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Ronin Aquila 2006-02-09 03:20

Mai Hime Role Playing Game Character Stats Writeups
As a(n on topic) flight of fancy, and as prepatory practice for the Role-Playing game campaign I'm about to run, I'm doing a selection of writeups for Mai-Hime characters as Role-Playing Character Sheets.

Feel Free to contribute your version of characters with your choice of systems. But make sure to do a quick blurb of how the rules work so that the stats make sense to the un-initiated.

I will start with the rule of the Simple-Yet-Elegant Cult-Favourite Game, Story Engine, work my way through to the upcoming Big Eyes Small Mouth Third Edition, D20 System and eventually full Fledged and Complex Hero System writeups.

Story Engine Overview.

Each character has a set of descriptors, ranging from simple ones like "Charming", "Fast", "Bad Tempered" "Lucky" to complex ones like "Hungry Like The Wolf", "A Lifelong Fan of The Red Socks Baseball Team", "Swift as the wind" to "Cute As A button. Unlike of ther RPGS, you get to chose whatever descriptor you like.

Each is assigned one of the four following Aspects: Mind. Matter. Spirit. Chaos.

When called to perform a task, the Storyteller assigns a number of Odds you must roll over, that is, a number of odd numbers you must roll with multiple six sided dice. The difficulty ranges from ridiculously simple (1 odd) to Impossible (9 odds)

Each Descriptor gives you a single dice, so its best if your work together with teammates to get multiple dice. For every "One" you roll, you get to roll an additional die, and over again each time you roll a one, so no matter how seemingly hard a task is, ANYONE has a chance to succeed.

Edit: Note However, that even if you don't have an appropriate descriptor, you can STILL try any action because you automatically get a single dice no matter what action you perform. That dosen't mean you'll necessarily succeed, as shown in the cooking-competition fiasco.

You may "burn" appropriate descriptors to get an extra die for that scene by dramatically describing how you are tapping into your aspect (EG. "Yukino-Chan is so So Painfully Cute that you can't help but believe her. " "Okay, you get an extra die for this scene.") You can only burn a paticular descriptor ONCE a scene.

Now, each Affinity, that is, as skill or familiarity (EG. "French Culture." "Fencing" "Cooking" Seduction") can convert a single die into an automatic oddd. Primary Affinities are familiarities that only ever give you one automatic odd (EG. I am Chinese) But secondary affinities are skills that have varying degrees of mastery. A weak secondary affinity gives you one auto odd, a fair one two odds, and a strong one three.

Edit: Note that Items can have affinities also, such as "Sharp Sword (Strong)" "Night Vision Goggles (Fair)" and "Armor Piercing Rounds (Weak)" that can give you automatic odds, and can be burnt to give you an extra die for a scene.

Combat is Resolved by each side rolling their respective dice, and whomever has the more odds wins, and subtracts health levels equally divided amongst the losing sides by the amount of however many odds they won by.

For the sake of this thread, each begining character of equal importance to the story receives:

Four Descriptors (Three Positive Qualities, One Negative)
Two Primary Affinities (One Cultural, The Other A Supernatural Power)
Three Levels Of Secondary Affinities.

Now Onto The Frist Writeup.

Ronin Aquila 2006-02-09 03:24

Tokiha Mai (Circa Episode 1): Story Engine Version.

Tokiha Mai, Human Female.


Loves Her Brother (Spirit)
Healthily Beautiful (Matter)
An Excellent Housekeeper (Mind)
Dosen't Think Of Herself Enough (Chaos)

Primary Affinities

Highschool Life.
Hime Powers.


Housekeeping (Fair)
Hime Skills (Weak)

Will Gradually Upgrade her to match her progress throughout the series.

Next Up Mikoto-Chan.

Ronin Aquila 2006-02-09 07:14

Minagi Mikoto (Circa Episode 1): Story Engine Version.

Minagi Mikoto, Human Female.


Energetic and Atheletic (Matter)
HUGE Appetite (Chaos)
Driven To Look For Brother (Spirit)
Hopelessly Naive (Spirit)

Primary Affinities

Hime Skills.
Miroku (Sword, Strong Affinity)

Secondary Affinities

Swordsmanship (Fair)
Hime Skills (Weak)

Next Up Natsuki.

Ronin Aquila 2006-02-09 07:20

Kuga Natsuki (Circa Episode 1): Story Engine Version.

Kuga Natsuki, Human Female


Atheletically Beautiful (Spirit)
Cool As A Cucumber (Mind)
Fast as Lightning (Matter)
Cold And Ruthless (Spirit)

Primary Affinities

Hime Powers.
Elemental Pistols (Mild Affinity)

Secondary Affinities

Firearm Use (Fair)
Hime Skills (Weak)

Next Up, Writeup Of Episode 1 In Gameplay Action, followed by character Power Level Upgrades according to experience gained through adventure.

wombatlord 2006-02-09 07:32

Over the Edge Mai Hime Char Writeup #1

Well, that's cool. Just to confuse everyone, I will try rendering the characters in the Over the Edge RPG's game engine. It's not too complicated:

Every character has a central trait (Doctor, lawyer, indian chief, Elvis reincarnated, 5th dimensional brain possessing energy being) which is very broad and conveys their central most skills. They then have a variety of much more narrow side traits which differentiate them from other people with the same central trait (Strong, Fast, Master of Trivial Pursuit, Cow Tipper, etc). Each trait has a sign associated with it and a rating in dice and the character has a weakness which subtracts 1 die from all activities related to that trait.

Normally, you have 2 dice by default in anything a normal person could do; technical traits which exceed normal human capacity may be rated only 1 or 2 dice if you're fairly novice at them.

So, we have:

Mai Tokiha

Central Trait: HiME of Fire (4 dice) Sign: Red Star Tattoo

Side Traits:
Part Time Jobs (3 dice) Sign: Waitress outfit
Treat Brother's Medical Condition, 1 die Sign: Nags Brother to take his medicine
Strong-Willed / Stubborn (3 dice) Sign: Notoriously hard to persuade to change her mind
Child: Kagatsuchi (5 dice) Sign: Red Star Tattoo

Weakness: Sacrifices own goals for brother's sake (-1 die), Sign: Nags brother to take his medicine

Tremalkinger 2006-02-09 08:46

Gargantuan Outsider (Fire, CHILD)
Hit Dice: 20d8+ 260 (351 hp)
Initiative: +24
Speed: 40ft, 200ft fly (good) [220,000 ft while exiting atmosphere (escape velocity)]
Armor Class: 42 (-4 Size, +16 Dex, +20 Natural Armor)
Base Attack: +20/+36 grapple
Attack: +34 melee (4d6+18 and 2d6 fire, bite) or +38 ranged touch (4d8 fire, breath laser)
Full Attack: +34 melee (4d6+18 and 2d6 fire, bite), +29 melee (2d8+12 and 2d6 fire, 2 claws), +29 melee (2d6+12 and 2d6 fire, 2 wings), +29 melee (2d8+12 and 2d6 fire, tail slap) OR +34 ranged touch (4d8 fire, 4 breath lasers)
Space/Reach: 20 ft / 15ft (20ft reach with bite)
Special Attacks: Death throes, breath weapon.
Special Qualities: Aura of Menace, darkvision 60 ft, flaming body, Carry HiME, HiME Bond, Immunity to fire, electricity, disintigrate, polymorph, petrification and negative energy attacks, resistance to cold, acid and sonic 10, spell resistance 28, true seeing
Saves: Fort +25, Refl +28, Will+ 28
Abilties: Str 34, Dex 42, Con 36, Int 28, Wis 42, Cha 48
Feats: Wingover, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Superior Improved Inititative, Weapon Focus: Breath Laser, Weapon Focus: Bite, Extend Breath Weapon, Widen Breath Weapon
Environment: Fuuka Accademy
Organization: Unique
Challenge Rating: ??
Treasure: None.
Alignment: By HiME
Advancement: By character level
Level Adjustment: ---

Death Throes (Ex): When killed, Kagutsuchi explodes in a blinding flash of light, dealing 400 damage to all creatures withing 200 feet (Reflex DC 38 for half). After 1d4 rounds, Kagutsuchi is reborn out of the ashes of its destruction (along with its HiME, if it was carrying her). No method of perminantly killing Kagutsuchi is known at this time.

Breath Weapon (Su): Using its breath weapon is a standard action. Once it has breathed, Kagutsuchi may not breath again for 1d4 rounds. It extends for a line for 240 feet long, 10 feet wide and 10 feet tall. Any creature caught inside the line must make a reflex save DC 36 or suffer 44d6 fire damage.

Carry HiME (Ex): Kagutsuchi may carry its HiME at no penalty to its attacks. She is immune to its Aura of Menace and Flaming Body effects, as well as being unable to be targeted by attacks from outside sources. She suffers no damage from area of effect spells, nor any damage from environmental effects such as the vacuum of space.

HiME Bond (Ex): A HiME bonded to Kagutsuchi may attempt to command its actions with a Charisma check (DC 19).

Aura of Menace (Su): A terrifying aura surrounds Kagutsuchi when its HiME gets ready to fight or becomes angry. Any hostile creatures within a 100 foot radius of Kagutsuchi must make a Will save DC 29 to resists effects. Affected creatures suffer a -2 penalty on attacks, AC and saves for the next 24 hours.

Flaming Body (Su): Kagutsuchi's body is wreathed in flame. All melee attacks Kagutsuchi connects with deal an additional 2d6 fire damage, and any creature grappled by Kagutsuchi suffers an additional 12d6 fire damage per round.

True Seeing (Su): Kagutsuchi has a continuous true seeing ability, as the spell (caster level 20th).

Ronin Aquila 2006-02-09 09:04

Ooh, D20 Kagutsuchi!!

What about Mai-Chan's stats, good sir? D20 BESM no doubt? ;)

Though I'm not sure about the Charisma Check to Command Part: Kagutsuchi was quite obedient to Mai throughout the whole darn story....

Ronin Aquila 2006-02-09 09:20

Since He Will Be Relevant To The Gameplay example to follow, Here's Our Favourite Metal Pup....

Dhuran (Episodes 1-24) : Story Engine Version.

Canine Child


Graceful Ferocity (Matter)
Loyal To Natsuki (Soul)
Fast As Lightning (Matter)
Hauntingly Elegant (Soul)
Devastating Firepower (Chaos)

Primary Affinities

Child Powers
Tough As Nails (Duran Receives Twice Amount Of Health Levels Per Injury Category)
Ballistic Catridges (Chrome, Silver, Flash, ETC. All at STRONG level affinity)

Secondary Affinities

Ballistic Combat (Strong)
Close Combat (Weak)
Evasion (Mild)
Protecting Hime (Strong)

Bear in mind that as it is more than likely Dhuran has lived for centuries serving under different masters, he would have aquired much more experience and is hence more powerful than a begining character would be. ;)

Tremalkinger 2006-02-09 09:28


Originally Posted by Ronin Aquila
Ooh, D20 Kagutsuchi!!

What about Mai-Chan's stats, good sir? D20 BESM no doubt? ;)

Though I'm not sure about the Charisma Check to Command Part: Kagutsuchi was quite obedient to Mai throughout the whole darn story....

Not a fan of BESM or Modern, so I can't help there. And I threw in the check to command because of Mai screaming for Kagu not to fire during Mikoto's death sequence, and Kagu not listening. *shrug*

Ronin Aquila 2006-02-09 09:31

Then again, his breath weapon has travelled so far up his throat that discharge was inevitable, command or otherwise.

Could you do a standard D20 interpretation of Mai-Chan then? ;)

Captain Picard 2006-02-11 20:41

OK, dude, you made Kagutsuchi more powerful than a Balor. The freaking Obsidian Lord would run from a Balor. A Balor would kill every Child without breaking a sweat at the same time. A Balor could end the entire HiME world while beating four archmages at chess. Also, you've come up with this thing with Death Throes that is not really supported by the anime (yes, I do know where you got it from), and it makes the thing next to impossible to CR as anything that can actually beat it will almost certainly die in the end. With that kind of damage dealing power, its CR becomes something gigantic, like 35, and then its HD is remarkably low.

Then again, I remember in an argument with my friend we determined that a HiME or Child cannot have a CR simply because a HiME is a creature with an ability to summon something of significantly higher CR than itself. Mai is probably 1 Expert/1 Warrior by the end of the series, with fairly low (certainly no bonus) constitution. She'd have like 11 HP, and if a level 9 wizard (Kagutsuchi would wipe this guy off the planet) casts Magic Missile, she'd take 5d4+5 and almost certainly die instantly, and Kagutsuchi then dies as well. To a single level 9 wizard.

Myself, while I never bothered to fully stat them, I'd put the Mai-HiME characters around here:

Obsidian Lord - Advanced Gelugon disembodied for posession (CR18)
MIYU - High HD construct with int score and high abilities. Hard to place HD due to Construct rules (CR~16)
Nagi - 14 Fiendish Human Sorcerer [Greater Teleport is a 7th level spell, and could be MUCH higher given how frequently and liberally he uses it] (CR15)
Kagutsuchi (CR13)/Mai - 1 Expert/1 Warrior (CR1)
Mikoto's Child [forgot name] (CR12) [lower than Kagutsuchi because Kagutsuchi would be more difficult for a standard party to fight]/Mikoto - 4 Barbarian (CR4)
Kyohime (CR12)/Shizuru - 2 Fighter [she knows what she's doing] (CR2)
Vlas (CR10) [forces Will, so higher CR]/Yukariko - 1 Warrior (CR1/2)
Shiho's thing [forgot its name] (CR10)/Shiho - 1 Commoner (CR1/3) [Ha ha]
Gakutenou (CR10)/Midori - 3 Warrior [strong but improvised] (CR2)
Gennai (CR9)/Akira - 4 Rogue [she knows what she's doing]
Duran (CR9)/Natsuki - 4 Fighter [Trained] (CR4)
Julia (CR9)/Nao - 3 Rogue (CR3) [I am not saying Nao is more experienced than Shizuru, but Rogue levels are much easier to get in our world than Fighter levels]
Diana (CR8) [limited power]/Yukino - 2 Expert

Not enough information:
Fumi/Mashiro - Impossible to call due to lack of usage
Akane/Harry - Gone too quickly, but probably CR 9 or 10

I would stat all Childs as Outsiders with the Native subtype. Their essence is from the likely conterminate slightly Lawful Evil Plane of Fuka, but they were "born" in the Material Plane. This is what makes a Native Outsider, and it wouldn't make much sense if they were able to be banished to the Land of Fuka with any spell. In general, they would have lower than usual Constitution with higher than usual Charisma and Strength (Mai series characters in general seem to be very offensive oriented), since Childs could never take very much punishment in relation to their damage-dealing capabilities.

Also, I'd make a Child subtype that had all the restrictions and benefits associated with what a Child is according to the series.

The Anachronox 2006-02-11 20:43

20 Outsider HD? True Seeing? 12d6 Flaming Body? 400 damage Death Throes? 42 Dexterity? 28 Intelligence? 48 Charisma?

I'm sorry, I don't think I read that right.


Come, now. I'm not a complete efficionado with D&D, but I have been playing for 4 years, and I have been a DM for months. At a level like that, Kagutsuchi would be taking down Balors left and right. There is no evidence to support most, if not all, of the listed Supernatural and Extraordinary abilities.

Considering that we've never seen Kagutsuchi die, we can neither confirm nor deny its Death Throes, despite no evidence to the affirmative. But how, may I ask, would it do more damage than a Balor's? The Balor, a living testament to fury of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss, put to shame by a human girl's servant? The same can be said of this 12d6 flaming body. Both abilities are at least twice as strong as the abilities of the same name and function of the Balor, a being of living dark fire. Not only do these abilities leave the Balor in the dust, but Kagutsuchi is revived in 1d4 rounds.

True Seeing? Where would you get that? The only invisible creature in Mai-HiME was Yukino's Child (the name escapes me), and I don't think it ever fought Kagutsuchi.

Those ability scores are FAR too high for any creature. I don't see any mental ability scores exceeding around 40, including Gods, outside of Dice Freaks. With 28 intelligence, and an alignment like Mai's, I'm pretty certain that it would have been able to outsmart the entire festival on its own, communicate this to Mai, and avoid the fighting all together. I doubt it even has an intelligence score, since it either acts on instinct (fighting what it believes to be a threat) or according to Mai's orders, when they don't interfere with its stronger instincts, such as blowing up Mikoto.

With 48 Charisma, it would command everything. This is almost twice a Great Red Wyrm's charisma score. Even a 61 HD Advanced Great Red Wyrm is statted in the Broken Level Handbook as having 32 charisma. No human nor Child would be able to withstand its sheer aura. This, I'm sure led to your reasoning for Aura of Menace. However, this Aura is completely unsupported by the series, since most characters were quite able to act against it. It easily could be a dragon's frightful presence, but this exceeds anything even remotely plausible for a Child, or any non-epic creature, for that matter.

In accordance with high intelligence and its Mai-like alignment, the dexterity score should have allowed it to re-direct the breath weapon away from Mikoto when Mai commanded it to do so.

The Breath Weapon is a completely reasonable ability with completely unreasonable stats. 44d6? This is more powerful than Hellball, an epic spell with a spellcraft DC of 90. The only evidence for this was blowing a stream through the island, which would be easily accomplishable by a level 10 wizard casting Lightning Bolt. In order to have an average damage of 44d6 (154), you would have to advance a Great Red Wyrm by 2 virtual age categories, making it a major epic creature, which Kagutsuchi, at your generous 20 HD, is clearly not.


Originally Posted by Tremalkinger
No method of perminently killing Kagutsuchi is known at this time.

This takes the cake. This makes Kagutsuchi a literal God. Not only is it broken, but it destroys any form of canon, since Kagutsuchi is easily killable. Not only did it have a rather hard time with Duran and Shiho's Child, but it has a gigantic weak point: Mai.

But, wait a second...


Originally Posted by Tremalkinger
Carry HiME (Ex): Kagutsuchi may carry its HiME at no penalty to its attacks. She is immune to its Aura of Menace and Flaming Body effects, as well as being unable to be targeted by attacks from outside sources. She suffers no damage from area of effect spells, nor any damage from environmental effects such as the vacuum of space.

Thus, it is completely unbeatable, debalancing the entire series. Not only was it evenly matched with the other Childs in the manga, it is outdone by Kyohime's physical attributes in the anime. The only things that could put a stop to it would be Temporal Stasis and Imprisonment, which would be difficult to use, due to its saving throws. If these stats were true, the Gods would chase it down and destroy it before it debalanced the universe.

I like Mai-HiME as much as the next guy, but this is ludicrous. Unless the Childs are Gods by their own right, this is utterly inaccurate.

Oh, and by the way, no creature can take Superior Initiative unless it has 21 or more HD.

Tremalkinger 2006-02-11 20:46

Um... heh. Wow, I can't believe people are actually debating the balance of a creature I created in 10 minutes off the top of my head. There's no way in hell that its balanced, nor was it created with the intention of actually being used.

Settle down boys.

Edit: No one got upset because I forgot to subtract the penalty to his attacks from size?

The Anachronox 2006-02-11 21:04

Damn. I knew I missed something.

Captain Picard 2006-02-11 21:05

Debate makes us all better players and DMs. Nothing personal. I just like talking about D&D like this.

And Jesus, I am slipping! *Checks temperature*

EDIT: I just realized: I'm debating D&D rules on an Internet message board dedicated to an Otaku Hour anime show with a Star Trek username and a pirate avatar. looL

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