18

You could try EF a tale of memories.

jesh462 2012-04-11 03:26

Thanks everyone for all of the replies! I just finished Fate Stay Night. I read there's a visual novel and I think I'm going to see where I can find that fan translation. I hate Shirō with every fiber of my being but I'm head over heels for Saber.. sigh. xD

I'll take a look at your suggestion next, creb. This list should keep me busy for a while. =)

Obelisk ze Tormentor 2012-04-11 04:46


Originally Posted by jesh462 (Post 4101828)
Thanks everyone for all of the replies! I just finished Fate Stay Night. I read there's a visual novel and I think I'm going to see where I can find that fan translation. I hate Shirō with every fiber of my being but I'm head over heels for Saber.. sigh. xD

Yeah, Shiro is a better character in the visual novel :D. The story in the Visual Novel is darker than the anime, just so you know ;).

jesh462 2012-04-14 01:14

I watched Madoka Magica twice, thanks X General. :) I'd heard of it a lot but always passed it up for whatever reason.

I tried Now and Then, Here and There and got to episode 9 but couldn't keep watching. I couldn't identify with him much at all. =(
Thanks again for the suggestions guys and I'll devour all your animes! Bwahaha! :heehee:

I'm watching Last Exile next, on a whim.

thundrakkon 2012-04-14 02:30


Originally Posted by jesh462 (Post 4106969)
I'm watching Last Exile next, on a whim.

Ah, you're making me want to rewatch it. Anyway, watch the old series, but be wary of the new, sequel one. The new series is not as good, and it could leave a bad aftertaste with what they did to the first series' characters.

Sackett 2012-04-14 21:54

Hmm... moving huh?

I'd suggest Cross Game or Touch.

Whisper of the Heart

Maison Ikkoku

aka Space Battleship Yamato

Penguin Drum

Crest of the Stars

Haladflire65 2012-04-14 22:55

Perhaps Natsume Yuujinchou? It's heartwarming and sweet. It's about a boy who can see spirits and his interactions with them - it's like a more accessible Mushishi, with some connections between episodes and recurring characters.

thundrakkon 2012-04-14 22:57

Ah, Crest of the Stars. It really brings back the nostalgic memories and atmosphere.

If we are really going to bring back old series, then we cannot forget to mention Legend of the Galactic Heroes, arguably the best space opera of all time (and sometimes argued as the best anime of all time, but then again, that is very debatable).

jesh462 2012-04-17 03:09

Ahhh so many replies! I thought I'd be able to catch up to everyone! :p
I finished Last Exile and I really liked it. It was fun to watch, especially the race scenes. I liked the plot too. I didn't feel really touched or moved at any point but that's ok. I'd say it was comparable to Code Geass in fun-to-watchness. =)

On to Scrapped Princess!

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