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Kaname Chidori 2006-06-17 19:17

Full Metal Panic Novel Discussion
This thread is dedicated to the FMP novels here you can discuss, question, answer or post images about the novels.

Kaname Chidori 2006-06-17 19:36

To open the thread I would like to share these images they are from the novel Tsudou Make My Day (Chapter 3) this is really a big spoiler!!! you, at least, must know what is Tsudou Make My Day. Enjoy them!

Vanehei 2006-06-17 20:50

Hello hello Kaname Chidori!.. thank you very very much for the images.. it says a lot but.. i want to know more and more.. ( yes .i am gred). You know.. i cant read the novels in japanese, but i wish that people as you can keep me informed about what is happening.. could you be that kawaii?. jeje
I was just wondering.. is kurz the one that is in the third picture .. he is asking to the man next to him to dont shot.. am i righg?.. or i am losing my mind once again?... jeje.. to much anime can give brain damage...
Thank you very much.. and i hope we can keep in contact...
Greetings from Mexico;)

Vanehei 2006-06-17 20:58

Yes.. i lose my mind.. its not kruz.. its lemon lol

Kaname Chidori 2006-06-17 21:34

Hello Kashima!! :) I haven't read this novel and Moeru One Man force since they are not translated in English all I know are from the spoilers I have read and I have an idea of what happens in there. I only post the images Every month a new chapter of the novel is released in Japan in Dragon Magazine this is chapter 3 the pics I posted before were from chapter 2 I will put the pics of all the chapters every month. I would like that a person will give us more information too jeje :D

Usuratonkachi 2006-06-18 06:07

This could be double posting...? I'm sorry if it is, but since a new thread was opened just for the novels...
Does anyone know whether there is hiragana printed beside the kanji in the original novels?
I'm just about dying to know now...:twitch:

Jehuty77 2006-06-18 10:08

Full Metal Panic Novels... Whats after BOMF
Has there been any announcement about a novel after BOMF(Burning on man force)?

Has it been fully released?

I read the review of it in the other thread and i was wondering when the follow-up would be available.


2 Years after my original post here I updated this post so people could easily find the summaries of the FMP Novels. I've only included the novels that relate to the main story arc and not the side stories.

The Novels:
1 : Volume 1: Tatakau Boy Meets Girl (25/09/1998)

2 : Volume 3: Hashiru One Night Stand (26/03/1999)

3 : Volume 6: Yureru Into The Blue (25/02/2000)

4 : Volume 8: Owaru Day By Day (first part) (15/11/2000)

5 : Volume 9: Owaru Day By Day (second part) (25/03/2001)

6 : Volume 12: Odoru Very Merry Christmas (25/03/2003)

7 : Volume 15: Tsuduku On My Own (25/10/2004)

8 : Volume 17: Burning One Man Force (25/01/2006)

9 : Volume 19: Tsudou Make My Day (25/03/2007)

10 : Volume 20 : Semaru Nick of Time (20/02/2008)

Novel Downloads

Side Stories
Side stories are the light hearted adventures that take place in the FMP universe, a few of these were used as the base of the short series Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu. You can find most of the summaries here:

Kaname Chidori 2006-06-19 10:17

After Burning One Man Force comes Tsudou Make My day but this is been released in Japan in the Dragan Magazine and at one chapter per month this one is part of the mainly stories so it continues the story, but it's not fully released I know they are for the chapter 3.

Jehuty77 2006-06-23 08:23

Where can you view the "spoilers" about the existing chapters?

Ive been seaching and searching on google and forum search tools.

Could someone either post up a link or pm me a link to the pages that host the spoilers.

Oooohhh im soo hooked on Full Metal Panic right now.

Another thing i never understood, while reading the translated novels it often says Kaname has black hair, yet in the anime its blue/green. Is this a mistranslation?

On another note

Do you think Kaname will be the same person she was before when Sousuke rescues her?

Even if sousuke does rescue her and shes back to normal, would sousuke ever be allowed to return to school? The Forshadowing from the Former Student Council President would indicate they could never return, but what he says is not nesicarilly true.

After all thats happened is there really a chance of her and sousuke returning to school.

I realy hope this series has a happy ending like they live happy together(Might be cheezy but...)and not somehting like she cant remember sousuke, she hates him because of his past, Sousuke Dies saving her. That kind of ending would be pretty sad.

They were finally starting to open up and then all hell broke loose.

For the sake of 2 awesome characters (Sousuke, Kaname) I hope everything works out.

Anyways let me know what ya think.

Masanori Ota 2006-06-23 09:39

There are a couple ways FMP could end, at least in my head...

Happy ending: Kaname is rescued by a bad-ass Souske and both return to school together. Insert fanfics here.

Melancholy ending: Kaname is rescued by Souske and returned to school, but Souske leaves (even after the students forgive him).

Sad ending: Kaname is rescued, but Souske dies in the process. ...Kaname commits suicide?! (Just kidding!)

Or the studio could pull off something really crazy that none of us expects! :p

But we all know that bastard brother of Tessa is going down in flames after a long, drawn-out battle with Souske's new...


Jehuty77 2006-06-23 09:49


Masanori Ota 2006-06-23 09:54


You can find what I'm talking about in some thread on these very forums. I just can't remember which. Anyone care to jog my memory?

Jehuty77 2006-06-23 09:58

Wow Awesome

How i wish i could read the novels in japanese


I saw that summary its probably whats your referring to

Masanori Ota 2006-06-23 10:01

Yeah, Al was getting pretty funny when they finally
He even revealed that his personality is what Sagara's would have been if he had been raised differently.

Here's where you can read some translated novels:

Jehuty77 2006-06-23 10:23

Thanks you for the link.

I hope in the future they consider animating the remaining books. I wonder if they would squeeze DVMD and COMO and BOFM and even TMMD all into one season, or if they would break it up into a few season.

Masanori Ota 2006-06-23 10:24


Jehuty77 2006-06-23 10:31


Masanori Ota 2006-06-23 13:22

That's what it looks like, although I wouldn't worry about Kaname too much. She's a tough girl, and I doubt any amount of money or power or pleasures would make her change her mind about anything!

Of course, theres always brainwashing to worry about. :(

Jehuty77 2006-06-23 13:26

Thats exactly what i was thinking...


I cant wait to see what happens next.

Where can i find the spoilers for "Tsudou Make My day "?

Is there anywhere particular that people upload "summaries" or "Spoilers" of the novels still not translated?
I know Burning One Man Force Summary is on these forum, but i wanted to know whats happening with the new one since its still being released monthly in some "Dragon" magazine.

Kaname Chidori 2006-06-23 17:23

Yes I can't wait for it too!!!. I read the spoilers of TMMD in the other thread Questions and answers of FMP

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