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Theowne 2009-09-11 17:28

I don't want to get too off track here, but golthin's post didn't mean anything until your post connected it with a date of airing, which then made it obvious to someone whose perused the Adachi wiki article before (me, also currently in the middle of the series). That being said, I'm not terribly offended, everyone makes some errors at times.

BetoJR 2009-09-11 17:33

That being the case - and also an extreme coincidence - I apologize. Nothing worse than having someone spoil something you're reading/watching, if you didn't want it so.

Nevertheless, one could make a case about which girl was being talked about, tho. You might be surprised... :heh:

monir 2009-09-11 17:50

Sexism is adamant in every aspect of life. There are no specific categories of sexism either. It depends on the individual perspective in relation to the social norm, culture, environment, and within many other equally contributing factor he or she grew up in. The things a western viewer like myself would find or recognize within the term of "sexism" may not apply to a Japanese viewer. A Japanese, viewer, may recognize something else to be sexist that a western viewer did not even consider or can't even fathom the line of thinking. On top of that, the subject of sexism reflects upon how open an individual is and how much he or she is willing to accept from a certain point of view.

I liked Cross Game thus far in that regard aside for the physical aspect of it, but that's one of the flaw that I've always recognized in sport's anime all together. Nothing new there. Now if I want to delve into sexism and should even a feel little guilty about it, then I would have stopped watching harem/ecchi/bishoujou series a long time ago. (Ladies are equally guilty for enjoying their daily fix of yaois) And I know very well that won't happen any time soon. :p

To Proto: As the saying goes, we reap what we sow. :p Spoiler tags added.


Originally Posted by Willen (Post 2637230)
She has one goal in mind: making Wakaba's dream come true.

I think we can all agree to that without any reservation. :)

golthin 2009-09-11 19:03


Originally Posted by BetoJR (Post 2638708)
Well, it was golthin that spoiled the ending, not me. He should tag his comments, as well. :p

well, that is why i didn't say the name as there are many Adachi manga with love triangles and the manner that the chosing is done is not discovered till the VERY end. You rounded down the choices of the many manga by mentioning the time the manga ended :p

BetoJR 2009-09-11 20:08

Yeah, my bad. :p

joeboygo 2009-09-11 23:27


Originally Posted by Proto (Post 2638446)
I'd doubt the anime producers intention was to go as far as to demerit the value of girl baseball....

It's not about intention. Nobody sets out to "F" things up. That stuff just happens. That's why we have the old adage that the road to catastrophe is paved with good intentions. And this ties in with the main point of my post. If the anime people can't execute their original content without pissing all over their show's own public service message (and those PSA spots cost scarce money and airtime to make), you have to wonder how "together" their act actually is, and reconsider whether they should be taking any more liberties with Adachi's material.

Proto 2009-09-11 23:49

Disclaimer: On a second read, I come off as a little rude in this post, but no offense is intended. I swear it over my boy scout funny hat.

I normally disagree with original source purists of any medium (book->movie, novel->play, manga->anime) of anything since they tend to treat the original source as the holy gospel, and sadly this time I won't be able to make an exception. Particularly in this case since you are trying to twist every "error" in a way that somehow it's product from deviating one milimeter from the original script, such that it'd seem that the only way you'd be happy is if they did a photo montage of the scanned manga pages.

And I know that you have praised the anime before, since I know you'll come that way, but all those praises have been when they happen to do a frame per frame adaptation of the story. Give the guys some slack, after all we are the ones giving that particular sequence the worst possible interpretation.

joeboygo 2009-09-12 07:24


Originally Posted by Proto (Post 2639284)
Disclaimer: On a second read, I come off as a little rude in this post, but no offense is intended

In that case I shall avoid a second read. Let's move on, shall we?

AlaAlba 2009-09-13 01:37

any info as how many episodes cross game is?

the problem is, they will lose to ryuuou if it were 52 episodes. but they ll surely win if it were only 26 episodes :)

jpwong 2009-09-13 04:53


Originally Posted by AlaAlba (Post 2641547)
any info as how many episodes cross game is?

It's supposed to be 50 some episodes according to other people in the thread. There's certainly enough source material to take it that far.

monir 2009-09-13 07:40

Episode 24 was really enjoyable. it had the kind of interaction that made me like Cross Game. A lot of our speculation based on what Aoba wanted for her self in regards to the game of baseball was answered without uttering more than couple of sentences. She just threw the ball from the mound while Kou silently caught it till dusk. And then he said, "Laters. Don't give up baseball." Aoba gasped, shaken... and then replied, "There is no way I'm going to give up."

It is indeed hurting her for being left out from their baseball team. She loves this game too much and just too capable to be sitting among the spectators. I sure hope the loop-hole to get her in the game is found as early as possible in the nearest of future.

aorta 2009-09-13 15:14

Proto 2009-09-13 18:53

I'm starting to feel like the bad guy here since it seems like i only come to this thread to complain about someone or another, but I still think any comparison anime-manga should be moved to the manga thread, given that the people there are, for the most part, the only one who had had exposure to both mediums. You can't have much meaningful discussion here when most of the people won't be able to do a proper comparison given that they don't have anything to compare to.

Proto 2009-09-13 20:39

I just watched ep 24, and I have to agree with monir in that this was an excellent episode, of the quality we have grown used to expect from CG. The OST and color palette usage is just masterful in this series, and it all serves to further enhance the scenes that were already strong in the manga version.

The only side part when I kind of disagree with monir is that I don't really see Aoba love for the game having a happy ending, and the overall thing having quite a sad reality crash.

MeoTwister5 2009-09-14 06:07

I forgot to say Subs have been out a while.

Also seriously this thread is really getting so spoilery as of late. Does anyone even care?:(

Pellissier 2009-09-14 07:14

Apologies manga readers, but this ain't working here.

Remember what monir just said a couple days ago?


Originally Posted by monir (Post 2635543)
Goal here is to provide a safe-haven for the first time viewers, a place for spoiler-free discussion. That can happen only when we all do our part. Rest assured, we won't intervene with the course of this anime-adaptation discussion as long as a manga reader doesn't take unfair advantage of it.

I normally don't mind comparisons between the original source and the anime if the events are in the past, but that reasoning goes as far as a light mentioning of such differences is mentioned. What you're doing here is more of a discerning of the whole, which is something I'm inclined to reject. Going so deep into analysis put in serious danger other members' perception of facts and characters. I have read a few lines of your reports, and I can't say I wasn't starting to feel influenced by reading them, therefore I immediately stopped.

I'm not saying what you're doing is wrong, but certainly it is in the wrong place. For several reasons:

1) As Proto said, no one here could really debate with you aside other manga readers, hence why coming here (an anime-only thread) in the first place?
2) As I mentioned early, you might alter other people perception of the story or of the characters. Which is something I absolutely believe only the anime should do, and nothing else.
3) The risk, while doing the comparison, of unwillingly spilling even a minor future event, or something implying it, is really really high.
4) This kind of work would be perfect *once the anime has finished* , not while the anime is barely *in the middle*.

Therefore from now on, I need to ask: please leave any kind of manga discussion out of this anime-only thread.
If you wish to post, refer to what you've seen in the actual episode, and forget about everything else. If you wish to comment while comparing with the manga, then post in the manga thread. At least there you'll be sure of not spoiling anyone.

Important: All the recent manga discussion has disappeared from the thread, but it hasn't been deleted. Since I can see there's some hard work (from The Rumblefish and joeboygo in particular) behind, if you wish to have the content of those posts back, just pm me and I'll send them to you.


Originally Posted by joeboygo (Post 2642937)
There are certain things that you just won't get back if you see the anime before reading the manga, and part of what I'm trying to do here is restore a little bit of that foregone experience to those who haven't yet read the manga.

Like I said, it's not that I find it a bad idea and I do understand that your intentions are good. But said idea can't be illustrated at this point of time, when the anime only watchers are still in the process of forming opinions and speculations about characters' behaviours and story's development.


Originally Posted by joeboygo (Post 2643157)

Originally Posted by Westlo (Post 2643138)
it's not like we're getting Senda filler...

I really wish you hadn't said that. I really really wish you hadn't said that.

Also, could we be less cryptic?

a) If it's a spoiler or a potential spoiler, report it.
b) If it's not, either leave it alone either make it clear what you're trying to say.

MeoTwister5 2009-09-14 09:05

I really loved episode 24.

I don't think I really realized how much I've gotten to know Kou as a character when, as Akaishi says that it's that time of year that Kou passes on all invites, I immediately thought "Must be Wakaba's birthday" and sure enough I was right. As someone who tends to have really random memory skills, the fact that I got this right the first time is a sure sign of great characterization and writing.:heh::heh::heh:

Azuma calling Kou something of an enigma is right on the mark. At times he's so easy to read and at times you never know what he's thinking. Sometimes his motivations are clear and at times you can't see what drives him. Wakaba's last dream lives in him and Aoba and you know this drives him, but to me there's always been something nagging that makes me believe there's also something else there. It's really very intriguing.

Classic Kou-Aoba conversation in the middle. I really like it that they can mention Wakaba even in jest, which really shows their maturity and not being so caught up with her that, in other shows, mention of the dead tends to really ruin the mood of the scenes. I for one wouldn't mind seeing Aoba be part of a cheering squad for their school.:eyespin:

Bishounen pitcher's obviously no good compared to the shutout Kou made. That said, I guess the scene where Aoba looks on as the rest of the world seems to black out looking at Kou could be open to a wide range of interpretations, but I guess I'll save that for when we get deeper into their games.

Actually no let me rephrase that: I always saw scenes like this as part of her regret never being able to "really" play baseball. I'm not here to debate the entire issue of men's or women's teams, levels etc., but we all know that this is about the baseball she wants to play in, no matter the shape or form. Whatever her true idea of playing real baseball is, her sadness and regret is made painfully evident, and it really sucks she can't seem to reach this dream.:(

And at the end of the episode, at the 20:00 mark is for me, is the best scene of the entire season, bar none . They didn't even need words. Aoba felt so left out of the game that she wanted to pitch some to release the tension. Kou already knew this and offered to catch for her. He would have probably let her pitch to her hearts content, hell as a hyperbole maybe in perpetua, but she was clearly tired and he asked her to stop.

"Don't give up on baseball." "How could I give up on it!"

Aoba flinching makes me think that Kou is already that good in reading her. At the end of it all, her comment that he never let up and did his best no matter who batted was likewise an indication of just how good she herself can read him. To me, this is perhaps the point where their true "romantic" relationship will probably begin.

Best episode of the season so far.

joeboygo 2009-09-14 09:31

The Mod has spoken and I accept his judgment in the proper spirit. Full stop.

And the Senda filler is something I hadn't even considered, until he mentioned it. It can happen.

To MeoTwister5:

Pare, pasiyensiya nalang kung nakasira ako palabas. Hindi mauulit.

FuzzyWuzzy 2009-09-14 12:21

[edit: removed by mod]

Also that cousin character who I forgot the name atm is way too aggressive and way too passive at the same time. He is being too aggressive at the wrong time and being too passive at the wrong time also. Hanging on to Aoba's words and obeying her plus waiting for her when she didn't want to is not a good sign that he will even have a shot at her. He should have joined the baseball club when he went to see Aoba if he really wanted to be with her that bad. He should have given up one dream to have a shot at another one.

BetoJR 2009-09-14 13:06


Originally Posted by FuzzyWuzzy (Post 2644188)
[edit: removed by mod]

Dang, I didn't even have time to reply with a sarcastic comment... in the time it took me to hit the "Quote" button and the edit page to appear, the text was gone. Nice work, Pellissier. :heh:

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