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nadare 2008-05-25 08:34

The World God Only Knows (manga thread)
The Japanese title is Kami no Mizo Shiru Sekai


Originally Posted by from Manga Updates
Katsuragi Keima is known on the net as the god of getting the girls while in real life he’s known as otamegane and he hates all real girls. However he is approached by Elsee, a devil from hell, to help her in catching runaway spirits that hide in people. Apparently the spirits only hide in the hearts of girls and the only way to get the souls out is by making the girl fall in love so the spirit gets forced out. And he’s not allowed to fail or he will lose his head.

Anyone reading this awesome manga besides me? Its very well written and mainly about the otamegane wooing girls to free them from evil spirits.

I have read up to chapter 3(latest scans so far). I was laughing so hard with the stereotypical description of the tsundere. Definitely a must read.

Freeter 2008-05-25 15:25

Keima reminds me of Lelouch, but with glasses. And for a demon girl from hell, Elsee is waaay too cute. Her reaction to Keima's "confession" was priceless :heh:

Nice recommendation, I'll definitely be following this one :cool:

Irenicus 2008-05-25 16:24

I don't really like the "otaku" jokes (in the sense that the main character sees the world through otaku eyes -- zomg dating sim girls and all that) but otherwise this is turning out to be quite funny.

I mean, aside from the fact that he's an otamegane, that guy actually is a lot more interesting than most of the male romantic comedy leads. He's not a perverted wuss, doesn't look like one, isn't being surrounded by girls for no apparent reason (except one lonely demon girl who thinks he's a god :)) and has some thick skin to boot.

Compare this to, say, Maken-ki, which was posted on onemanga around the same time; the lead from that manga just disgusts me with the ultra-obvious "I look like a motherf'ing wimp and I act like one!"

Chapter 2 was the best to me though. "I'm the illegitimate child of your husband," oh sh- :heh:

Sterling01 2008-05-25 18:05


Originally Posted by Freeter (Post 1613920)
Keima reminds me of Lelouch, but with glasses. And for a demon girl from hell, Elsee is waaay too cute. Her reaction to Keima's "confession" was priceless :heh:

Yeah, he reminds me of Lelouch as well

ellifeedn 2008-05-25 19:09

I'm interested:). Before I start, do you know how many raw chapters are released so far?

nadare 2008-05-26 04:20

According to manga updates its 4. Since, its released weekly I suppose the number should be around 5-6.

Xacual 2008-05-26 04:55

I find the series to be pretty amusing so far. If it keeps me laughing I'll probably keep reading it. Also I agree with Irenicus about Chapter 2, really funny there.

TOP 2008-05-26 19:33

Awesome series so far, one of the mangas I look foward to.

nadare 2008-05-29 23:12

chapter 4 was great. LOL @ the 1st class bicycle turning into a car then a train bicycle.

Freeter 2008-05-30 00:37

LOL, Keima was even more like Lelouch in this chapter. If they ever make this an anime, they have to get Jun Fukuyama to play him :cool:

TOP 2008-05-30 00:50

Chapter 4 was good. Can't wait for chapter 5!

Westlo 2008-05-30 02:55

Bearshare told me to check this out and the first chapter was pretty damn fun. Thanks to this thread I've been using the Lelouch voice in my head for Keima but I have to admit it definitely fits lol Hopefully Fukuyama or Miyano get to play this guy if it gets an animated version in a few years time.

Leon_Lelouch 2008-05-30 09:53

Haha... This manga is interesting.... (since he has no interest with real girl that remind me about myself....)
Yeah... A bit reminding me of Lelouch when I see his style...
Agree with Westlo about voice casting (if it's in anime).....
Well... I will look forward to see about the next chapter....

Westlo 2008-05-30 10:03

Read all 4 chapters now, this is a real fun manga and I'm really enjoying it... K.Rie has to play the rich/poor Tsundere chick if this turns into an anime.

technomo12 2008-05-30 23:24

hmm it strike me like this

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a geniuse hahaha still i cant help but feel sorry for many heart broken girls hahahaha

ellifeedn 2008-05-31 07:59

The girls aren't heart broken, they don't remember what happened after the spirits are removed and don't know that Keima doesn't really care about them.

A note of warning to all: You should not use the method that Keima uses to win girls' hearts in real life, which is playing thousands(?) of dating simulator games for experience and using that to romance girls.

Though I'm speaking from a realistic point of view, I'm sure that people aren't desparate enough to attempt that, right?

Riker 2008-05-31 11:09

Oh wow, haven't loled this much recently. Ok I'm hooked.

technomo12 2008-05-31 11:49

yeah that is why i feel sorry for them cuz even if the memory is lost the experience of love is still lingers in their hearts hehehe

dam this author he really is a geniuse

Deathkillz 2008-05-31 16:20

"I AM GOD!!!!!"

Lol...for those who get that I just had to shout it out XD

Thanks to a certain someone, I am also joining the bandwagon >.>

This is what happens when you mix code geass, gurren lagann and otakuism.

Otaku lulu and lil' Yoko :D

technomo12 2008-06-01 06:12


WHO DO YOU THINK WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahah GOD only knows hahahaha

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