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jcdranzer 2007-06-09 06:03

Hatenkou Yuugi (Dazzle anime adaption)

Title: Hatenko Yugi or Dazzle
Japanese Title: 破天荒遊戯
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Magic, Adventure, a bit of Romance in the air. :lol:
Premier: TBA.....fall 2007 or 2008. ;)
Animation Studio: ???
Director: ???
Original creator: Minari Endo (or Narumi Endo)

Random Sites affiliated with Dazzle:

An anime based on the manga Dazzle (Hatenko Yugi) by Minari Endo. The manga started getting publisehed in 2000 by Square Enix, Ichijinsha.....ah, I mean its being serialized in Ichijinsha's magazine Zero-Sum....where Saiyuki Reloaded is being serialized in. :rolleyes:


A young girl named Rahzel is booted out of her house one day by her father with the instructions to ’see the world.’ And so her journey begins, However, she won’t be doing it alone … for she befriends a stoic young man named Alzeido seeking revenge for his father’s murder. Alzeido and Rahzel are like oil and water … but even still, they feel strangely drawn to one another. This could be either the result of an underlying attraction — or their shared powers with magic. And so, the two reluctant allies travel from town to town, using their powers to help the helpless, while discovering their own respective places in the world.

(~taken from Baka-updates~)


Ah, a light-hearted fantasy-series about two polar-opposites who travel together.........manga is hilarious. Reminds me of Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran. That was a fun series, so it’ll be perfect for a light watch. I hope.

Manga Covers (hmmmmmm.....sorry, I wasn't able to find the cover for volume 08) :(

(~Please, please......don't delete the manga cover pics....they ain't that big....please don't delete them....they took me FOREVER to upload. Thanx. :D ~)

Lion and the sky 2007-07-03 07:46

an anime?!?! REALLY?! oh wow thats so great! I only have up to no3 of the manga but its really good :) :)! And i've decided to buy the rest in Japanese because I got number 3 in japanese and it comes with a poster :D! (does it get a bit darker as the series goes on...?) no3 was a bit dark!

vaizard_ruler 2007-07-03 09:32

hmm...ive never read the manga (nor heard of it) but somehow the manga covers make me want to watch it if it comes out and it (its done by a women right?) looks like that girl is loli which (dont ask) is good right now...yeah just hope someone picks it up

Ookla The Mok 2007-07-09 23:31

I, for one, am stoked about this. I love this manga. ;)

Ookla The Mok 2007-08-11 12:59

The Japanese Wikipedia article states that this anime will be coming in 2008 from Studio DEEN.



* 監督:高本宣弘
* シリーズ構成・脚本:今川泰宏
* キャラクターデザイン:中野典克
* 音楽制作:フロンティアワークス
* アニメーション制作:スタジオディーン
* 製作:「破天荒遊戯」製作委員会

cyth 2007-10-12 11:24

Hatenkou Yuugi
Broadcast: January 2008

Director: Takamoto Norihiro
Series Composition & Scenario: Imagawa Yasuhiro
Character Design: Nakano Norikatsu
Music Production: Frontier Works
Animation Production: Studio DEAN
Endou Minari's Blog/Site:


Original Work Information:

Originally Posted by eggplant (Post 870518)
Based on the manga by Endou Minari, currently serialized in the Monthly Comic ZERO-SUM, with 8 tankoubon volume releases (including releases when serialized in Monthly G Fantasy), with Vol. 9 to be released on March 24th.

Hatenkou Yuugi has been made into a drama CD in 2004, with a top notch seiyuu cast. Hoping that they retain them for the anime.

Koroku 2007-10-14 23:40

The story looks interesting <3~ I'll have to try and follow this!

Hope they keep a style similar to the cover pics up there... that's nice looking~

NeoSam 2007-10-24 11:17

An official site for Hatenkou Yuugi anime has opened:

Broadcast: January 2008

White Manju Bun 2007-10-24 11:23

hmmm Im Alzied looks much better in the manga then he does in that pic on the site. I dont like his expression XD

LKK 2007-10-24 12:25

Baroqueheat looks pretty much like his manga counterpart. Rahzel looks more gentle than her counterpart. (I can't think of a better word than "gentle" at the moment. Manga!Rahzel is edgier than the anime picture depicts.) And Alzeid's hair should be wholly white not gray/silver since he's an albino. Of course, character designs have been known to change from their first official picture and their final series' incarnation. So I wouldn't take those designs as being set in stone just yet.

Lion and the sky 2007-10-27 07:52

hmm i was jsut wondering if book 9 is the last volume in the manga? i said it before but im so happy this is going to be an anime :D!

LKK 2007-10-27 09:50


Originally Posted by Lion and the sky (Post 1223024)
hmm i was jsut wondering if book 9 is the last volume in the manga? i said it before but im so happy this is going to be an anime :D!

I don't think volume 9 will be the last book in the series. And based on comments made by the Tokyopop editor, he doesn't think so either. Also, if I remember right, a chapter of Hatenkou Yuugi appears in the latest issue of Zero Sum. But don't quote me on that because I didn't bother to double-check.

White Manju Bun 2007-11-28 13:00

ok has been updated and they list the seiyuu cast (ANN also list it as well)

Rahzel: Kobayashi Sanae
Alzeid: Takahiro Sakurai
Baroqueheat: Shinichiro Miki

Very excited about TakaSaku being Alzeid :D
Even with the translator on, I didnt see alot of info reguarding the air date, I think just Jan 08 is still listed but please correct me if I missed something.

Also vol 10 of the manga will be out in Japan on Dec 25.

LKK 2007-11-28 14:17

I see that the website has a new picture of the main characters. I like these character designs better than the ones in the first picture, especially Alzeid's.

Koroku 2007-11-29 23:41

According to Moonphase, it's hitting the air on the 4th of January. :)

Katapan 2007-12-30 11:52

Again, a trailer was shown at C73. There was already a cam rip available yesterday, but this one is watchable quality and has some information added about the characters (for instance, Sanae Kobayashi makes sure you don't forget Rahzel is the lead character :p).

Between all the mediocre series that will air this winter, I can't help but have high expectations for Hatenkou Yuugi. The cast seems to fit perfectly, the backgrounds were fairly pretty, and I already like Kanako Itou's OP - everything's looking good so far. We should get a better idea in less than a week.

LKK 2007-12-30 12:37

Thank you for the link to the trailer, Katapan. I assume the female voice was the actress voicing Rahzel. But I fervently hope the male voice was the actor for Baroqueheat and not for Alzeid. His delivery was far more upbeat than I imagine Alzeid's to be. (I imagine Alzeid's delivery as more like Sanzo from Saiyuki.)

The character designs have improved since I first saw them, especially Alzeid's. Rahzel still looks a little too much like the stereotypical anime girl rather than her manga version. But unlike Alzeid's first anime incarnation, she's not unattractive. Rahzel looks a little older in the trailer. She's 14 in the manga. In the trailer, she looks more like 16 or 17.

White Manju Bun 2007-12-31 18:45

As I stated elsewhere, the voice of the male we hear in the bulk of that trailer, is Baroqueheat, he sounds way too much like Kurz Weber in it :D. We hear Alzeid very briefly and he sounds like a softer vers of Shito to me.

Katapan 2008-01-04 14:45

Great job, Studio DEEN! Very fun and promising first episode.

Spoiler for Episode 1 & screens:

aroduc 2008-01-04 16:58


I was also pretty impressed with the first episode, though motormouth Rahzel is a bit tough to keep up with at times. Still, she's a sharp little cookie which always makes things enjoyable.

Other caps etc

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