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marvelB 2013-03-27 00:46

One Piece - Chapter 703 [manga]
Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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It's that time of the week again, guys! Credit goes to Aohige and the other fellows at AP for the summary:

-Chapter title is "waiting room". No ministory this week though, since we get a color page instead.

-The thug Luffy and Franky are interrogating explains that it's impossible for two of the same type of devil fruit to exist at the same time. However, as soon as a fruit user dies, their power reappears somewhere else in the world. Luffy says he wants to take back his brother's fruit and even offers to let Franky eat it, but the cyborg refuses, as he has no desire to lose the ability to swim. Luffy says he himself can't eat it as he's already a rubber man, but he nonetheless refuses to let any other stranger take Ace's old power. Franky is certain that Dofla is using the fruit as bait for a trap, but is willing to go to the colosseum anyway, as this is too good an opportunity to pass up.....

-Meanwhile, Sanji is still chasing the "fairy" thief with Zoro, but ends up getting distracted by some flamenco dancers. He also happens to capture the attention of one of the dancers, a girl named Violet. It turns out that she's being chased by the local authorities for stabbing a man, and wants Sanji to protect her. Naturally, the lady's charms end up causing him another nosebleed. She claims to be falling in love with him, and asks him to kill a certain man for her.......

-At the colosseum, there's a one-legged toy soldier causing trouble, who is also being chased by cops. After evading the authorities and threatening them that hurting him in the Donquixote family's private estate would land THEM in trouble, he runs into Luffy and Franky. After the meeting, Luffy registers under the name Lucy and goes to the waiting room with the other warriors. One of them makes fun of "Lucy" and starts picking a fight with him, but the supernova instantly thrashes him with one hit! :p

Sounds like a fun chapter. While under regular circumstances I'd worry that this would give the "Logia for Straw-Hats crowd" more ammunition for their cause, we actually had two of the members (one of them the captain, no less) outright reject the idea of eating the fruit themselves. So up yours, Logia crowd! :D

Anyways, a woman manipulating Sanji into becoming a murderer is..... something new, I suppose. And I wonder if that one toy soldier will participate in the tournament. I DID say before that I could see one or two of those guys becoming a potential arc boss.... ;)

Undertaker 2013-03-27 02:27

I don't know how I feel about this turn. On one hand, it's tournament and could be interesting. On the other hand, Luffy is willingly entering bait/set up when he really don't need to.

Same thing with Sanji, I know that he is weak with girls but if he did go as far as agree to 'kill', I don't know if I'm willing to see SH to take that step even if they are suppose to be pirate. Also Sanji disappoints me a bit by leaving Zoro, when everyone all know how easily he can get himself lost. I just feel that Sanji is usually dependable in these situations so even with his weakness against girls it feels wierd for me. But considering I've only seen some spoiler pics, I could change my mind on this.

This time Oda do confirms in story about what we already knew or at least guess (though I do believe he mentioned it before in either data books or SBS) about the DF's reappearance after the death of it's owner.

This also kills any hope for some people who think Ace is not dead, though I guess they can still argue that Dofla's fruit is a replica...:p

Sazelyt 2013-03-27 04:46

I don't mind Luffy trying to eat the second df, accidentally. Who knows maybe the key is haki to control the power of the second one. But, Usopp may have a great use for it (with his weapon). Or, if a toy is going to join the crew, then maybe it too. Still, I'd love to see Luffy become the second one with two df powers.

mrShady 2013-03-27 04:56

Nooooo Luffy you disappoint me... and then you blow my mind with awesomeness:D.
Really I can't predict this series:p
And seems like the monster trio is now truly split up. Wonder what will happen.
What the hell is with those toys btw, they're all over the place. I'm surprised Luffy hasn't asked them to join his crew:p.

Freya 2013-03-27 05:05

Luffy such a troll lol.

Casshern 2013-03-27 05:35

Surprised Luffy offered the mera mera fruit to Franky so suddenly. I hope one of the strawhats gets it in the end, particularly Sanji.

coodie29 2013-03-27 06:54

The SH crew are already strong in their own field... As Franky said, he wouldn't like to lose the ability to swim.. Maybe a new nakama might have it...

Curious bout the man that Violet wanted Sanji to kill..

ronin myael 2013-03-27 07:09

go lucy! lol :heh: so we'll actually get to see luffy fight in the tournament eh? i can't say i'm happy with that. but at least now we can safely say that neither luffy nor franky would want to eat the mera mera no mi. so that's that!

Rawrz 2013-03-27 07:13

Meh, giving mera mera to Franky is just plain stupid. He already has Fresh Fire attack :P

I think Mera Mera may be the real power up Usopp desperately needs since his first appearence. He can truly become the legendary warrior he desires to be:

New Pirate King's strongest warrior : Fire Fist Usopp lol.

Besides, Ace was mostly relying on fire based ranged combat (fire guns, spear throwing, flying fire fists...) so his "Sniper" theme wont be ruined at all.
Logia's are not count as immortal anymore since Blackbeard and Haki went into stage anyway. Experienced people can still kick Fire Fist Usopp's ass pretty easily so his weird hit&run tactics will still count.

Hell, he may even become a target on Blackbeard's devil fruit list since BB always acknowledged Ace's powers.

~Yami~ 2013-03-27 07:16

Lucy! lol! that's unexpected...

congratz for Sanji anyway....

ellifeedn 2013-03-27 07:32

Master Roshi, is that you?

SilverSyko 2013-03-27 07:52

Something's definitely suspicious about this Violet woman. She's very fortunate she came across Sanji though, he's just that easy a target for any beautiful lady to sink their claws into. :heh: Don't know if he would go as far to kill someone for a lady though, but I suppose we shall see.

And color me surprised we see the first ever kiss in One Piece, even if it wasn't directly shown. :eyespin:

I was kind of hoping we could avoid a "tournament arc" but I guess it's inevitable now. I really do wonder what will happen with the Mera Mera fruit though cause I don't see any of the current Strawhat members consuming it.

And Luffy having to go by "Lucy" gave me a good laugh. :p

ZGoten 2013-03-27 08:05


Originally Posted by SilverSyko (Post 4607896)
And Luffy having to go by "Lucy" gave me a good laugh. :p

Me too. I guess now the ridicule is official. Take notes, Mashima! But man Franky, he's passing up on the opportunity of his life time. I mean between being able to swim or the ability to destroy entire islands with ease, all while being nearly unkillable, he has to pick the former of course. :/

james0246 2013-03-27 08:13


Originally Posted by Rawrz (Post 4607859)
I think Mera Mera may be the real power up Usopp desperately needs since his first appearence. He can truly become the legendary warrior he desires to be:

Usopp will always be the weakest member. Oda has stated this several times now. That's not to say that Usopp couldn't feed the fruit to his giant slingshot, but he personally will never get the fruit (if Oda wants to continue making him the weakest).


Decent chapter.

The Sanji side-story has thrown me for a loop. Obviously it will tie in somehow to something, but I have little idea where and how (which isn't a bad thing).

Luffy joining the tournament is a little odd (I'm still unclear why he wants the fruit, and a memento seems like a really weak excuse), especially if he has to do it while never using his Gomu powers (since he is undercover). Still it could be an interesting restriction that could aid in the tension of the fights...or Oda could simply side to screw deception and have Luffy reveal himself immediately.

I also liked the brief mention that marines and police were not allowed in the Colosseum. Sadly the one-legged toy that gave us this info has now joined the ranks of fodder discussed as possible crewmates...

khoa1708 2013-03-27 08:46

luffy can still eat the fruit...
i can see in a desperate situation where luffy doesn't want anyone else to get the fruit; he ends up eating it himself and somehow survives

bhl88 2013-03-27 09:26

Sanji wouldn't eat the fruit as he wants to swim with mermaids.

james0246 2013-03-27 09:34


Originally Posted by bhl88 (Post 4607999)
Sanji wouldn't eat the fruit as he wants to swim with mermaids.

Sanji wouldn't eat the fruit because it wouldn't help him with peeking on girls. Sanji only wants one fruit, and until Lion Face guy from Thriller Bark is dead, Sanji would never choose to eat a DF.

Randrak42 2013-03-27 09:37 have me falling for you with the snap of the fingers.
I believe this must be said:
Violet for Nakama!




Originally Posted by Casshern (Post 4607785)
Surprised Luffy offered the mera mera fruit to Franky so suddenly. I hope one of the strawhats gets it in the end, particularly Sanji.

Makes sense that Luffy would want to have one of the Strawhats eat it...and that he didn't really care which did it as long as the fruit powers stay with someone he cares about.

ReaperxKingx 2013-03-27 09:37

We are thinking about this situation too rationally, you guys know that this Luffy we are talking about.

nicepace 2013-03-27 09:55


Originally Posted by bigdeal000 (Post 4607861)
I re-read chapter 599 to be sure. Looks like he wanted to go fishing, so he spoke to a fisherman who told him to wait in the boat. But he got on the wrong ship and all of that. And IIRC, he also got lost on punk hazard recently (you know, when he was running with Tashigi)

re read all the wrong way zorro takes in previous chapter, actually he never been lost, he just take the different path that everybody else did not take...(he create his own path), he just need to know where/what is the place he need to go, screw the direction but he will eventually arrived at the destined place. 'I want to go to xxxx, then I will get to that xxx'.

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