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Stark700 2019-09-20 11:54

Fruits Basket Second Season


The 25th and final Season 1 episode from the new anime of Natsuki Takaya's Fruits Basket manga aired on Friday, and it announced that the second season of the anime will debut in 2020.

Stark700 2019-10-19 06:09

New footage

Stark700 2020-01-17 08:10

Season 2 will be airing in Spring 2020

SidVicious 2020-03-04 06:30

New Fruits Basket Anime's Season 2 Unveils April 6 Debut

Funimation announced on Wednesday that the second season from the new anime of Natsuki Takaya's Fruits Basket manga will premiere on April 6 at 25:30 (effectively, April 7 at 1:30 a.m.) in Japan. Funimation also debuted a new key visual of Tohru Honda, the Somas, and others on the beach.

Funimation also posted a message from creator Natsuki Takaya, in which she acknowledged that even she had forgotten details she wrote over a decade ago. As a result, she found herself crying when reliving the story to approve the upcoming season. She concluded, "The characters in the second season have lost their way, but it's because they are lost that they can make the most out of it and struggle to search for the right path. I hope everyone will watch over them until they find their way. It would give me the utmost joy if everyone will love them as they search. I look forward to watching as a viewer myself."

SidVicious 2020-03-09 11:00

Funimation Screens 1st 3 Episodes of Fruits Basket 2nd Season Anime in U.S. Theaters on March 30-31

Funimation announced on Friday that it will screen the first three episodes of the Fruits Basket 2nd Season anime in select theaters in the United States on March 30 (English dub screenings) and March 31 (English-subtitled screenings).

Funimation Films' website is listing theater locations.

SidVicious 2020-03-13 09:46

Fruits Basket 2nd Season Anime Reveals Student Council Character Designs

The official website for the Fruits Basket 2nd Season anime revealed on Friday two character visuals for characters who will appear in the season. The designs feature student council characters Kakeru Manabe and Machi Kuragi.

SidVicious 2020-03-18 05:35

Fruits Basket Anime Season 2's Full Trailer Subtitled in English

Stark700 2020-03-27 13:10

Crunchyroll confirmed to be streaming the new season

Stark700 2020-04-06 12:56

First episode is up

This was a fun way for Fruits Basket to return. Yuki's fan club (especially Makoto) never ceases to amuse me. The recap was a short sweet overview that reminded us where we are now. The OP song shows some off some new characters there too. I'm really excited to see what else this season has to show tbh.

BD/DVD listing shows 6 disks so expecting this to be another 2-cour, perhaps 25 episodes again.

Wandering Soul 2020-04-06 14:55

The second season starts with an episode focused on Motoko. Can't really say I care much for her, but she can be funny and she did get some character development.

Kanon 2020-04-06 18:48

Kind of odd to start with a story like this. I can't say I enjoyed it much, but I am interested in the vice president and the treasurer.

Master_Yoma 2020-04-06 20:58

Well its back and starting off again with Motoko again

Kyo really needs to stop being kicked outside by Yuki

Frontier 2020-04-06 23:10

I wasn't expecting an episode focused on the Yuki fanclub, although I find Motoko endearing in some respects, but all in all it was a pleasant and fun return for Fruits Basket :D.

The new Opening is yet another pleasant and peaceful theme, and shows off the main cast along with Rin and her horse form. Which really does look like her as a horse :p.

Shigure is actively rooting for a love triangle with Tohru, although he's losing all faith in Kyo's chances :heh:.

I'm glad Uotani managed to set those delinquent girls straight. Now they're basically her fangirls :nod:.

Yuki sure has an interesting bunch to look forward to working with. A treasurer who can't seem to get organized and is as afraid of contact as a Sohma with the opposite sex and a vice-president who is lazy, a tease, and only joined because he thought it would sound like he's in a Sentai :eyespin:.

Hey, Yuki finally has someone he really dislikes other then Kyo! And he can't beat Manabe up for it, either. Although he seemed to learn to appreciate someone who won't put up airs with him ;).

I love how Motoko acts like this noble, aristocratic, high school girl when she really lives in the upper floor above her family's store where she argues rowdily with her plain mother :p.

I know it was the moment Motoko fell in love with Yuki, but calling him "beautiful" probably had the exact opposite effect she was going for :uhoh:.

At least Motoko has enough self-awareness to dislike how hostile she can be to other women because of her feelings for Yuki, and what a poor person it makes her, and that led her to a genuine moment with Yuki in the end :).

The new Ending feels like the sibling to the previous, showing off the Zodiac as they head off to the banquet in a soothing low-key song. I guess it spoils who the Rooster is if you look closely enough, as well as shows what Hattori would've looked like if he was an actual dragon. Poor Kyo is left out still as The Cat, but at least they were all together in the end :cool:.

MeoTwister5 2020-04-09 06:52

At this point I'm convinced that 95% of the school's student body are out of their goddamned minds.

Blaat 2020-04-13 15:09

Episode 2 was a great episode, a much better way to start the season than the first episode.

Also Tohru's nose-blowing sound is ridiculous cute.

Wandering Soul 2020-04-13 16:16

The first episode worked if you were looking for a nice humorous reintroduction. This worked as a more character focused reintroduction, which I prefer.

This episode had some pretty good moments. Kyo and Thoru's talk shows how the two are really willing to let down their walls around one another. Seeing Kyo's true form was a good thing for both of them.

Kazuma claiming Kyo as a his "son" and Shigure actually giving good advice was nice too.

Kanon 2020-04-13 18:36

Now that was a great episode!

It was a small scene but I liked the Uo and Hana bit. Probably because they're my favorite characters. Actually, I liked everything about this episode. Tohru and Kyo being closer than ever, Shisho confronting Kyo's father and vowing to protect Kyo, Tohru sharing her worries about the future, and finally Shigeru dropping some pearl of wisdom and lightening the mood.

Master_Yoma 2020-04-13 20:53

Well finely get to see Kyou's father who a dick Then theres Kazuma who cant do multiple things at once reading a book and cooking he all most burned down his place

Kyou really need to start wearing a motorcycle helmet

Akira Theia 2020-04-13 21:36

This alongside the episode with Kyo's true cursed form have been my favorites episodes so far because TohruxKyo is one of the best written anime/manga pairings I have ever seen. Their cute, sweet moments, their development, how we see them make each other better. It's all perfect. I'm not exaggerating when I say their most meaningful moments never fail to make me tear up.

Here we see that Kyo brings out something in Tohru no one else can, not even Yuki. Normally, Tohru is the one who listens and comforts when someone else is in emotional distress. However, she can't open up about her own problems because that might trouble others. Kyo can tell how she really feels without Tohru saying so and make her drop her 'everything is fine' mask. Both feel like they can be free to be themselves around each other and be each other's emotional support, not just one way around.

Kyo's biological dad is one of the most disgusting parents in this series. There's only a pair more that will appear later that compare to him in the human garbage department. So awesome to see Kyo's real dad tell me off.

Frontier 2020-04-13 23:03

There is little doubt in my mind that if Hanajima were boy she would for sure seriously try to marry Tohru :p.

Hey, I wouldn't knock Uotani's chances of getting married first. It worked out well for Kyoko ;).

Nothing like bringing a girl back home so that your adoptive family can reveal all your most embarrassing moments to said girl :heh:.

I can never get enough of Kyo and Tohru! They're just so adorable together, and they really bring out the best emotions in each other :D.

Yeah, I kind of preferred Kazuma with longer hair too. It really added to his zen master character :).

We finally properly meet Kyo's biological father and he's a real piece of work. He kind of looks like Kyo with black hair but while Kyo has all his problems his dad has apparently been living it up in this huge house full of vintage records, all the while worried about what Kyo will get up to out of a misplaced sense of hatred and fear after what happened to Kyo's mom. Thankfully Kyo's real father was there to put him in his place :cool:.

Nothing like having to make a mandatory declaration of your future career to get you really concerned about the future, and nowhere is that more complicated then for the Sohma's. Even aside from Kyo, who probably has the worst fate of the lot in store if Akito has his way, we have Tohru concerned about whether she will be able to make it in the real world :upset:.

Luckily Shigure is there to show that even he can offer proper advice once in a while :cool:.

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