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bramabull4316 2009-03-12 09:17

Cross game
I have no clue why there hasnt been a thread being post for this new anime in spring o9'. The manga is great and even though the writer Adachi Mitsuru has a history of cliffhanger endings and his character drawings not all that great still you can appreciate the story and character development which are amazing. Btw this is not only a baseball manga but a lot more of a romance and slice of life.


Kitamura Koh has known the Tsukishima family for years. One of the Tsukishima daughters was even born on the exact same date as Koh! What will become of Koh when his best friend is no longer around?

When: 5th april
Where: on Tv Tokyo
Number of Episodes: 51


Director : Kawaguchi Keiichir? (Hayate no Gotoku!, Zettai Karen Children)
Story : Masaki Hiro (Konjiki no Gash!!, Full Moon wo Sagashite)
Chara-design : Shishido Kumiko (Detective Conan)
General Director : Maeda Minoru (Dragon Ball, Touch)
Studio : Synergy Sp (Major, Zettai Karen Children, Hayate no Gotoku!)

Kitamura Kou : Miyu Irino (Daisuke Niwa -D.N.Angel-, Syaoran -Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle-)
Tsukishima Aoba : Tomatsu Haruka (Lala -To Love RU- , Nagi -Kannagi-)
Tsukishima Wakaba ; Takigawa Akane : Kanda Akemi (Asuna Kagurazaka -Mahou Sensei Negima!- , Fujibayashi Ryou -Clannad-)
Tsukishima Ichiyo : Toyoguchi Megumi (Winry -Full Metal Alchemist-)
Tsukishima Momiji : Shitaya Noriko (Kasumi Tomine -Alien Nine-)

opening Summer Rain by Kobukuro
ending Koigoarete Mita Yume by Ayaka

edited to add the episode count for this series.


Winner of Animesuki 2010 Choice Award for Best Overall Series; Best Romance Series; Best Drama Series; Best Sport/Game Series; and Best Male Character

ZODDGUTS 2009-03-12 10:21

I'll be checking this series out love the manga. Hell I bought a new PC to watch it in HD lol since my current computer can't play most HD videos. Anyways hopefully it does a good job capturing the manga well including the comedy is done, Touch did a pretty good job at that. :)

NeoSam 2009-03-12 10:27

Is the manga more of a sports focused manga, with little romance... or does it have a serious romance story... becasue I'm really not interested in watching a fully focused sports series.

ZODDGUTS 2009-03-12 10:45

Like all of Adachi's work the main focus is the characters followed by the sport. Romance is a main focus in the manga involving several characters as well which you would like, there's also several twists to it but saying it would really spoil the series big time... Really surprised me more then once. @_@

bramabull4316 2009-03-12 11:39

yeah all of Adachi's works are mostly romanced focused the baseball part is to me the icing on the cake, like in the manga a baseball match goes for like 2 1/2chapters, in Major as an example, takes what like 7 or so plus his training and w.e leading up to it this manga isnt like that, i hope some one subs it regularly and not dismisses it just cause it has baseball on it or it looks like a sports manga.

JetsDuck 2009-03-12 12:12

Yeah, I'm really happy this is getting an anime adaptation. I love Adachi's style, it looks really clean, simple, and nice. I hope they do Aoba well, she's my fav character in the manga.

It's pretty cool that Cross Game's going to be coming out soon, I was just in the middle of re-watching Touch. :heh:

Xellos-_^ 2009-03-12 14:36

i was hoping to see Katsu! get anime first but oh well. Hope it doesn't end the way H2 did.

holyalexander 2009-03-12 14:49

i think i will check on this one..

Hamchan 2009-03-13 04:21

I've wanted to check out the manga but now i'll just wait for this :)

ZODDGUTS 2009-03-13 06:41


Originally Posted by bramabull4316 (Post 2267900)


One thing to ask that's the correct info right? Because ANN has different people listed for the staff for this series:

The director that is listed on ANN is a bit iffy quality wise in he's work, hopefully the staff that you posted is the real one.

bramabull4316 2009-03-13 09:46

well to be honest i got that info from the guys that scanlate the manga its in their website so im not 100% that it is the correct info, and from what i know ive been searching around the anime doesnt have a website for some reason.

Kaoru Chujo 2009-03-19 09:26

ANN has the correct staff. bramabull4316 posted the correct cast (according to 2channel and Japanese Wikipedia).

Director Sekita Osamu did Ichigo 100%, unfortunately, an anime that served its source material very badly. But writer Tsuchiya Michihiro did Major, KimiKiss, and Nijuumensou no Musume. The manga is popular enough to be in its 15th volume.

edub 2009-03-21 02:45

Any idea how many episodes there are going to be? I love this manga..well, pretty much all Adachi's work. (although I swear he only draws three different characters, just different haircuts)

ZODDGUTS 2009-03-24 09:25

Trailer at TAF.

They don't show much only background images.

Nosauz 2009-03-24 12:01

well from the backgrounds this looks very unadachi... i haven't touched cross game yet because I can't stand reading unfinished adachi works, any body can confirm artstlye used in manga versus the taf preview?

kyouray 2009-03-26 20:39

Official website is open :

Staff :
Director : Osamu SEKITA (関田修)
Series composition : Michihiro TSUCHIYA (土屋理敬)
Character designer : Yuuji KONDOU (近藤優次)
Animation directors : Toshiyuki KOMARU (小丸敏之), Kenji FUJISAKI (藤崎賢二)
Art director : Yutaka MUKUMOTO (椋本豊)
Direction of photography : Hiroki TSUBOUCHI (坪内弘樹)
Music : Kotaro NAKAGAWA (中川幸太郎)
Sound : Takeshi TAKADERA (高寺たけし)
Animation production : Synergy SP (シナジーSP)

TheFluff 2009-03-26 21:24


Originally Posted by bramabull4316 (Post 2267900)
I have no clue why there hasnt been a thread being post for this new anime in spring o9'.

it's because no one watches sports anime, at least no one in the english-speaking world. most likely more people will watch this than any of the other shows this season, but there will about three people talking about it in english

SageGaiGar 2009-03-28 10:42

Read more into the series, it'll get better. It's slow but it's (fairly) realistic.

Kinda agreed with Fluff about how discussion of the show will go. I'll likely be one of those three people.:heh:

ZODDGUTS 2009-03-28 10:52

Ugh spoiler it jeez. You ruin the plot twist that happens early on.

Guardian Enzo 2009-04-01 13:15

So - that's what this is! I saw the manga all over the place when I was looking at Major and Oofuri in Tokyo, and didn 't know what it was. The covers are cute, and it's relevant to my interests. Haven't checked the wiki - anyone subbing?

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