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marvelB 2012-12-12 02:19

One Piece - Chapter 692 [manga]
Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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Hey, guys! It's that time again! Spoiler credit goes to Aohige and the other guys at AP, as usual:

-Chapter title is "Assassins from Dresrosa". Once again, a color page takes the place of the ministory this week (and for the record, a third one will take next chapter's splash page, too). However, this one is just centered around the Straw-Hats this time (though the Jump cover is at least related to Film Z).

-Caesar desperately tries to convince Luffy to become his underling, but the rubber man won't have that. He then proceeds to blast away the scientist once and for all with his haki-powered Gear 3 Bazooka, which is dubbed Grizzly Magnum!

-The entire fight, including Caesar's loss, was featured on the underworld TV broadcast. We then see the various reactions of NW pirates who witnessed the battle, including Tamago and Pekoms (who decide to report the news to Big Mom), and apparently a dude who resembles Rob Lucci. We then cut back to PH where the Straw-Hats are still scrambling around. Unfortunately, it seems that Kinemon was infected by Shinokuni's gas while searching for his son.....

-Most of the crew, as well as Law and Smoker (who have some SAD with them), reunite with Luffy. However, Law gets angry at his new partner after learning that Caesar was blasted away instead of being captured as originally planned, and forces him to search for the gas man.

-We then cut to outside of the lab, where a plane is approaching PH. Aboard it is Doflamingo's assassin, Baby-5! She's also revealed to have a DF power: the Buki Buki (weapon) fruit. Also, the plane itself is the other member of the warlord's crew, Buffalo! He too has a DF power: The Guru Guru (spin) fruit. We learn that the reason Baby-5 is so angry at Dofla is because he kills her lovers, the most recent victim being the 8th one (though he does it because he's protective of her). As the two land on the island, Buffalo blows away some of the poison gas with his power, and they soon find Caesar flying toward them. They inform their boss of this, and the warlord, regaining his composure (and smile), orders them to take him back to Dresrosa immediately. As the two are about to depart with CC (they decide to abandon Vergo and Monet apparently), they notice that General Franky is nearby, watching them.....

Man, this is one info-packed chapter! And just leave it to Luffy to make the situation more complicated! :p BTW, apparently Baby-5's quirk is to not refuse anyone who shows affection towards her (basically making her like a pseudo-Sanji). Well, I guess I know who's going to be the subject of many a "new nakama" posts for a while...... :p

Also, apparently one of the NW pirates who witnessed CC's defeat mentions some dude named "Jack", who seems to be some big-name pirate (though not a yonkou). And I think the fact that Kinemon was poisoned pretty much guarantees that everyone else who got infected will all survive after all (but hey, should this really surprise anyone by this point? ;)). Anyway, I'm really looking forward to checking out Buffalo's design! :)

ronin myael 2012-12-12 03:30

thanks for the early thread marvel! :D

great spoilers! i'm guessing the chapter will be out in a little while. :)

Eleutheria 2012-12-12 05:09

Wasn't until the end that I realized I completely forgot about Franky!

mrShady 2012-12-12 05:35

Chapter is out....
Awesome chapter, translation seems a bit off though.
So Franky was just standing outside in his robot doing nothing?

EDIT: Is it me or was Luffy hit by the gas when he used the grizzly gun yet the gas effect crumbled away? He doesn't show any signs of it later on.

ronin myael 2012-12-12 05:47

i can't help getting excited about baby 5 meeting sanji. i bet it would be "love at first sight"! this should be hilarious! :D

love the color page! oda never fails to impress me with his art.

so what exactly is luffy's new technique? i don't trust the translations.

Libros 2012-12-12 05:49

There's a couple things that confuse me about Franky just standing there. The first being, why was he just standing there the entire time? Didn't he notice the gas at all? Not even a little? Secondly, is his robot suit air tight thereby letting him have some sort of immunity to gasses and/or changes in atmosphere?

~Yami~ 2012-12-12 06:01

when Caesar seems to get away..... and taken by that awesome buki-woman....
Franky will be the one who will end Caesar's scheme forever....
oh yea! General Franky is back in action...

when I see the map, I'm wondering who Usopp will get away from there...

RRW 2012-12-12 06:07

I forgot but basically Franky just staying outside for whole time?

Freya 2012-12-12 06:21

Really hope Cesar doesn't get away. Would be so disappointed in Luffy.

So help this noob out....but what exactly is SAD used for.

Libros 2012-12-12 06:41

"Sad" is used to make artificial devil fruits. If I remember correctly anyway. "SMILE" is the term used for an artificial devil fruit. At the moment, apparently the only types that can be made are Zoans but I may have to recheck the manga to be 100%.

Freya 2012-12-12 06:48

Ohhhh okay I get it now.

Randrak42 2012-12-12 06:55


Shut up! It's totally happening and it'll be glorious!

Kanon 2012-12-12 07:45

So that's where Franky was! I wonder what the hell he's doing there.

Baby 5 is a pretty quirky character. She can fall for just about anybody, even some shriveled old man. I understand why Doflamingo feels the need to protect her, although he takes it to the extreme. I kind of want Sanji to meet her and confess to her :p

ronin myael 2012-12-12 07:50


Originally Posted by Kanon (Post 4471865)
So that's where Franky was! I wonder what the hell he's doing there.

Baby 5 is a pretty quirky character. She can fall for just about anybody, even some shriveled old man. I understand why Doflamingo feels the need to protect her, although he takes it to the extreme. I kind of want Sanji to meet her and confess to her :p

me too! but i'm worried that it would be brooke instead! :heh:

Kanon 2012-12-12 07:55


Originally Posted by ronin myael (Post 4471875)
me too! but i'm worried that it would be brooke instead! :heh:

That works too. In fact, it could be even better. Instead of confessing, he'd just ask to see her panties and she'd fall head over heels for him.

articuzwolf 2012-12-12 07:58

2 weeks colour page in a row....

And IIRC wasn't one piece used as cover page last week as well?

make me remember me how popular one piece in Japan

Grizzly Magnum? Uh okay :uhoh:

Randrak42 2012-12-12 07:59

"Join my crew!"
"Oh My God! He needs me in his crew It must be fate! I'll join, I'll join!!!"

New hot maid Nakama with awesome powers get!

...a guy can dream can't he?

raziel16 2012-12-12 08:23

Well, even though its only a joke in battle, at least it looks like "franky shogun" could function quite properly as hazmat suit :D

james0246 2012-12-12 09:31

Franky is back. Lots of other stuff happened, but I don't care cause Franky is back. Go Franky!

khoa1708 2012-12-12 09:34

according to the translation the NW pirates said some stuff that was pretty interesting...

"Joker's gonna make his move"
"It's probably the LEAGUE"

which one looks like Rob Lucci? The one wearing the top hat?

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