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Strages 2008-06-30 11:37

Vampires! Everywhere aaahhhh :)
hey there :), I was asking myself if there were any anime's in the style of "Underworld" (movie), or animes with vampires as main character and or just animes with vampires or sort of the same unnatural creatures in it.

already seen some like rosario vampire or blood: the last vampire

can you guys recommend me some? doenst matter what genre!

tx, strages

Eps~ 2008-06-30 11:59

Currently airing - Vampire Knight. For additional info, just go to the subforum.

For older, the likes of Hellsing or Trinity Blood - both are pretty good w/ a lot of action.

DarkDemonz 2008-06-30 12:34

if you've watched Blood:The Last Vampire...try Blood+ it has the same setting.
also Black Blood Brothers is another good vampire series.
for some comedy vampire, try Karin
and for a older movie, try Vampire Hunter D, good movie =P

Dusk_ 2008-06-30 14:10

To be honest, I think Anime/Manga is the last place you should turn to for good vampire stories :p. Then again, I'm a sucker for the classic vampires and not the anime "Super-human" vampires.

Still, there's also Tsukiyomi: Moon Phase.

james0246 2008-06-30 18:58

Second the great Vampire Hunter D series ( a new movie is scheduled to come out in a year or so).

For an older series, you might want to check out Nightwalker, a fairly good vampire/detective series that has Maaya Sakamoto's first vocal role in an animated series.

9mmx19 2008-07-01 02:32

How has the Hellsing OVA not been mentioned yet? Way better than the normal series. Only problem is you have to wait forever between episodes :(

Strages 2008-07-02 04:36

ty! i also read somewhere that there will be another serie of rosario vampire, anyone knows when?


Potatochobit 2008-07-02 05:02

Tsukihime is a doujin classic so to speak

it is not a horror show by any means though

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