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Aikousha 2010-07-09 12:39

Kabocha Wine... Finally!
I'm glad to see this finally being subbed in English.

We did show Lovely Complex and a few other shows with a similar feel at our club meetings. Though all the founding members of our club have long since moved on, this type of show was a staple at our creation (we also were showing KOR, Urusei Yatsura and the original Macross).

We would like to start this show, but noticed that with the newest episode, you've gone to .mkv only, and are hoping you will continue to make an alternate version (.mp4 or Xvid/avi) available. We've had nothing but trouble with matroska (mostly with fonts, linking, stalls, syncing, and digital "smearing"), and transcoding has been impossible, as the ones with problems either won't transcode or pass the problems to the final (and yes, we use CCCP AND we have windows XP, Vista, and 7, as well as OSX, and 3 versions of Linux).

Also, with your stance on karaoke (I don't care about styled lyrics, myself, and neither do most of our members), but if you actually insist on going with a matroska only release, then you can actually have 3 sub streams, one sans lyrics, one in Romaji, and one in English, and maybe one in Kanji (or a couple combined). At an average of 20-80K or so for many shows, multiple simple subs shouldn't be a problem

We hope to see you complete this project, whatever it takes!
... and, of course, THANKS!

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