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MandyDi 2005-12-18 17:56

FMP The Second Raid Discussion thread (comments, final thougths)
Finally, the forums are back up! It sucks that someone would hack into the site and the data was lost, but at least the site's back up....

It sucks we lost all the great dicussions over I guess we'll just have to make new ones!

So here's an easy topic....What was your favorite moment in TSR and why? I'll eventally answer as well.....

so dive in ;)

grev 2005-12-18 21:03

Favorite moments in TSR have to be ep 12 when Tessa argues with vice captain Mardukas over Sagara's loyalty, and basically all of ep 13.

Full Metal Panic is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. The characters are so breathtakingly realistic. I have never even seen anything that was so true to life. It's a shame this series is so underrated.

Mousuke 2005-12-18 21:26

For me, the best parts are when Kaname cuts Sousuke's hair and then when Sousuke breaks his computer (both in ep. 6)

MandyDi 2005-12-18 23:07

yes, episode 6 was pretty intense....I think my favorite part (although maybe favorite is not the right word) is when sousuke snaps and shoots u-know-who...all that emotionial intensity...

PersocomChi 2005-12-18 23:25

I agreed with everything said above and I also liked the last part, Arbalest's lambda driver was cool when that red vemon was holding Uruz 1 hostage ^^

Tessa confess love and loyalty for Sousuke was the best xD

kj1980 2005-12-18 23:34

Do you guys still want to have that FAQ sticky that I made?

jegail 2005-12-19 14:06

yes the faq sticky was really helpful...

MandyDi 2005-12-19 21:13


Originally Posted by kj1980
Do you guys still want to have that FAQ sticky that I made?

You still have it? Awesome. I think it would be great to have it back up, especially when new ppl come in...

full_metal_sousuke 2005-12-19 23:43

1 of my favorite parts of TSR was when the abalest was fighting all of the venoms and when the abalest used that attack with the lamda driver on the red venom.

Pacote 2005-12-20 00:38

I just ended epi 13 ... the series is indeed great but last night i saw all Gits Second gig so i think this ruined TSR a little for me... i was still on that more serious cyberpunk world mood...

PersocomChi 2005-12-20 10:24

TSR was really great, it showed Sousuke's interest in Tessa and Chidori.. the competition is heating up :heh: I hope the next season would be aired in 2006 :D

MandyDi 2005-12-20 12:01

That would be great, but most likely we'll have to wait another couple of years, which is good quality wise I guess. Unless, they just release a DVMC OVA, that might take a little less time.

Ambience Blue 2005-12-21 00:45

Best part ever has to Gates. Anytime. Anywhere. Naked.

Who else in the wide world of over-the-top animated characters will you find someone as genuinely cruel and remorseless (while remaining hilariously kitten-molesting-assistant-drowning-Schubert-belchingly ridiculous) as Gates?

Personal highlight is him flinging Yu Fang's body briefly before the final battle. **Onee-chan!! Save me from the Creepily irresistable man-appeal of Gates-sama!!**

Villains can only dream of being as badass as he was.

chaosfox123 2005-12-21 06:21

Favorite part of TSR has to be in the last episode, When Sousuke relised that Chidori was alive it changed the the whole prospect of who was going to win. Of course you knew that Mithril would win but the way Full Metal Panic made it so complex so you would have doubts about Mithril winning it was fantastic! :D

Kami 2005-12-22 20:25

Oh! There are so many!
When Sousuke helps Kaname to find out who was spying her (so funny).
Episode 6 the whole episode, especially the haircut scene. (love it!)
Episode 7, the Yu Lan (is that her name? I already forgot!) and Kaname's meeting and Sousuke conflict (Orders or Kaname)
Episode 8, the discussion between Sousuke and Tessa
Episode 9 and the meeting of Kaname and Leonard.
Episode 11, the conversation of Sousuke and the hooker.
Episode 13 when Kaname cries in Sousuke's chest (love it too!).

NaNash| 2005-12-24 00:54

I think my favourite moment has to be the Chidori cutting Sousuke's hair part.

Not much word needs to be said. Everything is within there.

MasafumiGotoh 2005-12-24 01:25

My favorite moment was in episode 2 when Gates shot the General and his own comrade. I was on the floor for 5 minutes.

Kurama no Miko2003 2005-12-30 06:29

Egads! You want us to choose? There's so many choice moments in there, especially with Gates being . . . psycho? Mentally unbalanced? In any case, out of all the anime villains I've seen lately, he's easily the funniest and best one out there. But my favorite of him has got to be the scene where he meets some other general, kills him, kills his comrade, and sings "Ave Maria" while his underlings kill the other guys. That one was a riot and had me laughing for ages.

As for combat scenes, the Mao vs. one of the twin sisters is easily one of my favorites. FMP has so many mecha vs mecha combat scenes that a very well animated 1v1 personal close combat sequence is a very welcome change . . . and between two very skilled females at that.

As for relationship drama . . . well, not much can top ep 6 with Kaname giving Sousuke the haircut and him punching out his laptop screen afterwards. I think that scene is one of the best I've seen illustrating the unstated feelings between the two.

That said, I'm crossing my fingers and toes hoping for more FMP!

~ Kurama no Miko2003

crazyaznperson 2006-01-01 19:55

i think my favorite part was epi 9 the end part........with kaname in the bath robe( half naked )crying and she saids all these things about souske......I thought that made relationship betweeen kaneme and souske more intresting,,,,,and it was so sad:(

XxChris43xX 2006-01-01 20:25

I have a question about TSR.... I wanna know if its a good follow up to the original series.... I heard that Fumoffu was good, but what of TSR?...

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