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msgpoisoning 2004-11-05 12:45

Japanese music recommendations?
i know next to nothing about what's good in japanese music. if anyone has any recommendations i would really appreciate it. If you have a playlist of really good japanese songs, or even if it's just one good song post it. doesn't matter if it's old or new, as long as you think it's good. thanks in advance.

cheza 2004-11-06 20:54

too many~~~~~ cannot count all of them

songs i like recently

all CHOBITS cds

all GUNGRAVE cds

all Naruto cds

all Wolf's Rain cds

all Fullmetal Alchemist cds

One Piece op& ed collection

Inuyasha op& ed collection

hunter x hunter op& ed collection

Sammurai Champloo
~ You ! Sunflower ~
~ aruarian dance ~
~ 624 part1~

School Rumble ~ Ending song 1 ~

Ghost in the shell movie 2~ Innocence OST / 04 - River of Crystals~

D.N.Angle OSTs

12 Kouki ~Memories 十二国記 蓬山遠景~胡弓 OST

a ~~~~~~~ too many `````````

Go B. Ishinomori 2004-11-06 21:00

Jam Project's songs are the best of my collection.

Timeless Enigma 2004-11-06 21:02

Well, most people start out by expanding from the Anime Openings, Endings and Sountracks. So search around for the artists who did that certain OP or ED and go from there.

That's what I did, you don't have to restrict yourself from songs you only hear in anime or games.

If you're into a slightly trancey type of music, then artists like KOTOKO and the rest of the I've Sound members are a good start.

If you want to find out who did a certain song, a pretty good resource is Anime News Network, and search for the anime. The OP/ED info is usually available, otherwise you'll have to utilize that sticky thread at the top of this Music forum.

BTW: Are you looking for something like J-pop? Or maybe you like orchestral tracks in the soundtracks?

cheza 2004-11-06 21:16

just found School Rumble ending 1(onanokootokonoko) download~~

one of my favorite kawaii song~~ ^^
but music sharing on this forums````````````````````````

Timeless Enigma 2004-11-06 21:46

You might want to take down that link, music sharing and the like aren't really allowed on these forums. Just a friendly warning.

AndrewLB 2004-11-06 22:06

Good Japanese music exists, but you aren't going to find any of it by talking to people on this forum.

But, if you insist, I'd recommend stuff like the background music in hack, noir, etc. Escaflowne had some damn good stuff, a few HnI songs were okay. Arjuna had nice music too. Almost all the good music is without lyrics. The second lyrics enter the picture, the Japanese tend to lose it.

And yeah, while groups like Jam Project and the pillows aren't bad, they still can't compare to basically all the decent musicians in the US.

And CERTAINLY, Chobits music is bad. It's beyond bad. It's fucking painful. NEVER go near it.

Timeless Enigma 2004-11-06 22:18

Not necessarily. I liked a lot of the Chobits soundtrack. It is all opinion. Then again, my primary tastes in music are Electronica and orchestral pieces.

MidoriShinobi 2004-11-06 23:18

Um.. It really depends on your taste, but some of my favourite songs are

Shabondama - Morning Musume (I like a LOT of stuff by them, but it's an aquired taste)

Ringo no Uta and Ishiki - Shiina Ringo (favourite artist. I have everything by her.)

seiftis 2004-11-07 08:28

Okay.. copied my playlist. There's more, but it's enough I think...

AndrewLB 2004-11-07 10:44


Originally Posted by seiftis
Okay.. copied my playlist. There's more, but it's enough I think...


And my laptop playlist is just the Delgados folder dumped into winamp.

onizukaPwns 2004-11-07 11:47

i think akino arai stuff are always good. her voice is smooth, and her songs are ussually relaxing.

seiftis 2004-11-08 05:13


Originally Posted by AndrewLB

And my laptop playlist is just the Delgados folder dumped into winamp.

What's so terrifying about? -_-;;
It's all up to personal taste anyway...
And yep, Akino Arai's voice is smooth~

DaFool 2004-11-08 05:47

My favorite anime soundtracks:

Koi Kaze
Elfen Lied
Gunslinger Girl
Da Capo
Kurau Phantom Memory
Last Exile
Witch Hunter Robin
Uta~Kata (not out yet I think)

They share strong instrumentals, i.e. if ever they use synthesized music, you can't tell, since they use a lot of strings. Strings I like.

Oh yeah Japanese music in general, I only get exposed to non-anime J-music when I'm flying on an international flight. Where I live people would rather play 80's music than play anything from Japan.

HenyTran 2004-11-10 11:35

For anime soundtracks, if you like instrumentals I'd recommend Rurouni Kenshin Trust and Betrayal soundtrack. Also I really like the music from KOR, some really nice piano songs from there. The Kenshin TV and Naruto series is filled with catchy songs that you might like too.

naru-hamisaki 2004-11-10 12:25

do you listen GACKT?
they are so good...
the last umplugged is very good
of course l'arc is a good band, but gackt have a very good solist singer...
that is my aport

PD: please :help: with my english

Craig 2004-11-10 19:00

Great Japanese Music
Hey, don't know if you've checked out the Bleach series yet, but the opening song is performed by a group called Orange Range. Turns out they also performed the 2nd ending theme for Naruto. I've gotten a hold of some of their other stuff and it totally blows me away. These guys are GOOD! I suppose it depends on what type of music you like, so I'll describe to you the genre or the sound that that might fall under. Here goes: if you took the japanese language, found a few fast talkers, taught two or three of them how to rap in Japanese, then added some insanely talented guitarists, you might come close to Orange Range. It's a big band, I think there's 8 of them, but they really know how to rock out. If you like the opening theme to Bleach, you owe it to yourself to look them up on the web. Turns out they've had quite a few top 50 Japanese Billboard songs (5 maybe?). Anyway, I know its just one band, but anyone who hasnt listened to these guys is really missing out.

Dempsey_Roll 2004-11-12 19:18

if you like japanese rock, then you will defintely like hajime no ippo ost. their first 3 starting songs are sing by a jrock band called shocking lemon. and i like their 3rd ending song which is a english song sing by an old skool jrock band called saber tiger [note] X Japan's hide was once a saber tiger member.

IDentity 2004-11-14 10:16

Get anything from SPEED or their solo stuff...

sarcasteak 2004-11-14 21:12

[KOTOKO - Re-sublimity] singles is out...Re-sublimity is okay at best, but agony killed me instantly and sent me directly to heaven!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

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