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kakashi222 2003-11-03 19:45

Discuss your favorite anime/jpop/jrock song
When posting in this thread please explain, justify or describe the choice of your favourite jpop artist or/and jrock band.

Just posting the name of your favourite artist is easy and rather pointless, that's why you are requested to explain, justify or describe so that a real discussion takes place. Please do not just post lists or reply with "I like xxx" or "xxx is my favourite" one-liners.

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Mine has to be the intro from hajime no ippo. I mean it was sooo catchy and cool, sounded like something out of a rocky movie :D

Flash_Squirrel 2003-11-03 19:51

Ending theme from Alien nine. (actually not the ending with the credits, since there is not Ending song for that anime..)

pantsu 2003-11-03 20:05

probably the techno mix of "Eternal Snow" from full moon wo sagashite.

I also really like the 2 ED to Inuyasha and the into to full metal panic? fummofu

XbladE 2003-11-03 20:05

It's "Catch me Catch you" (Card Captor Sakura, firts Intro) for me. It's just great and I'm always singing along with it.

aiwa 2003-11-03 20:18

Gunslinger Girl Opening "the light before we land" by the delgadoes, but since i love the delgadoes anyways i guess it shouldn't count... Hmm I would have to say other then that, Green Green TV opening, I can't help but sing along to it everytimg I watch a new episode.

squonjon 2003-11-03 20:20

I was going to say Beagle, the OP of Kokoro Library, but Flash_Squirrel's quite right: Alien 9 takes the biscuit.

Flash_Squirrel 2003-11-03 20:31


Originally Posted by squonjon
I was going to say Beagle, the OP of Kokoro Library, but Flash_Squirrel's quite right: Alien 9 takes the biscuit.

Sad, sad ending, loved that song, couldnt be better.
It suits the mood like a handcuff.

Dark_Voodoo 2003-11-03 20:40

The OP to Dragon Half, It may not be the best but I can always remember it and it makes me happy evry time I hear it. Therefor it is my favorite even tho its probably not the best anime song I'v heard.

<^UmAyR^> 2003-11-03 20:51

I really like Viva Rock for the new naruto ending, and also Wind, the first naruto ending, but the best so far, is Cowboy Bebop intro, very funky music

tsurumaru 2003-11-03 20:58

Damn, just one track? :D

At the moment tying are:

Zankoku na tenshi no thesis - Eva OP
To the Light - Star Ocean EX OP
Yakusoku nando iranai (sp?) - Escaflowne OP
Inner Universe - GITS SAC OP
RahXephon OP (Forgot the name!)

Erm I'll leave it there but there are many more! :D

Vicious 2003-11-03 21:00

Gotta love Haruka Kanata (Naruto's 2nd op), Kaneda (from Akira) and Call Me Call Me (from Cowboy Bebop). Actually, I can't decide what's my favorite anime song... there's so many besides these, such as Ohayou from Hunter x Hunter, Driver's High from Great Teacher Onizuka and Fish from One Piece...

Danny Boy 2003-11-03 21:18

Hello, I just registered, and this seems to be a good place to start.

Good question. My musical tastes come and go, usually following whatever anime show I'm watching at the time. I remember the time where I'm infatuated with music from shows like Ranma 1/2, Devil Hunter Yohko, DNA^2 and Kimagure Orange Road. Now I can't get enough of Mikuni Shimokawa's songs in Full Metal Panic and Full Metal Panic Fumoffu.

But if I really were forced to choose my favorite, I'd probably say Do You Remember Love by Mari Iijima for the anime OAV/Movie Macross: Do You Remember Love? The Macross shows has always had great music. Probably because of the basic theme of the story, protoculture and all that.

BTW, tsurumaru, I also like Yakusoku wa Iranai from Escaflowne. And the Rahxephon OP is Hemisphere, sung by Maaya Sakamoto. It says so here in my Winamp. :)

tsurumaru 2003-11-03 21:58


Originally Posted by Danny Boy

BTW, tsurumaru, I also like Yakusoku wa Iranai from Escaflowne. And the Rahxephon OP is Hemisphere, sung by Maaya Sakamoto. It says so here in my Winamp. :)

Hi Danny Boy, Nice to meet you! Animesuki forum e yokouso (Welcome to the Animesuki forums) :D

Thanks for the reminder :) - "Hemisphere" completely slipped my mind (I could remember "Tune the rainbow" from the RahXephon Movie but not the series' song's name! Thanks :) )

I think Maaya Sakamoto's voice is beautiful in these songs, so really like them.

galadriel 2003-11-03 21:59

Ending theme for Groove Adventures of Rave - Hikousen

KamelRed 2003-11-03 22:07

Opening theme for Ghost in the Shell TV series with the first opening for Hajime no Ippo being very close to being my all time favorite.

gravitation 2003-11-03 22:11

Dark_Voodoo the ending to dragon half was funny aswel!!^_^ although its not my fav...OMG trying to choose a fav, thats absurd...i liked the seatbealts i think thats em they did alot of cowboy bebop music. Excel saga OP is kool but can get annoying after a while...shoot my fav is ermm....OOOO i really liked the ending to kiddy grade that was good.o yeah the first ending to angelic god i cant choose one so i will just not post anymore songs i like lol

OFFSPRiNGCo16 2003-11-03 22:33

I like the opening to the get backers :p

Sakura-chan 2003-11-03 22:39

Haruka Kanata(2nd Naruto opening), Owaranai Yume(? Inu yasha opening), Sore ga ai deshou?(FMP?F opening),Spiral ending(forgot the name...), Pray(Hunter x Hunter OVA opening). :p

Chicken 2003-11-03 22:43

4Peace By Ichiko - Opening of Maburaho and Little by Little by Tasuku - 3rd opening of Naruto

Amok 2003-11-03 22:50

Duvet - Opening song for Serial Experiments Lain, easily. Fell in love with that song the first time I listened to it.

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