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Kirito 2014-10-20 14:56

Certainly has been a long while since I've been on here. None the less, time to get this started...


ganbaru 10/10 - Been quite awhile since I've critiqued a avi or a sig that you use ganbaru, but sure is great to do so. For someone who's currently reading Bungaku Shoujo I really fell in love with Miho Takeoka's artwork/illustrations. I don't know how to put it, but her illustrations are really pretty and they really grip you. I could stare and admire them for hours. Weird I know but that's how I truly feel about them. Please don't judge!

But I digress! On a critiquing note I really like the coloring and the mirror like border. It's like looking at a beautiful portrait at a art museum that can peer into your soul and invoke emotions from you. As usual you never fail to make me feel emotions both cryptic and fascinating. "Claps" Truly well done, as always!:)
YISUG 6/10 - A weird one but it has its charm. Can't really comment sorry.
ArabianLuffy 8.5/10 - A tilting head Luffy is always fun to see. Nicely done. I really like it and the size and border look really good.
SOGESNAKE 8/10 - Interesting and unique. The loop is smooth and easy to follow so great job on that one!
iSuckAtWriting 9/10 - I think I reviewed this one already, but just in case. I'm really a fan of Bungaku Shoujo series and Miho Takeoka's illustrations. I'm on the 2nd volume and it's really engaging. Great series to use as your avi...nice! Plus the border looks really colorful and pretty, too.
Frailty 8/10 - The color and the zapping(?) look really cool. The border looks a little distorted though. Either it's intentional or not...still looks weird.
mangatron 10/10: You truly know how to capture the greatness and sexiness when it comes to anime girls avatars. Are you and Eroking eternal rivals in the art of ecchi or something? Anyways... um, yeah, Ellen sure has sexy legs that for sure and the looping oh my god. All I can say is "boner approved!":love:
Krytonis 9/10 - A little plain but the girl in the picture looks really cute and the border looks really nice. I like it, nice work.
Konokaga 9.5/10 - As a big Love Live fan you get a big score and plus Kotori is really funny and cute. Her interactions with Umi-sama are the best... and really full of heart. Still my Umi-sama is the best...enough said!:eyespin:
Rikimtasu 8.5/10 - As someone who love to play UNIEl I personally think that Vatista has the best theme in the game. It's really pretty and serene, plus the design of the avatar really screams cuteness for a stoic Automatic Nerve like her. Awesome work "thumbs up".
risingstar3110 9/10 - The avatar looks really cool and sexy to boot. The loop and transition is a bit weird, but the uniqueness and the border makes up for it. All and all I really like looking at it. Still looks sexy so high score on that one.
Cruachan 7/10 - This is well... Um. I'm sorry I just...I-I can't sorry.
inisipis 8.5/10 - Big Suzu fan here. And the loop and avatar really brings a smile to my face. Plus the border is simplistic which also accompanies the image well.
Triple_R 9.7/10 - As usual you sure love your idols Triple R. But one thing's for sure...Honoka really knows how to take the stage as a center really well. The pic used truly is pretty, the coloring is satisfying on the eyes and great to look at, and the border color also captures her bright and sunny personality. Nicely done dude "applause" even Honoka would truly be proud!:) But Umi-sama is better, but that's just me.:eyespin:

Akuma Kousaka 2014-10-28 09:42

Kirito--Nice loop quality and focus. 8/10
ganbaru--Looks a little smaller than usual, like how detailed it still is though. 8.3/10
Triple_R--Can't tell if expression is inviting for smirking. 8.2/10
ArabianLuffy--Good focus and perfect loop. 8.6/10
Konakaga--I actually think it could do without the border, unless that background isn't clear and it just so happens to be the same color as the forums (but I'm using blue, so...) 8/10
insipis--What delorean2200 said. What hacks did you use to make that? :eyebrow:/10, or 9/10
Cruachan--wat. 8.5/10
risingstar3110--A little stiff. 7.9/10
Krytonis--Nice focus. 8/10
Rikimatsu--Kind of a lot of pixelated. 7.9/10

ganbaru 2014-10-28 11:33

Kirito 8,5/10 good loop
Akito Kiomoto 8,4/10 somehow, it feel like the focus should had bee moved a little

Triple_R 2014-11-23 01:17

Kirito - 9/10 Excellent gif avatar. Lovely colors, great timing, stylish look.
Akuma Kinimoto - 8.8/10 Good purple border. Good job matching avatar with sig. Pretty topical avatar choice, reflecting your own view on a prominent recent anime movie.
ganbaru - 8.8/10 The circular avatar, as opposed to oval avatar, is a nice change of pace. Pretty as always. If I had to make a suggestion, maybe darken it a bit? Seems almost too bright.

SOGESNAKE 2014-11-23 02:16

Akuma Kinomoto: 7/10 - A nice simple image, the focus is fine.
ganbaru: 8/10 - I'm... actually not sure how I feel about round avatars actually. Probably just a personal thing... but it looks great all together~
Triple_R: Border goes with the avatar nicely.

Triple_R 2015-02-24 16:33

SOGESNAKE - 8.6/10 That's a very well-done gif. :heh: Good focus, and I like the colors.

DOmus 2015-02-24 22:31

Triple_R - 8.7 Nice pic.

ganbaru 2015-02-25 21:53

Triple_R 8,4/10 can't remember if I rated your before.
DOmus 8,6/10 a very interesting one.

ArabianLuffy 2015-03-05 17:59

ganbaru: 8.9\10
DOmus: 8.5\10
Triple R: 8.8\10

ganbaru 2015-03-07 11:15

ArabianLuffy 8,5/10 a good attention grabber

Akuma Kousaka 2015-05-06 08:38

ganbaru--Looks a lot sharper than usual while still being hazy 8.4/10
ArabianLuffy--Maybe you could've moved out the speech bubble? 8/10
DOmus--Perfect loop and no lack of quality, or maybe the grainy quality is intentional. Either way, 9/10
Triple_R--Nice focus. 8.3/10
SOGESNAKE--Perfect loop. 8.7/10

Om Nerabdator 2015-09-22 06:04

Akuma Kinomoto -liking the see through background 7/10
ArabianLuffy- big boss...what else can i say 10/10
SOGESNAKE- i miss revy....9/10

Akuma Kousaka 2015-10-30 10:55

Om Nerabdator--The text on the right makes it a little busy. Decent bust shot though 8/10
ganbaru--Her hair wrapping around the oval makes for an organic piece 8.4/10

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