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Skyfall 2007-10-22 10:38

Character discussion - Tomoyo
The purpose of this thread is to provide a place to discuss all things Tomoyo (Please don't confuse with Tomoya :)) related.
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Also, please use this thread if you want to discuss about Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderul Life~.

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Rhyel 2007-10-22 12:42

Until episode 3. We not know much about Chun-Li disciple. But I like her. :)

Ultima_Rasengan05 2007-10-22 14:18

I like the way how Tomoyo thinks and acts to whatever Sunohara throws at her. She just acts calm and accepts the challenge made by Sunohara, even though he knows already he is no match for her. I mean if I was in her position, I would really be irritated and probably just put that guy in the hospital already if that person hasn't learned it's lesson yet.:heh:
But out of all the Clannad girls so far in the show, I like Tomoyo the best next to Kyou. Both characters have certainly made their presence really known in the show. I wonder if she has a story behind her that makes her what she is now. I mean there must be some reason why she can fight like that unless she takes Karate classes for fun. Although I've heard that Tomoyo became a very popular character that Key decided to make a separate game just for Tomoyo. I wonder if Kyoto animations will decide to do an adaptation to that one as well.

DazarGaidin 2007-10-22 14:40

I know it wont likely happen but it would be nice if she got with the little blonde dude she is always beating up :P Anyway, what are we up to now, 733 hits? They should make her a secret character in street fighter :P

SeedFreedom 2007-10-22 14:53

defiantly my favorite character in the early going, but much too early to be anywhere near a final decision. the only reason she didnt put that guy in the IC room yet is cuse she wants to shake her bad rep

bullrogg 2007-10-22 17:32

I also tomoyo is also a likeable character in the beginning. However, even at the end series i think she will still be a fav of mine. You gotta love that every episode she beats sunohara up :)

Raykun 2007-10-22 17:37

shes is my favorite character right now and sunohara getting beaten up by her is very funny plus she seems as a intresting person

Takuto19 2007-10-22 18:21

Same for me, she's my fav chatacter (along with Fuko, heh), hoping to see more of hey in the coming episode, but if they do her arch halfway through then i wont mind (if that's how there gonna do it anyway).

Master Chibi 2007-10-22 23:53

She's got to hook up with Suno.

She just has to, it would be freaking awesome.

Nightengale 2007-10-23 01:53


Originally Posted by Master Chibi (Post 1215613)
She's got to hook up with Suno.

She just has to, it would be freaking awesome.

Pulling a ~pure rouge~? :heh:

That would be awesome indeed, but that depends on how Kyoto wants to alter the source material to pad the anime or whether or not Tomoyo's story can even make sense if they change the man involved. After all, one way or another, Tomoya is the main character.

Deathkillz 2007-10-23 02:33


Originally Posted by Rhyelys (Post 1214700)
Until episode 3. We not know much about Chun-Li disciple. But I like her. :)

disciple? she IS chun-Li's master ;) character in the series for me :D (gosh how i fall for the strong silent type fighting for justice XD)

too bad though it seem that her story may be lacking...or i could be proven wrong (hopefully).

anselfir 2007-10-23 15:36

tomoyo is love

she should not be dragged around by ye dirty hands in 'pairings.' tomoyo decides her own destiny.

get sonohara's dirty chauvinist hands off of her. that some people would even consider 'pairing up' a strong independent girl with an idiot like that is despicable.

Kang Seung Jae 2007-10-23 18:28

I consider Tomoyo a passive Sunao-Cool (素直 - ク―ル), which is why she's my favorite character, along with Kyou.

Plus, who DOESN'T like silver hair?

Baka-yuki 2007-10-23 21:47

Tomoyo is my favorite character probably because shes the silent type, and martial artist.
Plus she has silver hair:D

Aznbanana 2007-10-24 14:34

Tomoyo is my fav cuz shes cute, long silver hair, calm and collected and kicks ass literally. Damn, I might just get the Clannad game to see her whole story.

SeedFreedom 2007-10-24 15:53

I may be wrong but i think she has her own spin-off game that 18+. Can someone verify/correct please.

Flonne 2007-10-24 15:56


Originally Posted by SeedFreedom (Post 1218456)
I may be wrong but i think she has her own spin-off game that 18+. Can someone verify/correct please.

She has. It's called Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life.
According to Wikipedia,the PC verison is 18+ while the PS2 verison is 12+.

holyman282 2007-10-24 22:02

Dammit i'm definitely going to get Tomoyo's game.. Played a bit of the Clannad, but given up and am patiently waiting for the translation...

Tomoyo is awesome, I really wish she gets more screentime. Her character is just so interesting. I'm a sucker for strong silent types with silver hair.. The hair has to be long too. I love the long hair!

kucigaromeo 2007-10-25 20:57

I usually don't watch bishoujo anime but seeing Tomoyo doing 20-hit combo against delinquents in ep 1, at least I must see her in depth story

mr_winkie 2007-10-25 22:54

I really like Tomoyo and so far the anime's doing a good job capturing her demeanor (and her over-the-top fighting skills). I've played 'Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~' and Key did a good job developing her character (though I'm still in need of clarification on some parts in the game itself).

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