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MisaoFan 2012-08-28 03:25


Original creator : Enogizu
Director : Masahiko Ohta
Series Composition : Takashi Aoshima
Character Designer : Takaharu Okuma
Animation Production : AIC Classic
Plot summary : The school fantasy story follows Haruka Kotoura, a girl who recently transfered to a new school. Kotoura happens to be able to read people's minds, and she joins the school's ESP club.

Guardian Enzo 2012-08-29 12:15

Any anime comedy with Ohta directing (and this is basically the whole Mitsudomoe team) gets a look from me.

Kismet-chan 2012-09-03 13:39

OPN 2012-09-03 15:09

Im watching this anime only because of the guy with the glasses on the far right.

MisaoFan 2012-11-09 08:21

Despite hearing bad things on it on SeventhStyle, it looks outstanding for a slice of life show by introducing a subtle amount of supernatural and some romance. It strongly reminds me of Acchi Kocchi, so maybe it might becomes another hidden gem of the next season.

Flower 2012-11-09 19:15

Oh wow ... sign me up! This one looks right up my alley! :D

Tempester 2012-11-09 20:11

I'm not fond of the art style with those massive heads, but I'll probably try this out because it's a comedy directed by Oota Masahiko.

MisaoFan 2012-12-07 15:06

Looks like its pre-airing began airing tonight.

Flower 2012-12-07 15:14


Originally Posted by MisaoFan (Post 4466161)
Looks like its pre-airing began airing tonight.

Rubs hands together in glee....

Midonin 2013-01-08 16:47

Haruka has been acquisitionized.

NoemiChan 2013-01-08 17:48

Art style.. dropped.... but will still read the thread that might change my mind....

Midonin 2013-01-10 13:58

The Secret of Haruka Kotoura 01 - Bad End?/Peace

For something that I was expecting to be a comedy, it had probably the single most dramatic most of the first episode of anything I've watched this season. Until the tumbleweeds and the dancing whatthehellisthat showed up and the color palette literally cracked its facade and became the show the promo art had promised. That's a hell of a way to play with my expectations.

Once Yoshihisa was introduced, then the ball got rolling. He's an idiot... but I mean that as a compliment. Because he's the kind of idiot this show needs. A perfect foil to Haruka, who comes across as more like Yui than Yayoi here. (Even if she did have a scene where she played rock-paper-scissors. I wonder if little Haruka also had the three-in-one combo hand that can win any game.) It had enough comedy to keep me entertained, and enough drama to keep the people who are into that entertained, though the second half of the show is likely closer to the tone the rest of the series is going to have than the first.

The two Megumi Nakajima songs are nice and easy to listen to. Next week, though, is where the real fun begins. The rest of the clubmates, Haruka's circle of friends, make their debut. And then we're off towards hijinks and fun times. Mostly. I think.

DXMichael 2013-01-10 15:21

Holy hell, that was a depressing, upsetting first 10 minutes! I wanted to cry myself to sleep after the first half because of how sorry I felt for the main character :(

Thank heavens for Manabe coming into the picture and making everything all cheery and fun :)

HandofFate 2013-01-10 15:30

damn, the first 10 minutes was pretty grim. Then its actually kind of a school life comedy.

I'm kind of interested how the series would be if it went the other path, and its just about the lonely path of a girl growing up with the mindreading curse.

Mura 2013-01-10 15:41


Originally Posted by HandofFate (Post 4507460)
damn, the first 10 minutes was pretty grim. Then its actually kind of a school life comedy.

I'm kind of interested how the series would be if it went the other path, and its just about the lonely path of a girl growing up with the mindreading curse.

I don't think she could handle such a path, especially because the way her parents shunned her. I wouldn't be too shocked if she committed suicide if things continued like that. Good thing she met Manabe to change that though.

Flower 2013-01-10 16:23

Oh wow ... that was great. :D

I was right to look forward to this one this season.

Just ... great!

Though the art style doesn't bother me at all. :)

I esp appreciated the realistic first ten minutes - and felt so sorry for Kotoura, as other posters have mentioned.

ars89 2013-01-10 17:28

Wow i didn't expect it do be gloomy. Glad Manabe showed up to lighten things up. Thought this was just going to be comedy, but its a lot more than that. It definitely surprised me.

Dop 2013-01-10 17:43

Whoa. Incredibly bleak start, Kotoura's mind-reading power being definitely not a blessing but a curse.
Then suddenly comedy!

Much better than I'd expected, all will depend on where it goes from here.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA 2013-01-10 18:10

Character design is a big turn-off, but I really like the story premise. I love relationships that gradually progress from strangers, acquaintances, friends to perhaps something even more special. Looking forward to them getting to know each other.

Eclipze 2013-01-10 18:52

Wow, that was a surprising entry episode. Best I've seen from this season thus far. From the first 10 mins I was worried they were gonna go all gen urobuchi on us.:heh:

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