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Leo_Otaku 2011-05-14 00:04

Matroska Media File and FLAC
I recently have a RAW file of a Blu-Ray episode of Umineko.The file is called Matroska Media File, which I read is a form of MKV. But it is encoded with FLAC. I've used BS player, VLC and media player classic. I really have no idea what will play these files. I only knew that songs used FLAC to my knowledge. Any help will be very welcome ^-^.

SeijiSensei 2011-05-14 06:50

Try smplayer. (Windows version)

sneaker 2011-05-14 06:54

FLAC is definitely an audio-only format.
Try to run MediaInfo on the file and post the results.

SeijiSensei 2011-05-14 07:00

The video can't be encoded in FLAC, but the audio tracks might be. I've seen fansubs with FLAC audio.

sneaker 2011-05-14 08:06

Sorry if I haven't made myself clear, that's exactly what I mean. FLAC is an audio format, but of course it can be combined with video, in say, a matroska container.

j0x 2011-05-14 15:10

if you do not know how to update SMPlayer manually to updated Mplayer then try this package ->

or alternatively just install CCCP although it takes ages before its updated but its still working good though ->

Stealthtank 2011-05-14 20:33

A RAW file huh... FLAC like the others have said is an audio format. Now these days fansubbing groups would use H.264 for video if they release episodes in the MKV format. Really VLC or Media Player Classic with CCCP should be able to play anything so I don't what you've got there.

murdock00 2011-05-15 09:20

Im actually having the same problem with 2 different mkv files as well. Ive also tried vlc as well as mpc with no luck. With vlc and mpc, it wont attempt to play with the standard double click, you have to right click and choose the "open with" option. From there vlc give the "failed to open file" error and mpc stays in a opening loop but never completes.

The strange thing is when i did right click the files, all the options you normally see werent available. Cut, copy, rename, delete etc... were all missing as well as the properties option. I got a feeling its something silly ive overlooked, but as of right now im fairly stumped.

I do know for a fact these are good files, and have had trouble with other files of the same format. My trouble started after i reformatted my hard drive and i wonder if that has something to do with it. It almost seems like a software issue unrelated to the players themselves.

namaiki 2011-05-16 00:45

murdock00, try move the file to something like C:\a.mkv and see if it will play and if the cut, copy rename, etc comes back.

Leo_Otaku, could you post up MediaInfo of the affected file(s).

Leo_Otaku 2011-05-16 23:19

Sorry it took so long to get back! MediaInfo worked very well! I recommend for those who have this same issue to use that! It gave basic codecs that worked together. I tried it on my friends computer who had really no codecs. So it worked good there. I think I need to clean my codecs up.

It mentioned for audio to use the FLAC codec from their website. For video it used ffdshow and the player was an updated BSplayer. Though we tried doing it for a few episodes it worked fine. But suddenly for episode 8 and 7 it wouldn't play and froze everything saying their was an error not being able to read the file. We tried running MediaInfo for those particular episodes and it also froze. We didn't try rebooting we will try next time.

I'm not sure what went wrong maybe it was the computer, but Mediainfo worked well. I would just clean out my codecs and start from scratch again. I will also see maybe if there was an issue with BSplayer and try another one.

Thanks for everyone's help you saved the weekend!

Leo_Otaku 2011-05-22 20:39

Okay it won't play episodes 7 and up now. It syas that the media file is not recognized. I'm not sure how to show you the results on how to fix this issue. Is there some other program I can run to show the errors that are understandable for you guys? I tried playiing it in MPC and it came up as an EBML issue. I ran Mastroka diag on it and got this
Spoiler for issue:

sneaker 2011-05-23 05:03

Are you sure the files were downloaded correctly/completely? Check with their official torrent.

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