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ShadowX114 2004-01-24 00:23

is it better burning anime on DVD-Rs ?
I just bought a new burner but then I relized that buying a DVD burner could be better. Because usually, I can only insert 3 eps in a CD. So when you burn a big series of ~40 eps like Whistle(39) , that would make 13 Cds for that series. Plus I want to burn many other series. I don't want to have a bunch of CDs so thats the reason why I thought of DVD-Roms but I just wanna know, around how many eps can I insert in a DVD-R if we compare to 3episodes per CDRs (~205MB each episode) ?


Flash_Squirrel 2004-01-24 00:27

Moved in a more appropiate subforum.

testing123 2004-01-24 01:15

DVD-R holds 4.7GB. The math is easy...

ShadowX114 2004-01-24 01:24

ok I will do the math :) , sorry didn't know about how much it could hold, im a semi-noob on those.

One more thing:
1- If i have a DVD burner.
2- I burn animes into a DVD-R
3- will I be able to watch it on a DVD player via TV?

Esperchld 2004-01-24 01:30

you can watch DVD-R on most DVD players, however you will need to re-encode the video and put in some software so that the dvd player can do its job.

My only complaint about the DVD burner is that it you can't overburn at all, and always seems to be ~50 megs less than I want it to be able to hold.

doremon 2004-01-24 01:49

I have a DVD-R. You can fit about 4-5 episodes on it (if you burn it encoded for your DVD video player). I use Nero, you throw the AVI files into the program and it'll re-encode them and burn a nice little dvd with menus and the whole shebang. Another tool in the Nero suite called "Nero Recode" also lets you compress different chapters and sections so that you can fit even more episodes onto the disc if you feel like it. There are also authoring tools there that'll let you chop off the beginning and end credits and stuff. Play around with it, it's fun. But it takes a long time to burn the stuff. (I have Athlon XP 2200+ prcessor and it takes 2 hours to encode only 30 minutes worth of data, which is ridiculous)

Nero is not free, you have to buy it. You can download a fully working demo that works for 30 days.

Or you can burn the anime files in their original AVI format - I can fit pretty much all 26 episodes of a series that way. There are DVD players on the market that are said to be able to play most of the container formats / codecs like DIVX, XVID, WM9, and MP3. Some even connect to your network and let you watch the stuff that's shared on your network. Last I saw they weren't much more expensive than normal DVD players.

The discs are 4.7 GB but they are sold like hard drives - it's 4.7 GB if you think in terms of GB meaning 1000 bytes. It's a little marketing gimmick that's supopsed to make the hard drive look like it holds more (and make it easier for you to estimate the hard drive space in terms of 1000s) In actuality, your computer thinks in terms of GB = 1024 bytes, so really the filesystem on your DVD-R disc can hold only 4.3 GB. This sucks when your anime is JUST over the 4.3 GB threshold and you realize that you can't overburn on DVD-R discs.

Esperchld 2004-01-24 03:31

Actually they are right a gigabyte is 1000 Mbytes (1000x1000 bytes), a gibabyte is 1024 MiBytes (1024x1024 bytes). There is actually a different prefix for talking about the power 2 version. But, it is still REALLY annoying.

crumja 2004-01-24 15:32

I've been burning all my anime to dvd-rs and haven't had any problems. Usually I can fit an entire series (26 eps) on a dvd at 172 MB each. If they're standardized at 175 MB, I split the disc with another series (13/13) and (13/13) that has smaller size per eps (KGNE, Kanon...) or just shorter in general (Scrapped Princess).

ShadowX114 2004-01-24 16:49

ok I became confused after I read doremon's post . It seems that if I want to watch them on a DVD video player then, it will only hold 4-5 eps? If so, then forget it. I just want to watch them on PC, that's mean I can insert a big amount of episodes in one DVD rom, right?

So the software i can use is Nero, I have the full version. But are you telling me that the burning will take 2 hours? Even if I have a fast burner?

What does overburn mean?

dbzgundam 2004-01-24 17:05

If you want, you can easily fit maybe 6-8 episodes on a disc if you use KDVD!

Just use and use the KDVD templates in TMPGEnc!

To get a better quality (since the defaults aren't good enough for fansub sources) I suggest raising the max bitrate to 6000kbps and putting CQ at 80. The degradation is still noticable even with these settings but it's not as bad as the template's defaults... I would estimate the filesizes are anywhere from 500-700MB MPEG2! (normal DVDs use regular MPEG2 quantizers and get 1GB which means you are getting a lot much of a compression ratio!)

For anime, I suggest framserving from Vdub, and make sure VDUB takes care of any framerate conversion as TMPG's sucks. A nice trick is to convert frame rates to 23.976 in Vdub, frameserve to TMPG and encode with the interlace setting "3:2 Pulldown on Playback." Then in TMPG's FPS settings use "23.976(29.97 internal)" This should encode non-interlaced material that takes up less space (it only encodes 23.976fps) and is viewable on TVs and computers! Make sure the color format is set to "Component" (NTSC or PAL isn't recommended because they both aren't seperated colors) One more thing is to make sure the Max GOP setting is no higher than 18 for NTSC material, no higher than 15 for PAL material and DO NOT CLOSE THE GOP!

Encode with TMPGEnc into an M2V file, (MPEG2 video stream) and encode your audio in either AC3 or MP2. (I prefer MP2 since AC3 encoding has proven to be a bitch and BeSweet cannot produce fully compatible AC3 streams) MP2 recommended bitrate for stereo stuff is 192-224kbps ATLEAST! AC3 is the same.

Use TMPGEnc's MPEG Tools (File -> MPEG Tools) and multiplex the MP2/AC3 and M2V file together to form an MPEG file. (.mpg)

As long as you kept every setting in TMPGEnc, within standard, the encode should be fully compatible (unlike KVCD) with DVD players!

crumja 2004-01-24 17:37

He wanted to watch on pc, so i assume that just means burning directly to dvd without converting to mpeg2. That way, you can fit the normal size eps onto there without problem. 4.5 gb (that's after corrections) can story 26x172 mb eps.

dbzgundam 2004-01-24 17:52


Originally Posted by crumja
He wanted to watch on pc, so i assume that just means burning directly to dvd without converting to mpeg2. That way, you can fit the normal size eps onto there without problem. 4.5 gb (that's after corrections) can story 26x172 mb eps.

I was mostly responding to the ppl who actually bothered to convert to MPEG2. (I really don't care about DVDs with MPEG4 material since I can fit 1.3GB on a CD-R anyway.)

ShadowX114 2004-01-24 20:15

guys guys, it seems that you misunderstood me and i'm not understanding you :(

Forget about what I said before. What do I want is burning avi files into a DVD-R with my DVD burner and watch them via PC. In other words, instead of burning my eps into a CDR, i want to burn them into a DVDR which i can insert bunch of eps, instead of 3.

So, is it possible to insert a bunch of episods(lets say 25) into a DVDR? Please, answer me with a yes or no and if theres a restriction, please tell me. I want a short answers because I won't understand if you give me big ones because I know nothing about DVDs and stuff like that


Shii 2004-01-24 20:35

There's no problem with doing that. That's just a data DVD-R, which is common.

You just need the software and hardware to burn. You can try the Nero demo if you only need to test it out.

Kyoji 2004-01-24 21:24

i just burn my anime as data to dvd-r and watch it on my player, can fit about 25 eps per dvd depending on sizes ofcourse ^___________^ then i sit back infront of the tv with food and drinks and BOOOOM

ShadowX114 2004-01-24 23:31

I have the full version of Nero.
So I just have to exchange The CD burner that I just bought to a DVD burner. Then, I can burn eps as Data files with Nero and it should work right?
Oh and how much time does it takes to burn a ~4GB ?

Kaoru 2004-01-25 03:01

please ignore this

Walküre 2004-01-25 10:26

That depends on your DVD-Recorder :) If you have a 4x Recorder it takes 15 Minutes to burn a full DVD, if you have a 8x...... guess what :)

@all others
I just used Nero Vision Express to burn Macross Zero Ep. 1-3 on a DVD as DVD-Video.

Everything went fine, no Errors from Nero.
But... it doesnt play on my DVD-Player and also not on Power DVD on my PC.

i used all the default Options in Nero, and only changed a few Things in the look of the Menu.

As i live in germany Region thingy was set to PAL, is it possible that this might be a Problem, cause the Anime is in NTSC ???

well, cant try again at the moment, cause im out of DVD-R's ;(

P.S. It took 2:40h to encode and burn the 90minutes of Macross

I hope somebody can help :)

dbzgundam 2004-01-25 13:47


Originally Posted by Walküre
As i live in germany Region thingy was set to PAL, is it possible that this might be a Problem, cause the Anime is in NTSC ???

You must use PAL if you want to view the show on your TV, some PAL sets can use NTSC material but just to be safe it's best off converting the video to PAL

In TMPG.......

First use Vdub to convert the resolution to 720x576, and convert the framerate to 25fps. (If source is 24 some ppl like to do PAL speedup but I hate it) Then frameserve this to TMPGEnc

Now in TMPGEnc, use aspect ratio 4x3 PAL, framerate 25fps, and color system component. Interlace option I'm not so sure about with PAL material as I'm an NTSC user, but I suggest using "Non-Interlace." Finally.......Encode it

If all went well the video SHOULD work fine...


Also for everyone who is bitching at the encode speed of DVD material, you all are stupid if you didn't see it coming...... MPEG1 can be done fast, and realtime on some machines, but MPEG2 is a much more complex format. Current machines can DECODE it in realtime, without the assistance of a hardware decoder, but encoding is a whole 'nother operation. MPEG2 usually encodes a bit faster than the best MPEG4 settings but if you want ULTIMATE quality MPEG2....well you're going to have to wait.

For 23mins, I can encode MPEG1 in about 45mins, MPEG2 takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Walküre 2004-01-25 18:21

[QUOTE=dbzgundam]You must use PAL if you want to view the show on your TV, some PAL sets can use NTSC material but just to be safe it's best off converting the video to PAL

I thought a little more about this, and i think the Problem cant be the PAL/NTSC thing,
because i dont think that Power DVD cares if it is PAL or NTSC.

or am i wrong with that ?

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