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cercia_highelf 2004-07-20 19:07

Favourite game soundtrack
Whats your best game ost?

Mine would be "Crystal Chronicles" at the moment, it's dead nice, all those Celticky flute-type things. And I like FFVIII ost quite a lot still.

ZhanDVG 2004-07-20 20:52

Yeah, I remember replying to a post much like this a little while ago...

But meh, Sonic Adventure (1) for me ;D

Uesugi-sama 2004-07-20 23:18

FF Crystal Chronicles is perhaps the most horrible FF OST since the extremely boring FF VIII soundtrack. The flute is in almost every song and gets really irritating after a while. At least, that is what I think.

My favourite pure game OST would have to be Valkyrie Profile. I've been a big Sakuraba fan since his days in Wolf Team and Valkyrie Profile is one of the OSTs I play most.
My favourite arranged OST is definately Xenogears Creid. Yasunori Mitsuda is in my opinion a musical genius and the work he did with Millennial-Fair was just awesome.

Another couple of favourites of mine are Phantasy Star IV, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy IX and Front Mission 3.

Shino 2004-07-21 13:39

where do u guys get all the soundtracks lol i suck at searching you think you could help me?

Entropy 2004-07-21 13:45

As I said before...

Homeworld :p

AG3 2004-07-21 13:53

Yeah, a thread like this exists in the Games forum here.


Originally Posted by Shino
where do u guys get all the soundtracks lol i suck at searching you think you could help me?

There's a thread further up explaining where you can buy anime soundtracks, and some of the sites probably sell game soundtracks as well. As for "searching"... You HAVE read the Animesuki forum rules, right?

Draikan7 2004-07-21 21:49

valkyrie profile is probably my favorite.

cercia_highelf 2004-07-23 05:37

You can buy OSTs from Tower Records in London and also from Otaku UK Mail Order (see their website) and Ebay (of course).

Actually I think the game of Valkyrie Profile is better than the OST, which is too lively for me. I got Lezard and Freya at the end and I was happy. Kick me, but...Lezard is a sexy beast.

Fighter Volk 2004-07-23 06:21

I'll admit I'm a diehard SNES RPG fan. I've played the FFs after that, but they only got progressively worse (though 9 was fun, it couldn't compare to the early ones). Even the music wasn't as good as in the early days. Also, RPGs other than the FF series may have just winked out of existence for all I know. Except for a few here and there, sometimes...

Anyway, at the moment my favorite is the Romancing SaGa 3 soundtrack, but that may only be because I'm playing the game at the moment. It's still a great soundtrack, though. The Crystal Ruins song is soooooo good...

As for some other favorites, the Final Fantasy VI soundtrack is my favorite FF soundtrack. The Chrono Trigger soundtrack is amazing. The Tales of Phantasia soundtrack is definitely in my top five game soundtracks. And Live a Live, a game seldom heard of, has a really really good soundtrack, except that it's only one disc :(

Xale 2004-07-23 09:06

Ok, I haven't played that many of the games you are talking about but I am sure they sound great. I think though my top ones Would be the Final Fantasy X OST and FF VII, yes 7, OST. I don't know if you count these as original sound tracks because they used other peeps songs, but hey SSX3 Sound track rocks because of POOR LENO!!!!!!!! That song is CrZy man! ok I am good, but overall I would have to say Final Fantasy tactics Advance that is #1 OST. Ok Im done now.

Heretic 2004-07-23 16:30

That would be Zelda : OOT ...
So damn nice :love:

Draikan7 2004-07-25 03:17

yeah zelda ost owns too. gotta love gerudo's valley think that's what it was called.

sakuralove15 2004-07-28 17:29

My favorite whould have to be Final Fantasy X and X-2. I love 1000 words and real emotion on X-2. 1000 words is so pretty. so ya :)

Mr_Paper 2004-07-28 20:05

It's not really a game soundtrack but I like KEY's Remix album. ^^

diabolistic 2004-07-28 20:40

i recently purchased the ff7 piano collections, and it has replaced chrono cross as my number one most favortist ost from a game :P

full_metal_31 2004-07-28 21:16

My fav of all time would be final fantasy X and X-2 i'm sooo addicted to real emotion and 1000 words...i hav the english version too!! lol yea i'm crazy/hyper...anywayz i love those two songs sooo much i now have all of Koda Kumi's CD...she sings real emotion and 1000 words.

Imazul 2004-07-29 01:30

There was already a thread like this somewhere, maybe in the game forum, anyway

I think Chrono Cross OST is the best ever,Time's Scar is simply my favorite orchestric song up to date and I seriously think that Yasunori Mitsuda is a genius, hes the best composer for video game alive.

Kero Gunsou 2004-07-29 04:55

Anything from Key, especially Kanon and Air OST.

*plays Last Regret from Kanon*

KeithCourage 2004-08-10 16:53

If y'all are gonna pick FF OSTs, at least make sure you've heard FF VI...respect the roots...can't beat maria and draku...or celes...or terra...or kids run through the street corner

The Elf 2004-08-10 17:54

I personnaly think that Final Fantasy VI has the best overall soundtrack, with Chrono Cross as a close second.

For the best game song ever, I agree with Imazul; it would be the Chrono Cross theme song, Time's Scar.

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