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duotiga 2006-09-29 07:44

frm Bandai Site

1/100 Saviour

MG Strike IWSP

HGUC Gelgong (Char ver)

Gundam Weapons Z Gundam A New Translation 03 is out!

M_Flores 2006-09-29 08:00

I absolutely love these kits. I'm so glad I bought them. I still can't get over it.
Although they're not quite done yet, I'm too lazy to continue v_v;...

duotiga 2006-09-29 21:16

EX White Base Preview

GameraBaenre 2006-09-30 18:01

A few months back, I created a single power point show for AX 2006. I have split the presentation and added some other details. This is only the first version, so based off comments and such, I will improve this... but for now take a look and let me know if everything works alright. This is my first seed :)

Gunpla/Resin Figure Model Building Tutorial
I will have a word document detailing in writting the techniques and such, but that will be included in a later version.

A little side note that was brought up, if you do not have microsoft powerpoint, you can download a viewer from microsoft to see the .pps files:

Microsoft Powerpoint viewer

Gevurah 2006-10-02 10:35


Originally Posted by duotiga

OMG, is Lego releasing Gundam sets? O_O

I want one now!

dj898 2006-10-02 18:34

yea it's quite tempting though I know soon as I get 'em my kid will dismantle them in no time :(

SNT1 2006-10-03 07:50

those are mega bloks

Akyra 2006-10-03 08:23

Hmmm, wonder if Australia will ever get those mega blocks...

theOtherGuy 2006-10-03 10:44

Those are Mega Blocks? But they have the signature Lego "guy" in the corner.

sx3 2006-10-03 21:15

does anyone know hwen the stargazer comes out and how much in say american or canadian currency? i wanna buy it :D

Syn13 2006-10-03 23:24


Originally Posted by The_Marshal_AEB
I ALWAYS use and I have used hlj once before and it pissed me off, even tisinc99 pissed me off

I'm looking at the QG Blast Impulse for $32, what pissed you off about them?

aikming 2006-10-04 01:16


Originally Posted by Syn13
I'm looking at the QG Blast Impulse for $32, what pissed you off about them?

You mean the shipping time or the service???

Tak 2006-10-04 02:00

HLJ may be a little slow with their shipping, but they are usually cheaper than most places. Moreover, if you want to find a specific, hard-to-get Gundam kit, it appears HLJ is often given the priority.

Other than that, there is always Ebay... ;)

- Tak

aikming 2006-10-04 03:09

Sorry Tak. I quote the wrong person. I was suppose to ask the same question

SNT1 2006-10-04 08:41


Originally Posted by Gunota
MG Strike Freedom
MG Strike Freedom is set to come out in December. It will be priced at 4800 yen.
¶ 5:22 AM

*waits for fanboy reactions*

The_Marshal_AEB 2006-10-04 08:53

this is very disapointing ... I prefared a Destiny MG or non CE MG

Anyway am waiting for the GM Sniper

dodgethis_sg 2006-10-04 09:11

*spits on Bandai*

Meehlimo 2006-10-04 09:26

If Strike freedom is comming out then destiny and impulse will surely follow.

Tak 2006-10-04 10:19

No telling if Impuse MG will follow after S. Freedom MG.

After all, Strike Gundam MG came out before Freedom MG, but it appears that the same popularity is not transferred to the Impuse :heh:

- Tak (Although it'd be nice to see one eventually)

Copy Ninja Kakashi 2006-10-04 10:41


Originally Posted by SNT1
*waits for fanboy reactions*

yeaaaaah finally :D (fanboy enough ;) ) was waiting for this

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