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Dann of Thursday 2008-04-19 01:31

So the first DVD release gets me the first 9 episodes, the OST, a manga, a box, and one of the sound episode CDs? Damn, that is nice even if the price is rather high.

flou 2008-04-19 01:36


Originally Posted by Dann of Thursday (Post 1544930)
So the first DVD release gets me the first 9 episodes, the OST, a manga, a box, and one of the sound episode CDs? Damn, that is nice even if the price is rather high.

Well, when you consider how much a single DVD would cost without the extra goods, it's actually a really good deal....for a lot of money all at once :heh:

Dann of Thursday 2008-04-19 01:42

True, though that means I need to start saving now. I hope the box is the one with the CLAMP artwork on the cover.

So does this mean they made a dub version of the sound episodes?

serenade_beta 2008-04-19 01:55


Originally Posted by Dann of Thursday (Post 1544946)
So does this mean they made a dub version of the sound episodes?

It'd sure be something if they did, but I assume they are simply going to translate the sound episodes and package a booklet along with it.

Dann of Thursday 2008-04-19 02:06

That was what I thought they would do. I'd be rather impressed if they went so far as to dub it themselves.

KrimzonStriker 2008-04-19 23:41

Hello everyone, I've just come from the land of plenty, Comic-con that is. There I saw the English Dub premiere for Code Geass. Now my thoughts...

The overall feel retained the general impact of the japanese version, but I suppose that was more to do with the visual effects and music actually...

Most of the voice actors were surprisingly good, Llyod's voice actor was ever the eccentric mad scientist if with a more sadistic feel to him rather then just oblivious, Jermiah was arrogant and brash as always, C.C was actually pretty spot on I thought, and Suzaku was relatively chipper and naive. Ones I had an actual problem with though were some key ones unfortunately... namely Kallen, Lelouch, and Rivalz.

Now they weren't bad in there own right, but I found them lacking in some key components compared to their Japanese counter parts. Kallen needed to be rougher, she sounded too... uptight for the most part, but I felt she brought it out during some moments that were rather impressive. Same with Johnny and his Lelouch, he got the demure part of Lelouch's facade alright, but I felt he kept at it when Lelouch was being all serious and focused. The some sadistic scenes and smug arrogance was well pulled though, it'll take some getting used too though by hearing Lelouch at such a high pitch compared to usual. Rivalz... I don't know about Rivalz, he wasn't bad but he also didn't feel... laid-back enough. All in all, they have the potential to fill their rolls quite nicely but they aren't there yet I feel.

Also, some of the lines just were overly rewritten instead of keeping to the simple and precise translations which I felt would have given more dramatic impact, and for the most part I also felt it went by way too fast, like some of the voice actors like the ones mentioned above felt rather forced and detached from the events occurring around them and just trying to get the lines out instead of easing into it more naturally.

Overall... 7.7 in my book for the time being. Fixing some of the key voices, especially Lelouch will be really essential in order to bring the dub up to bar, but it wasn't really horrible and I felt it generally kept to the feel of the original series.

Dann of Thursday 2008-04-19 23:52

Hope you enjoyed Comic-Con KS and thank you for your thoughts.

The one thing I was worried about with Johnny was that his voice may not be suited for Lelouch in the dark moments. I didn't doubt he could handle the nice scenes and all, but it was the darker ones I couldn't see him getting entirely. This may have to do with the high pitch of his voice though. Hopefully as time goes on we'll see everyone get more in tune with their roles and adjust accordinly.

And since when is Rivalz a key voice?

And did Crispin as Jeremiah sound like he could later handle the later scenes in 11 and 25? I honestly think he can, but it could depend on the voice he uses here.

KrimzonStriker 2008-04-19 23:58

Yes, Comic-con was indeed a lot of fun Dann, T.M Revolution rocked the house while I was there ;)

Yeah, I didn't say it was all bad, his angst scenes were alright, and his laugh was actually pretty good. Arrogance and smugness was also there... it's just that he doesn't give off the same feel of being a master planner, like he's always in control, which is why I pointed out that it felt like he was bringing out his demure side too often. High pitch will take some getting use too, but if it's done right it could work. The Zero helmet amplifiers might also help in that department >_>

Rivalz brings the bike... for now, so he's still key in my book :p

Crispen was great actually, smug and arrogant and condescending as always, I really think he'll do a good job as Jerimiah, though I haven't seen him in his humiliation mode just yet so we'll still have to see :heh:

Dann of Thursday 2008-04-20 00:05

Oh, they performed? Any paticular songs?

Hmm, well I guess he'll get better as time moves on. I hope anyway. I'm curious to see his performance as Zero which should show how good he can be at this role.

Heh, except Rivalz doesn't look like he has control of that bike anymore.

That's good to hear. Did he sound like any of his other characters in paticular? As long as he can nail "ZEROOOO" in 11 and "ALL HAIL BRITANNIA" in 25, I'm good with whatever he does.

KrimzonStriker 2008-04-20 00:10

Yeah, stuff from the Gundam Seed series, the opening for Soul Eater which is his latest song apparently, Heart of the Sword From Ruronei Kenshin and some other stuff I didn't recognize but found awesome nonetheless :D

Yeah I think how he pulls off Zero will be the essential point in whether or not he can get that dark feeling to him I think >_>

Oh, c'mon, Rollo hasn't stolen it just yet :heh:

Oh yeah, he sounded a bit like Alucard in terms of arrogance and enjoyment out of inflicting pain on others actually. Relatively speaking he keeps about the same voice we're all used to by now, which isn't a bad thing. :p

Dann of Thursday 2008-04-20 00:19

That's a good number of songs. On a side note, did you happen to hear anything on Soul Eater being licensed? I didn't know they did a song for RK though.

The speech on the boat should show if he can do it well or not.

That building did collapse. It may be gone now.

The Alucard voice is the one I would think best for that role at the moment. He does sound pretty much the same most of the time, though Allen Gabriel from The Big O was a bit odd. If he goes with the usual tone then he should pull of everything just fine.

KrimzonStriker 2008-04-20 00:23

Noooppppeee, nothing on licensing as far as I know.>_>

His song is the 3rd ending for RK Dann and the only one for the english version, you didn't know it was him? :confused:

Meh, we'll see, he's not exactly god-awful at the moment, just takes some getting used to for the most part and not cringing at some of the skewered lines :heh:

It's not gone in Season 1 though! :upset:

Yeah, I think he'll do good for the most part as well :)

Dann of Thursday 2008-04-20 00:27

Oh well, I just hope that gets licensed soon.

It's been a long time since I watched RK.

I am worried about the script so far and wonder how they'll right some important scenes later on.

Okay, it's still there in the past.

Yep, so we'll just have to wait and see. We did get a good cast from what I have seen. A lot of well experianced VAs.

KrimzonStriker 2008-04-20 00:29

Well overall, it's far ahead of a lot of other dubs so it should go off relatively well in the U.S I think ;)

Koshimizu 2008-04-20 00:30


Originally Posted by KrimzonStriker (Post 1546771)
Well overall, it's far ahead of a lot of other dubs so it should go off relatively well in the U.S I think ;)

That's a good news to hear. >w<
I'm so looking forward to it.


Originally Posted by Dann of Thursday (Post 1546747)
That building did collapse. It may be gone now.

Lelouch only blew up the top half of the building. And it collapsed sideways. Since the OotBK was hiding in the lower floors, I guess it's pretty safe down there. So maybe the bike in the basement could survive it too. XD

darkchibi07 2008-04-23 17:47

New trailer is out!

I really like Yuri Lowenthal's voice for Suzaku.

KrimzonStriker 2008-04-23 17:51

Oh, wait, speaking of trailers I forgot the male commentator from the first one and at the end of this one is also the voice for dear old Charles... we'll see how that goes I guess.... >_>

Well, its shaping up I have to say, and Suzaku's English voice actually makes me not want to kill him... so much :D

Dann of Thursday 2008-04-23 19:13

I honestly don't think the English Emperor voice will match up to Wakamoto. Of course, that can be hard to do though I did like the English voices for Alexander Anderson and Vicious which were characters by Wakamoto.

KrimzonStriker 2008-04-23 19:18

Ah, how I wish to hear the sweet voice of English dubbed Vicious one more time... he was just a whole bottle of absolute awesome... >_>

darkchibi07 2008-04-23 19:57

And more dub clips:

Yeah, I'm definitely following this once it premieres in Adult Swim.

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