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cyth 2008-12-12 19:07

How to find anime news
I've written this post in order to improve the speed of those posters who announce or wish to announce new anime information in the Unaired forum. I've been writing my own anime announcement blog for almost a year now, I have confidence in my sources and the tools I use. I don't know how long I'll keep writing it, since I'll have to start taking school a little more seriously, plus I have a job already, so I wish to relay my experience to eager members of this forum, which inspired me to delve into this practice in the first place. I hope the mentioned tools and sources can be of use to you guys. So without further ado...

  • A good feed aggregator
    I suggest using FeedReader (Windows) or Liferea (*NIX), or a different highly-configurable program that you can install on your operating system. It's important for the program to have the option of setting the frequency of updates, a feature most online feed aggregators lack (Google Reader etc).
  • A program for checking updates on websites without native feed syndication
    I use an arcane program called Test for Updates for detecting any changes on two important news sources, MOON PHASE and MOON PHASE's Anime List. I haven't dug enough to find better programs of this type since I don't find them as useful as I once did. One other alternative is to program a site-specific detection script yourself, another is to use a web service such as Feedity or page2rss to automatically generate feeds from such pages.
  • A good browser like FireFox
    It always helps to have a browser with a lot of features. For example, I'd be lost on the Japanese 2ch forums without Firefox' addon bbs2chreader.
  • Translation aid
    I myself don't read Japanese very well, so I use software like Fujitsu's ATLAS for Clipboard translation, WWWJDIC as my dictionary, Wiktionary for kanji information, J-TALK for on-the-fly transliteration, and programs like eTypist for OCR. Of course, knowing basic Japanese language quirks is a must. For transliterating Japanese names, I prefer to use the Japanese Wikipedia, Voice Artist DataBase, and AnimeNewsNetwork, all of which are good resources for finding out more about original works. Google helps too.


You can have as many sources as you want, but I don't think having too many is such a good idea. If you're a busy student or working a job or two, time management becomes an issue sooner or later. I'm constantly refining sources of choice, as you should too. Below is my list of Japanese anime sources sorted based on personal importance, but I think it's pretty valid for purposes of this forum:

Japanese sources
MOON PHASE Diary (Feed)
Maintained by Cyan, MOON PHASE is consistently the fastest secondary and primary news source for newly announced anime. Unconfirmed news are usually tagged as タレコミ (tarekomi - information that hasn't been officially released).
Cyan will sometimes update the Anime List page earlier than his Diary. Other than that, it's useful for quick broadcast/production checking. Search the page with (*) to see what title was recently added or modified.
Main Site can sometimes get updated earlier than the Diary as well, but it hasn't happened in a while now. All anime updates are marked with THIS color.
New Anime Information Bulletin Board @ 2ch (Feed via BBS News)
Shin Bangumi wo Aota-gai! (新番組を青田買い!) Thread (Feed via 2ch RSS Maker)
New information is mainly posted in Shin Bangumi wo Aota-gai! thread, which is 2ch's version of New Announced Anime, but sometimes separate new threads get created that might contain new information. There's a 1000-post limit for threads on this bulletin board, so when they reach that limit users promptly create a new thread. The board's feed will notify you when that happens, so you'll have to make a new feed for the recycled thread.
Moe News+ @ 2ch (Feed via BBS News)
The Moe News+ 2ch board is a community-based aggregator for discussing general otaku news that get pulled from all over the place, not just anime-specific but also mainstream news sites. Thread titles are properly tagged for easier browsing. If you ever see a news article on ANN that isn't properly sourced, there's a good chance they found it here.
Saishin Anime Jouhou (Feed)
SaiAni is useful for any trailers, promotional videos, and newly opened official websites that other sources initially miss.
Getchu (NSFW)
Getchu is a retail site that's all about ero. They frequently announce new adult anime. Promo Section posts a decent amount of promotional media, such as trailers, drama CD samples, and the likes. None of their feeds include articles from this section, but you can use Test for Updates.
AnimeAnime News (Feed)
AnimeAnime Business (Feed)
AnimeAnime is a reputable website that's more about PR than anything else, so they occasionally stand as primary news sources. They are usually quick with announcements of theatrical anime or live-action films. Moe News+ copy-pastes pretty much all of their articles, so having it in your feed reader is optional.
Famitsu (Feed)
I can't wholeheartedly recommend this one because it's hard to filter. On rare occasions they publish game event reports which contain announcements of new anime adaptations, but they publish so many articles per day that is just painful to sift through.
English sources for backup
AnimeNation Blog (Feed)
AnimeNewsNetwork (Feed)


Yes, you can filter all of these feeds to cut down on received information. There are probably specialized programs out there that do this as extensively as what I'm using, which is Yahoo! Pipes, but I personally haven't checked. Yahoo! Pipes is a very intelligent, relatively easy-to-use web-based feed aggregation platform. I've been using this baby to cut down on reading time, especially the bulk of useless 2ch posts (who the heck has time to read through them all?!). What's great about this service is that users can clone each other's published pipes and simply modify or upgrade them to their tastes. I've published a few pipes for the purpose of this thread which include four of the recommended sources. All are custom-filtered, so you can view how they're structured, clone them, and modify them as you like. Of course, Yahoo! Pipes lets you subscribe to pipes' output with your feed reader.

Shin Bangumi wo Aota-gai! (Make sure you update the Fetch Feed module frequently as the thread gets recycled.)
2ch Moe News+ Custom Filter
SaiAni Custom Filter
Famitsu Custom Filter

Useful to know:
- Most new anime announcements and trailers come out a month before new anime seasons start. Anime themselves can be announced even a year before their broadcast/release dates, assuming their production schedule is in order (it can take a decade or more in extremely corrupt cases).
- I usually check Getchu manually once a day (around 15:00 GMT) because they update too frequently (and because I'm interested in more than just adult anime <_<).
- You can feed on YouTube search results as well. Comic Market 75 is coming up. Put this in your feed reader so as to catch bootleg recordings of new anime trailers as they are made ready.
- Check out Comipedia for important magazine release dates as those contain the bulk of new anime announcements, for example, monthly NewType gets released on the 10th every month. Leaks posted a few days early are nothing out of the ordinary.

That's pretty much it. Is there a point in keeping up with all these sources when we have AnimeNewsNetwork? I don't know, I just don't like their supremacy, so beating them to the punch when I'm not at work or sleeping makes this geek a happy puppy. :) Let's hope we can keep up this forum's tradition for many years to come.

Navel 2008-12-13 07:03

This is an awesome post with lots of info. Thanks! I also agree that FeedReader is the best free feed reader for Windows, too.

eidj 2009-03-14 00:30

thanks your a big help

MisaoFan 2011-06-22 11:33

Today Moonphase is replaced by another site called Cash Advance.

Suzuku 2011-06-22 12:29

Someone didn't pay their server costs.

Micchi 2011-06-28 10:37


Originally Posted by MisaoFan (Post 3662343)
Today Moonphase is replaced by another site called Cash Advance.

MoonPhase moved to

zeando 2011-07-10 14:22

thanks for the usefull info
was just looking for the new host of moonphase :3

cyth 2011-08-31 11:33

I hate to say this, but some of the sources and tools are already embarrassingly old. I'd love it if anyone well-versed in today's news lore would update us with the latest. I only follow 2ch aggregate blogs these days (like Yaraon!), which are not the fastest way to get news anyway ...

Thanks to CrowKenobi for fixing MP's. :)

Transitions 2011-11-18 22:16

great!! i don't undertstand in totallity how found new anime, xD

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