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Apterous 2008-01-16 22:45

One Pound Gospel - Live Action

Massuki ( and Sailor Spork Productions proudly present...

the One Pound Gospel drama! Weighing in at 11 episodes, Rumiko Takahashi's finally completed classic manga , which has seen an anime OAV picked up by Viz a long time ago, has finally been given the drama treatment! SEE the natural flyweight ace Kosaku as he battles his love of food with his need to keep in his weight category to qualify for the fights! THRILL as he falls for a nun who has sworn to chastity! BE ASTOUNDED that he hasn't developed some sort of eating disorder! Only on Pay-p... err, bittorrent from Massuki and Sailor Spork Productions!

:heh: ...Sorry, I had a lot of fun with this. Anyway, as its a drama based on a highly popular manga by Rumiko Takahashi (what from Rumiko-sama isn't popular?) and had a previous anime OAV, this title might have potential viewers beyond the standard dorama fans and would benefit from listing on AnimeSuki. Domo!

Daisy 2008-01-19 19:13

one pound
I watch the first episode with interest because I was listening to the KATTUN song that in it and it had clips from it. I saw Kame-kun was in it and checked it out. It looks promising but I can't see how they could base eleven episode over him being one pound to much. Hatanaka told the nun that he likes her, so whats going to happen there? I see it's by Rumiko Takahashi and I've liked some of her other works so lets see what else she has in store.

Apterous 2008-01-19 23:27

Unlike most of her other works, she only wrote 4 volumes for OPG. However, I can imagine for an 11 episode dorama, 4 volumes is more than enough material. I haven't read them all yet, but seeing how I'm on the subbing team, I plan on catching up. I was crazy into Ranma and Maison Ikkoku manga a few years ago, and I have faith that Rumiko-sama can take any concept and draw it out to an entertaining conclusion.

One of my friends from a Toku subbing group watched the first episode, and while its not the kind of thing he normally watches, he cant wait for the next episode. :)

Edit: Note to mod: can you move/copy this thread to a discussion forum somewhere? domo!

Daisy 2008-01-21 11:43

I just watched the second episode. He had a lot of ups and downs. You can see sister's Angela developing feelings, espec at the end when she starts cheering for him when she should be cheering for Kurusu, you think he's going to win but then he gets the fatal upper-cut and he's out of it. I wonder whats going to happen next, I don't quite think that the character suits Kame, it reminds me to much of Matsumoto in Kimi wa Petto and I didn't like that charracterisation either but despite that it makes me want to go hunt down the manga.

ThoHell 2008-01-21 15:38

This show is just good in overall I think. Good laughs with a slight of drama = all good. Following this show with much interest!

Zu Ra 2008-01-21 17:03

Rumiko is Awesome
I have to say Rumiko Takahashi is god at her craft . Good would be an understatement Great at her craft . Its beautiful how she weaves her tales creating very likable and dynamic set of characters .Rumiko is mainly a romance writer and that very evident in this story . She has incorporated the world of boxing in her little romantic tale . Boxing and Romance are poles apart its like war and peace but it wonderful how she cohesively made this combo work with such ease . Hats off to Rumiko .

One pound Gospel is one of the best Live Actions I have watched in ages actually one of the better series I have watched in a while . The backbone of this series with a unique story is the characters . they are 3 dimensional and life like . Its feels as though you would meet these characters in real life . The other thing about this LvA strong female leads and the two female characters introduced are awesome .

The boxing part is very interesting its like watching Hajime no Ippo in live action . It has quintessentially what a great boxing story should have heart ,there is tones of it . What interested me more than boxing is the budding romance between a nun and a boxer . Forbidden so that makes it even more lustful : ) The sweetness of this romance is that it so wrong that makes it right . Forbidden fruit is always more tasty . You can feel the sexual tension towards the later half of the show especially when Angel calls Kosaku a Gutless Glutton . Kosaku needs motivation he has the talent the drive , the motivation is provided by Angela

And I am still in disbelief over how these two worlds of Boxing and Romance intertwine combine to give us a fantastic tale .

I am grateful to Massuki and Sailor Spork Fansubs for bringing us this LvA . The translations were on cue and perfect . Great Job : D I cant wait for the second installment of this LVA

xris 2008-01-21 18:11

I'm lookng forward to watching this live-action series, I remember reading at least one volume of the manga. Trouble is, I tend to wait until such series are completed (i.e. fansubbed) so it may be a while before I start to watch :heh:

Zu Ra 2008-01-21 18:43

I think you should make an exception to that rule just once ^o^ , this Live Action is really that good . I know waiting for new episodes on a weekly bases can be a tad frustrating but for this series it’s worth the wait .And unlike other live actions this series has no over stylization usually seen with dramas. As its 4 volumes are condensed into 11 episodes the pace is good and the editing is very slick .

Daisy 2008-01-22 08:13

I prefer to watch new series that come out weekly, it's easier to watch I think and the waiting is just part of the fun. Yeah I know that's weird but that's just me. Ooh, I love stories about forbidden fruit and how Takahashi-sama does it really good. She makes it really realistic and unpredictable, you're absorbed into the story wondering what's going to happen next.

Zu Ra 2008-01-22 17:57


Theme Song



Release: February 06, 2008
Oricon Top 200 Weekly Peak: TBA
Theme song for the drama One Pound Gospel
From Studio Album: N/A

WebSite : Official

Apterous 2008-01-23 23:04


Originally Posted by xris (Post 1354515)
I'm lookng forward to watching this live-action series, I remember reading at least one volume of the manga. Trouble is, I tend to wait until such series are completed (i.e. fansubbed) so it may be a while before I start to watch :heh:

I recommend watching it weekly as well. Since it's an hour-long drama, there's more than enough material to keep you satisfied weekly. While Rumiko-sama is very good at what she does, marathoning it would probably make it seem more repetitive (so far, he fights a new quirky opponent each week while trying to woo a celibate nun). I'm not sure how much the formula changes since the Viz manga I ordered is still in the mail. Maybe someone who has read it all can comment on this...

Also, I've been asked why, as the group that subs boob-a-licious Cutie Honey, we would be interested in subbing a show with a frequently shirtless male pop star. Answer: it's well written and funny as hell. Can Rumiko Takahashi go wrong? :D

Zu Ra 2008-01-24 09:30

Follow up Ep measures upto First Ep
Hatanaka is so smitten by Sister Angela his logic and plan is quite childish but direct . It was bizarre and sweet the manner in which he confessed to Sister Angela in front of the nuns . I had expected the love to be more subtle but this caught me offgaurd . Its silly yet sweet how Hatanaka has gotten his priorities messed up he is fighting for Sister Angela’s affection, that’s the spirit . They do say all is fair in love and war but in this case All is fair in love and boxing

Its funny how Seiko is okay with this little set up the scene where she convinces herself it’s okay was very humorous. They want Hatanaka to win whatever the motivation. Also Seiko sees herself in Hatanaka is that driving her to encourage Hatanaka in whatever way possible / The scene which stole the show was Hatanaka training with the skipping rope uttering sister . The repercussion of Hatanaka confession was another scene poised for comedy . The nuns being oblivious to Men paint a funny picture of Hatanaka

Hatnaka deserves the title of Gutless Glutton the scene where he was fixated on food when Seiko’s son was explaining to him about finer points of dating . The scene where he kidnaps sister Angela made me laugh out loud in RL . Rumiko makes her romance very humorous . Though the gravity of the situation is pretty dire the humor steers us away from excessive drama . Kurusu is a wonderful character its funny to see how that wimp can be a boxer also his reaction(Kakoi) to Hatanaka’s declaration made my day . The name Mitaka and the character associated with that are truly eccentric . This is no coach Mitaka but this Mitaka is quite unique in his own way .

Also one of these Japanese thing which I always find amusing is heels we have mechas with heels and now nuns . Somehow I think deep down Sister Angela has some feeling for Hatanaka I wont say love but concern will it develop into something only time will tell .Its was really sweet how Sister Angela is discovering men and its handled very well . I like Hatanaka’s thinking he has a few rocks in his head but his motivation is bizarre and driven . I can say thisdsue to the scene where he decides to dissuade Sister Angela from being a nun, which was not the point of the whole advice netted out by Seiko. This diaglogue “ Your heart hurts more than your cheeks “ felt nostalgic funny and sad at the same time . hmm kinda experienced it last year >_<

This is a beautiful love story very tastefully handled rarely you come across such a touchy subject riddled with comedy . The director Sato Toya is a true master at his craft , the same person who directed Gokusen

The Chaos 2008-01-24 10:54

I Just Finished Ep 1.....Really Good..
I Like Sister Angela... And Kosaku Hatanaka Really Interesting Character I Find Him Really Funny...:)

All is fair in love and boxing

I Like To Add Food Since Kosaku eats anything and everything..:heh:
The Next Ep Look Interesting .... Preview Look Funny ...He Been Dumbed :heh:

Zu Ra 2008-01-24 11:42

Yeah its a really good show one of the bettter live actions I have watched . Its funny to see how the element of Boxing and love are mixed to give a wonderful tale


Originally Posted by The Chaos (Post 1359773)
I Like To Add Food Since Kosaku eats anything and everything..:heh:The Next Ep Look Interesting .... Preview Look Funny ...He Been Dumbed :heh:

The second episode measures upto the first one , which is quite a rareity concerning live actions . The relationship between Angela and Hatanaka if further developed with hilarious results : D

The Chaos 2008-01-24 11:49


Originally Posted by Geta Boshi (Post 1359846)
The second episode measures upto the first one , which is quite a rareity concerning live actions . The relationship between Angela and Hatanaka if further developed with hilarious results : D

I Didn't Watch The Second Ep Yet...There Is Only Raw...
Really This Good Show ...Like HYD In Other Way.. :)

Zu Ra 2008-01-24 11:53

You will be delighted to know Ep 2 has been subbed and released


Originally Posted by Apterous (Post 1358745)

The Chaos 2008-01-24 11:56

^ Thanks For That... :)
So I Wonder How Many Ep This Show Have...?

Zu Ra 2008-01-24 12:06

From Here



Title : 1ポンドの福音

Title (romaji) : 1 Pound no Fukuin

Also known as : One-Pound Gospel

Format : Renzoku

Genre : Romance, comedy

Episodes :

Viewership Ratings :

Broadcast Network : NTV

Broadcast Period : 2008-Jan-12 to

Air Time : Saturday 21:00

Theme Song : LIPS by KAT-TUN

Though No of Ep are not stated in Production Details I can make a wild guess from this ratings chart . If Ratings chart is very arbitaray I dont know

Apterous 2008-01-24 13:16

It'll be 11 episodes. Standard for JDrama. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sort of special a few months down the line, or a 2nd season if the TV show doesn't eat up all the original source material. At least, I hope they stop when they run out of source material (anyone see Gokusen season 2? XP).

The Chaos 2008-01-24 17:48

^ Thanks For Info Both Of You..:blush:
Finished Ep2.....The Show Really Awesome...Hatanaka Really One Of The Funnest Character I Ever Seen...:heh: :heh:
But The Nuns Really Weird ...Cheering In Game...:heh:
There Is One Nun I Hate Her.... The One Who Hate Hatanaka..
I Don't Know Why But I think She Gonna Be Big Trouble For

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