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MCAL 2022-01-19 17:42

Preview images and PV for Episode 3:

MCAL 2022-01-23 15:18


Originally Posted by MCAL (Post 6499002)
More confusingly though, is that Sasaki and Miyano (Seemingly) didn't exchange chocolates in the anime like they do in the manga, which is going to make one chapter adapted next episode impossible to happen. But I suppose we'll have the wait until next episode in case they do it there instead.

So I guess the answer was to just pretend that didn't happen I guess? Not sure what happened here. Writing oversight? The episode was good otherwise, but that kinda took me out of the moment. A few things I liked this episode:

-The tongue scene.
-Definitely felt the need to squish Miyano's cheeks when he laid them on the desk.
-Speaking of touching, Sasaki pulling himself back from hugging Miyano from his shoulder. My man takes his vow of consensual touching seriously.
-"Sasaki-senpai is so cool!" The show's thesis statement.
-While I disliked the way it happened, Sasaki covering his face in embarrassment after Miyano gave him White Day chocolate was still so good.
-Black-haired Hirano! I was with Miyano there.
-There he is! Ogasawara! The Man, the Myth, the Absolute Dumbass.

Chapters adapted: 8-10.

EDIT: Preview images and PV for Episode 4:

MCAL 2022-01-30 15:11

Chapters adapted 11-12 and various Volume 2 Omakes ending the 2nd volume.

This was probably the best looking episode of the show so far. Although I felt it would have been even better if the anime adapted the next chapter as well to use as an ending.

As the episode title's suggests, both Sasaki and Miyano reach their limit. Sasaki with his ever increasing feeling for Miyano culminating in his little jealous moment (For some reason, the quick cut from Sasaki's death glare to "Oh, its Ogasawara" was hilarious to me). Miyano with his self denial (His imagination about pushing Sasaki onto his bed was likewise really funny). Someone's gotta give eventually and soon.

leongsh 2022-01-30 16:18

Disappointed that this show is just another variation of a generic shoujo romance series with the couple being both guys. May watch it to completion but low on priority.

MCAL 2022-02-02 08:50

Preview images and PV for Episode 5:

MCAL 2022-02-06 12:41
Well first off, Funimation announced an English Dub, the first episode of which released today. Now onto the Episode 5...

Chapters Adapted: 13-15.

Usually anime starts off looking its best visually before falling in quality, but if anything each episode has looked better and better. The beginning of the episode looked really nice visually. Also I like what the anime staff keeps doing with the cats. They even gave us a visual of Calico Cat Sasaki. lol. (EDIT: Which I am now using as my profile pic!)

Like I said last episode, something had to give and it was becoming clear it wasn't happening with Denial Miyano. So Sasaki confesses and continues to show why he is best boy by giving Miyano as much time as he needs to respond and making sure he (Sasaki) understands what consent actually is.

So Sasako confesses but messes up when put on the spot. Thank goodness for wingman Hirano who makes sure Sasaki actually clears up the misunderstanding between them. (Sasaki and Miyano hilariously still haven't traded contact info). He says what he wants, but does maybe hang up a little to quickly, (Which gets a threat of a smack on the head from Hirano :heh:)

EDIT: Preview images and PV for Episode 6:

MCAL 2022-02-13 13:12

Chapters adapted: 16-18 bringing us to the end of the third volume.

Just wanna say, I like the way Kuresawa's seiyuu laughs.

Anyway, Miyano continues to stew in how to reply to Sasaki's confession, all leading up to the scene on the bridge where Miyano still hasn't decided but will make sure he properly takes things in to consideration, asking if Sasaki will wait for him. And Sasaki, good lad that he is, says he'll wait however long it takes, while he thinks of how happy he is that Miyano is actually considering things properly (Shirai Yusuke's delivery of all this is his best showing of his so far). Great episode.

Also lots of cute chibis in the first half of this episode.

EDIT: Preview Images and PV for Episode 7:

MCAL 2022-02-20 19:45

Chapters adapted: 19-21.

There are only so many ways you can say a show is good, but I shall try.

Voice acting is a good place to start and on that note, I loved Shirai Yusuke's laugh when he told Miyano he wanted to be with the person he loves. And Yuuma Uchida playing against type as Hanzawa. I definitely wouldn't have realized it was him if I didn't know already. Also was that Shiori Izawa as Makimura? It sure sounded like her.

And Sasaki. Someone described him as "the sweetest little cherry tree to ever trip his way through a meet-cute." and if that isn't the most accurate description of him so far. Anyway, e continues his little dance of what he wants to do with Miyano and what he is allowed to do. It's a hard dance, but thankfully Sasaki gets it right most of the time and when he doesn't (Like his moment of jealousy re: Makimura) he immediately apologizes to Miyano (I just wanna treat the guy I like with care, ya know).

It's tough being in love and while he definitely sees a chance Miyano will reciprocate his feelings now that Miyano told him he is no longer in love with Makimura (And that Miyano seems to be overcoming his complex about his androgynous body), that will have to be put on the back burner, because... Cross-Dressing Contest! Oh yeah! :heh:

EDIT: Preview Images and PV for Episode 8:

Cloudedmind 2022-02-23 03:47


Originally Posted by MCAL (Post 6502377)
It's tough being in love and while he definitely sees a chance Miyano will reciprocate his feelings now that Miyano told him he is no longer in love with Makimura (And that Miyano seems to be overcoming his complex about his androgynous body), that will have to be put on the back burner, because... Cross-Dressing Contest! Oh yeah! :heh:

It wouldn't be an all boy's high school BL if there wasn't a cross dressing contest.:heh:

MCAL 2022-02-27 13:46

Best episode so far? It's definitely a contender that's for sure. This episode was storyboarded by the assistant director Takahiro Ueno who did episodes 2 and 5 which were also quite good as well. The one to look out for.

Chapters adapted: 21.5-23 bringing us to the end of volume 4.

Things that stood out to me this episode:
-"I don't make moves on women I don't intend to marry" Ogasawara's such a wife guy.
-Ditto Kuresawa.
-Tashiro speedrunning falling in and out of love.
-Me every time Kagiura appears-- "Look! Look! There he is!"
-Also the extremely rare genuine Hirano smile.
-Miyano realizing that the way he thinks about Sasaki is the same as how Hanzawa describes being in love.
-And of course Miyano actually admitting to himself that he my indeed be in love romantically with Sasaki

EDIT: Preview Images and PV for Episode 9:

Also posting this so I can make the very obvious Miyano tops Sasaki joke:

MCAL 2022-03-06 13:24

Chapters adapted: 24-26 (pgs. 1-7)

Bit of a slow episode this time, but next episode title promises a lot of good stuff to come at the very least.

Anyway, I'm glad Shirai Yusuke got down Sasaki's cute sneezes down pat and his bad boy voice was on point as well. His horrified reaction when he saw Miyano was in front of him was probably the funniest moment of the episode. (And really hits on the fact that Sasaki is far from being a bad boy as possible)

Also Matsuoka Yoshitsugu really channeling his inner Inosuke as Bad Boy Hirano there. And his smile (Which would have been the only time we probably would have seen him give a genuine smile if not for the anime original moment last episode) in reaction to Sasaki and Miyano's convo near the middle of the episode was probably my favorite non-comedic part of the episode. (Bonus points for him being a good wingman again and convincing Sasaki not to get too sick and miss his incoming date)

EDIT: Preview Images and PV for Episode 10:

MCAL 2022-03-13 13:19

Chapters adapted: 26 (Pages 8-39)-27 (Pages 1-22)

Finally after multiple episodes of Miyano making 1000% sure he loves Sasaki romantically, he now is finally sure he does indeed love Sasaki romantically. Hurray! Now he just needs to actually confess.

Other moments that stood out to me this episode:
-Wife-Guy Kuresawa once again
-Sasaki hopes he can grow past his character flaws an not drag Miyano down.
-And saying he'll wait no matter how long for Miyano to hear his confession.
-And refraining from holing Miyano's hands during the movie. (Did I mention how much I think Sasaki is such a great guy?!)
-Hirano cutting Sasaki's shift by ten minutes so he could spend more time with Miyano.
-And his smile as he saw them off. Have I mentioned that Hirano is the best supportive wingman?!
-Miyano cross-dressing.
-Hand Holding Sakuga! Hand Holding Sakuga!
-Ogasawara also being prime wife guy.
-Miyano crying and gushing about how good the BL movie was.
-And the movie! Which has absolutely no relation to anything happening in this series whatsoever...

EDIT: Preview Images and PV for Episode 11:

MCAL 2022-03-20 14:27

Chapters adapted: Chapter 27 (Pages 23-24)-30 (Pages 1-5), finishing Volume 5 and starting Volume 6.

After finally realizing he truly like likes Sasaki, Miyano finally proceeds to confess to him...... And fails cause he can litteraly not find any alone time with the guy.

But then there's Hanzawa who... actually nothing wrong there and he's pretty supportive here. (The stuff with him and his brother is still easily the weakest writing in the series so far, though the anime tried to build it up a little more at least).

And just when he finally gets up the nerve to actually confess by the end of day, Sasaki tries to go in for an unprompted kiss, putting a whole damper on things. (Hopefully people at least wait until next episode before they start cancelling Sasaki. LOL).

Next week... The final episode! (Praying for a movie continuation for the remaining material though)

EDIT: Preview Images and PV for Episode 12:

MCAL 2022-03-27 13:22

Chapters adapted: 30 (Pages 6-22)-31, 32 (Pages 5-6) and 33 (Pages 11-12).

And here it is.

Fair to say I was looking forward to this episode as it has what I would definitely say is one of my favorite first kisses ever (Just five full wordless pages starting from "Can I kiss you?" to the kiss itself). Would it live up to the hype I had for? The answer is......

Yes. A resounding yes! And with that they can finally start dating. And anime-onlies might get to see what comes after, because new anime announced! Yes! (Admittedly I would have liked to know what form said continuation is supposed to take, but oh well)

Some other favorite bits from the episode:
-Hanazawa's talk with Miyano.
-These dummies STILL HAVEN'T exchanged phone numbers. For the love of god! :heh:
-Hirano being the excellent wingman that he is yet again. Love him.
-Sasaki apologizing for trying to kiss Miyano without his consent. What a good guy!
-Sasaki shedding a single tear after hearing Miyano confessed to him. Good guy, etc, etc.
-Miyano confessing a third time after the kiss, because he's read enough BL manga to see the flags.
-Miyano telling Kuresawa and Tashiro he and Sasaki are finally dating and Sasaki telling Hirano the same. But please tell Ogasawara guys!
-Oh yeah, and Kuresawa's mysterious girlfriend x spotted.

And with that I give Sasaki and Miyano a 9/10.

Also here's an interview ANN did with Harusono and the anime director:

Dop 2022-03-27 18:08

I really enjoyed this show, those two idiots trying to sort out their feelings for each other, often having to be nudged by their group of generally decent and supportive friends, it was a real charming watch every week.

Looking forward to seeing what form this new anime announcement takes, fingers crossed for a second season.

shmaster 2022-03-27 21:17

Finished the show, enjoyable over all.
But my impression on this show is just manga but it moves had hovered above my head the whole season. So I really don't have any thoughts more than what I already had when reading the manga.

VA could have left an impression, but Souman had a much better performance next door as a certain prince, and I can't help but to compare.

MCAL 2022-04-29 17:07

PV 2 for the OVA (Episode 13). Out July 27th:
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