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Sukoshi 2007-10-13 20:31

Marimite IRC Channel
Since the boards have become fairly active again, I was wondering if people would like to talk in real-time on an IRC channel instead of bouncing around at different times on the message board. I understand that an IRC channel whose only topic is Marimite may be a bit restrictive, but I think it would be a nice idea. If we do make an IRC channel, I would think Rizon would be the natural choice for creating the channel on, because of the anime theme and all, but I guess any server is open for speculation.

Basically, this is just a question of whether people here want a Marimite IRC channel or not.

Noriko 2007-10-14 07:22

I personally won't participate in a chat. Forums boards are practical for me, because I can drop whenever I have some minutes of free time, but for a chat, I would have to be sure I have at least an hour or two to spend, which is not often the case with school and work.

However, I think it's a good idea for those who can have the time to chat! It will be especially useful when the 4th season will be on air, and it might drive the users to chat on IRC instead of on the boards...sometimes, the boards looked like a chat these past months.

Sukoshi 2007-10-15 20:49

A drop in at will atmosphere would be doable, I think (depending on how people set it up). I myself can't do much more than 30 minutes to 2 hours of chatting a day, since I'm in the middle of studying for important exams and have many school applications to write, edit, rewrite, etc. But I was proposing the idea for those times when a discussion does get going, and there can be a flurry of chatting.

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