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KiNA 2007-03-19 02:01

KiNA's little corner ^^

Just something I've been doing .. All sig are free for use. No string attached. Just dont go around saying that you made them ;) ... I wont do any request, sig is released as is.

All I asked is that you'll tell me which one you want and where you plan to use it. Cookies/+rep for it is encouraged but not necessary. I do this for the fun of making sig. Fair enough? Oh, you can butcher them too if you so wish, I get a good laugh at them :D and learn from the mistake you'll point :sad:

Why I'm doing this? well, sigmaking became a hobby.. and instead of me go around changing sig everyday, might as well release it for public use. Some would be totally out of my personality that I'll never be able to use it as my sig anyway.. Girlish style sig comes to mind :D. Some would be too ecchi for some peoples .. Cant help there .. I frequent /e/ in 4chan's a lot :naughty: .. beside /hr/ .. Dont like it, dont come preaching to my ears. :bash:

Sig styles would vary, as I like experimenting .. Some style would be whored to death.. some would be plain failure :heh: .. some would be animated if I feel so bored ...I'll try to keep it within suki forum rules (if able) ... :D

I'll update the 1st post so I can marvel at my masterpieces as I made them :heh: .. or not :uhoh: Feel free to comment ^^

First up ... Rukia's sig, I've released this on bleach av/sig request thread before.. but totally forgot to check back if anyone claim it :heh:

2nd, Kallen of Code Geas .. 2nd choice girl after CC, she's a first choice girl in earlier episodes for me.. then her character gets butchered to be a Zero's fangirl .. >.< .. would not be too bad if she was to become KiNA's fangirl tho :D
Probably her best scene so far in CG .. IMHO :D

3rd, Tomoko of Canvas2 .. the other girl I drool in canvas2 .. I've never watch the show tho :D .. prolly would equal Saaya if it wasnt for the loli tag tho >.<

Edit Post #8
Revy of Black Lagoon. Filter work + a little brushing + smudging. GODDD I hate smudging work =/. I sux at it.

Edit post #10
I dont play much game now, Morrowind.. DotA .. Sexy Beach 3 :naughty: ... So here's something tribute to my other hobby .. apart from flaming and saging poor 4channer tards and playing with photoshop.
Crystal Maiden from the DotA game :D
erm,, dont expect me to pay tribute to sexy beach 3 game here :D

Haruno Sakura from Naruto .. post timeskip Sakura is pure :love: .. well, still cant beat my fishnet Temari tho .. but overall HOT :naughty:

It seems that I'm addicted to c4d renders! O_O

edit post #14
Fatechan of Nanoha :uhoh: Why do she have different body? sometimes a loli body.. sometime she's a fine "droolable" babe? :confused: Keep her in droolable state laaa :frustrated:

edit post #15
Wow.. just wow, never expected to be making a sig of him, honestly.. I'm more of a fanboy to his bro D: ... well, anyway, still, capture his personality and determination there... Oh, that quote wasnt suppose to be readable.. its I avenge my clan anyway :O

edit post #18
Signum of Nanoha.. the other girl apart from adult Fatechan .. the others are rori .. Roricon = BAD :frustrated:

Poor poor Athrun.. He's lucky Cagalli and Kira are twins :D .. Thats why he is an emo kid in GSDisaster.

edit post #19
Nerinechan .. Cause someone keep asking me to make one or he wont come and comment!


edit #21
2 days of MIA lol .. fever @_@ .. something new to warm up again .. Meet BC from vandread
@_@ T_T

edit post #23
:love: Kaede:love: Kaede:love: Kaede:love: Kaede:love:
:D ... :D:D:D

edit post #25

Hahaha.. actually, my ISP going wonky on me tonite .. I actually wanted to play dota online.. but what the heck >.< .. Have a chibi Ama.. pure innocence, no BG work ... LOLOLOLOLOL :heh:

edit post #27

A level up to the above sig.. Just slapping some pictures together and called it my sig.. I'm sooo cool =x

edit post #31
LenaLee of D.Gray-Man .. or RinaRii @_@ .. So hard to search for this beauty's picture... Luckily, a good anon under nick HAL9000 provide some of his MT stash over at 4chan.. Blessed him for that :D

edit post #33
Please welcome the guy who gets the unexpected power level up to continue Bleach saga :D ....

j/k.. Ikkaku is soo coool ^^

edit post #36
Are you my master? ... Man, if a gal as pretty as this asked me.. I dont care if I'm not ... I'll answer YES

Total sig posted.. 18 :D .. I have till mid April before I'll reduced my sig activity a bit, so I can concentrate on my forthcoming semester test.. but till then, I'll sig spam. ^^

edit post #39
OMG RORI! :frustrated:

edit post #54
Ginsama no Tameni!!!!

20th sig .. YEY :D .. next sig will be in another post, so people wont choke on the 1st post ;) .. I'll link up here ^^

2nd Batch.. In case you need more selection to choose
Go ME! :heh:

3rd batch!!!
Sheogorath ! when will this mad spamming will stop? O__O

4th batch >_<!
Woo.. I'm alive again .. Prolly would take twice as long to reach the 20 sigs limit as I'm now interested in experimenting other things offered by PS as well :D Its a fun toy to play ^o^

5th batch.. I should have renamed this to Horo's batch, because I so spamming Horo sig ..lots of source.. so little time
Well.. its a fifth batch, probably most filled with Horo signature .. Altho I could do other sig if I feel like it tho :p

6th batch >_<
I'm slacking..

OH SHI- 7th batch!
Oh yea, Nicknamed ..Tsukiumi INVASION!

8th batch
Not that it matter much with the thread almost dead due to my inactivities :(

9th batch
After what??? 9 months? :D

Avatar collection .. not much tho.. I hate making avatar from episodes nowadays
Read: My VDub is not configured correctly for newer encode =_=

Old stuff .. Mostly experimental animation signature

Seiyuu signatures.. ALL females :heh:

My transparent extractions @ Daisuki
I've started submitting my own render extraction to Daisuki nowadays. Its been a while since I hang out there leeching their stuff.. Its a small community, but I like the feeling there.. unlike the time I've spend in AnimePaper.. yes I do have an account there as well.. As much as I hate them.
Daisuki website dead.
My random fanart work in a website OMG!

Daniel E. 2007-03-19 02:53

Haven't see you post in this section for a while, it's good to see you are back. :)

Anyway, from the ones you posted here so far, the Canvas 2 one is the best IMO; Never got around to watch that show though. :(

Radiosity 2007-03-19 04:33

I almost feel like stealing the Tomoko sig myself :D I'm working on one myself though so I won't. Nice work as usual :)

And Daniel - go watch Canvas 2 dude, it's one of the better anime of its type.

Thany 2007-03-19 06:48


Originally Posted by Radiosity (Post 867896)
And Daniel - go watch Canvas 2 dude, it's one of the better anime of its type.

Agreed on that :p
And yeh, the Tomoko's signature is the one signature you made that looks the best :)
Also Tomoko isn't loli :p

Riker 2007-03-19 07:24


Originally Posted by Thany (Post 867953)
Also Tomoko isn't loli :p

She's more goth than loli. We should force KiNa to watch Canvas2 for Hagino's loliness. ^^

And yea, the Tomoko sig is the best out of the 3, although it still can't beat my most totally awesome crop sig, it still comes pretty close. :3


5 minute crop job. lololololololol.

Last_Hope 2007-03-19 10:36

Oh, wow, very nice work KiNa. Especially the Rukia one was very nice she felt sophisticated, as she should considering what her status in SS is. :)

Deathkillz 2007-03-19 16:44

you recent new style looks awesome :D need to try some of that BG abstract myself :3
Tomoko is pure love...kiNA go watch canvas 2! >.<

KiNA 2007-03-20 00:18

Thanks for the replies and healthy dose of +rep :D ...

@ Dan, well, I still lurks around here ... After that Shuffle incident, we KKKs have reduced all our activities around here .. There's a few of us left around here, but mostly we lurks.

@ Rad, Thany, Riker, DK .. I'll consider Canvas 2 after I've exhausted my anime list later.. seasons nearly over anyway, need to hunt for new animes ^^

@ Last_Hope .. What do you expect:p

New one.. Revy "2 Hands" from Black Lagoon. THE B!tch. :D

Last_Hope 2007-03-20 00:36


Originally Posted by Kira_Naruto (Post 868975)
@ Last_Hope .. What do you expect:p

A cookie. :D :p

Man, I want to learn how to make these things but IŽm so busy all the time. I donŽt wanna be busy, I want to be a rich bastard like Paris Hilton! Of course IŽd spend my money on a real nice couch and a flatscreen to watch anime on. :heh:

KiNA 2007-03-20 05:46

:D ... Paris Hilton = rich? more like a Bit -ch :o .. yes I know she's a rich bastard ._.

Next up, something none anime that interest me :D

Rylai Crestfall the Crystal Maiden of DotA ...
She's a beauty OMG.. Second only to the hotty Lina Inverse (not related to the anime 1) but then again, she's ice base.. Ice and hot dont work well together Maybe cool? Cold? :eyespin: .. Lina on the other hand is fire base.. so yea, she's 1 hot babe :D


>.< ... KiNA no Ecchi!


EDIT : I must have been *VERY* bored :heh:

Left side is free of any work .. either I'm too lazy to think up something to put there, or just pure artistic instinct (yeah RIGHT! :heh: ) .. What you guys think?
2nd Tsunade or Tsunade Jr.. Your pick :heh:

btw dk.. no brush work on last 2 pieces :p ... And you still didnt understand sig depth didnt you? :(

Last_Hope 2007-03-20 14:14

Oooh, IŽve got a 2nd green dot now. :D

Hey KiNa, wouldnŽt Lenalee from D.Gray-Man make a pretty good material for a sig? :)

YouŽve got a cookie coming, just have to spread Žem a bit more first. :)

Skane 2007-03-21 05:25

All hail Tomoko of Canvas 2! I nearly had a heart attack from what the producers did with her in the last episode. :p Damn those "bastards"! :heh: Watch it, watch it now! :D

ADD] From Pelliser,


bigdave 2007-03-21 17:03

KN>> WHOA!!!!! O___O

Real nice Sigs there KN!!!!!!!! ^__________^
man I don't know how to use the brush to make it look all cool T__T

Btw I never understood what that rep button did! :confused:
So is that like a rank kind of thing???

KiNA 2007-03-21 23:15

@ Skane .. Hai Haiz .. After I clear out all my animes to empty dvds.. I'll consider Canvas 2 :D

@ BigDave .. :D, strangely, none of the signature display here is done with brush BG .. except the 1st Rukia sig.

No time to make a sig yesterday... Probably no time to make one today as well :'(

Edit : Scratch that .. here's something I cooked up recently ... Seeing DK keep bombarding this forum with his Fatechan :eyespin: I figure i tried myself to do one myself.

Sorry if she goes out of personality in this sig ..she kinda look a tad evil :uhoh: as I cant bring myself to watch loli filled anime >.< Altho, I must admit, signum makes it really tempting to watch :naughty:

KiNA 2007-03-23 04:35

Well, probably the last sig for this week .. and who would have thought he gets a chance to make to this thread.. I know I wouldn't expect to be doing a sig of him O_O

Sasukehime .. What can I say about him ... Naruto true love :heh: and probably Orochan as well :D .. Its a triangle of yaoi love O_O.

.. :uhoh:

Dear god >.< I scare myself even thinking of it >.<

p/s: Not to be confused with Kira Naruto's true love tyvm :D

White Manju Bun 2007-03-24 11:19

The Kallen one is fab!! I just love it!!

The Revy is sig also great, the bg works really well for her...explosions seem to follow her :heh:

Nice work, hope to see more soon ^^

Last_Hope 2007-03-25 08:59

@KiNa :bow:

Could I order a sig of Lenalee for "that forum"? ;) :heh:

KiNA 2007-03-26 04:32

^ That requires me to have a source pic of lenalee ... which I dont .. sooooo ...

Well, 2 days not touching PS sure dull my skills .. not that I have abundance of it before :heh:
Signum ... hmm.. what can I say about her, the only girl I crazy about in Nanoha I guess.. apart from the adult Fate :D

Athrun .. totally awesome in Gundam Seed... then came the disaster called Destiny :frustrated:
/raise AsuCaga flag \(^o^)/

KiNA 2007-03-27 09:14

Hahaha.. Actually going for 400x120 px sig.. then i got stumped in the middle of the process .. and the left side screw up beyond help.. so cropped out LOL .. it look like tentacles @_@ .. must be thinking of the last episodes of shuffle:memories .. damn eels :naughty:

Nerine.. prettiest shuffle girl in the game .. thats a given .. but Kaechan already stole my heart forever @_@

Last_Hope 2007-03-28 12:29

Alright, IŽll see if I can find a pic of Lenalee that makes me feel like this ---> :love: or :naughty:


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