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marvelB 2010-03-23 09:39

One Piece - Chapter 579 (manga)
Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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The epicness of the current storyline has still yet to cease this week, folks! A whole mess of spoiler pics came out that shows the nitty-gritty details of the chapter! Now, for the summary:

-The marines are attacking Law in order to prevent him from escaping with Luffy. Meanwhile, it seems like Blackbeard is fighting against both Sengoku AND Garp, whom he taunts with glee as he says that their age will end along with the fallen Whitebeard's......

-Meanwhile, the PX battalion have crossed over to the pirates' half of the plaza. As this is going on, Smoker and Tashigi try to tend to a wounded soldier, but the VA Doberman barks at them to abandon the soldier and crush the remaining pirates. Tashigi notes that her colleagues' spirits are all high since they've met their objective, yet they still lust for more pirates' blood even though they've achieved victory......

-Kizaru is now ready to stop Law, telling him to leave behind Luffy. Buggy tosses the fatally wounded Luffy and Jinbei over to Law, but before the supernova can make an escape, Kizaru teleports right next to him. However, right at that moment, Coby shouts for his fellow marines to stop fighting, and gives a heartfelt speech about how pointless it is to continue fighting in a war that they've already won, and that ignoring wounded comrades and piling up the numbers of casualties on their side is just plain stupidity. Akainu pretty much says that he has no use for soft soldiers who don't walk the path of justice, and is about to exterminate the young, tender-hearted marine with his magma fist......

-....When suddenly, a mysterious figure blocks the attack with his sword! The new intruder tells Coby that the distraction he provided with his courageous speech may have indeed decided the fate of the world. Back at Law's ship, a familiar pirate, Ben Beckman, points a gun at Kizaru at point-blank range. The intruder turns out to be no other than the Yonkou Red-haired Shanks, who picks up Luffy's straw hat, and announces that he came to bring this war to an end.....!!!

...Huh, so Shanks actually came, after all. I've seen so many people predict the possibility of that happening that I figured he would butt out of this war. To be honest I have no problem with his intrusion at this point, since he at least came after both Ace and Whitebeard died.....

By the way, I'm glad to see that Kizaru was the one to stop Law from escaping, after all. However, while I had predicted that the NW captains would be the one to deal with the admiral, I guess he'll have to answer to Shanks' crew now (I at least hope that Lucky Reaux takes him on, since he's the only guy in that crew that I really have any interest in). I also see that the prediction of Garp fighting against Blackbeard came true, as well. I still sort of wish that he were the one to interrupt Akainu instead of Shanks, but oh well. Let's just hope we see the aged hero hand out an epic asskicking to Blackbeard's crew before he too may join Whitebeard in eternity......

Heh, I also can't wait to see the interaction between Buggy and Shanks now that they're back together after so many years. Buggy's followers will undoubtedly crap out the biggest of bricks at this development. :D

So... er, yeah, waiting for full chapter, now.......

Edit: Ah, I just noticed that Beckman's pointing a gun at Kizaru's head. 'Twas kinda hard for me to tell from this blurry spoiler pics. :p I'd still rather see Lucky fight, though.....

james0246 2010-03-23 10:10

Damn, what a spoiler...what a chapter. Shanks appearance, while not that surprising, is still over-the-top cool. And Blackbeard literally rolling the world around him is f*cking fantastic.

Also, Coby owns. He may have been a little pathetic earlier in the arc, but damn his speech is l33t. It's simple, and noone really listens to it, but it was damn cool...

edit: What's with Luffy being in a boat, about to be eaten by a monster, that draws out Shanks?...:)

Orath 2010-03-23 10:11

Holy god of sky islands. this is EPIC

Garp shouldn't be allowed near Akainu after this war. The bastard killed Ace, almost killed Luffy and now tried to kill an important subordinate.

Its going to be interesting seeing how these events cloud Coby's ambition, seeing how blood thirsty are his superiors, and starting to see the madness and corruption in the world government, I hope it doesn't go the route of "fixing the government from within".

come to think of it, Strawhats need an ex marine in their ranks :D

ChaosPaladin 2010-03-23 10:16

this is OMFGBBQ epic!!!!! shanks!!!!! i saw the spoiler pic and it is super duper cool!!!! oda u r the god!!! he seem to be able to top the epicness every single week

ZeroForever 2010-03-23 10:22

I love how I can't predict this series at all makes it so much more interesting to read, saw the spoilers already and Shanks looks awesome.

Darmill 2010-03-23 10:25

EPIC!!! So Kizaru FINALLY appears, I also read that Law got beamed by the Admiral right through his head :upset: and that Akainu's will is shaken seeing Shanks King Haki.

I couldn't recognize Usopp's dad Yasopp i the spoiler pics, but it's said that he shoot a bullet right through BB's head.

The title of the chapter is something like "a couple seconds of courage". I guess it's refering to our young hero Coby :)

edit: I read some wrong spoiler. In 579 Both Law and BB remain in one piece, Yasopp hasn't appeard yet.

Rurik 2010-03-23 10:27


OMG, Shanks?????? this has been one of the most epic appearance i have read in a while!

BTW, does this means that Luffy is going to give back the hat to Shanks?

Kanon 2010-03-23 10:32

People were wondering who would pick up the strawhat last week, who would have thought it would be Shanks? :D

I had given up on Shanks showing up after all this time. The awesomeness just won't stop ! And way to go, Coby, you tell them !

John D. 2010-03-23 10:52

Badass spoilers to be sure^. I didn't anticipate Shanks and crew showing up, as I thought he'd have his hands full with Kaidou in the New World (granted, that was a day ago^). And Blackbeard's show of that this is his age is cool, though I'm a little suprised if he really are able to square of against the Sengoku and Garp tag-team (didn't think he would become so strong so quick after "just" gaining an additional Devil Fruit).

In opposition to you marvelB^, I prefer Ben over Lucky and hope we see a (little of it at least) Ben Beckman and Kizuro skirmish. But maybe Lucky Reaux will be the one to hold of Aokiji since he also is trying to intercept Luffy (or was, at least, the last time we saw him).

Like you James, I found Coby awesome this chapter, and the response Akainu gave to it...A very hard man indeed. (He's becoming a better villain by the chapter)

Rawrz 2010-03-23 10:56

Hopefully Luffy will revive in Shank's ship and Shanks will train him about King Haki.

velocd 2010-03-23 11:03

Wow.. Shanks, didn't expect that at this point. :D

C.A. 2010-03-23 11:14

I have a feeling that all the veterans will put each other into permanent retirement at the end of the arc.

And I think Lucky Reaux is the perfect man to fight Kizaru, since he is the fastest man on Grand Line. If Kizaru being made of light itself, isn't the fastest man, Lucky Reaux must have something quite astounding, maybe he has a time fruit.

marvelB 2010-03-23 11:23


Originally Posted by John D. (Post 2969192)
In opposition to you marvelB^, I prefer Ben over Lucky and hope we see a (little of it at least) Ben Beckman and Kizuro skirmish.

Well of ocurse, to each their own. Still, I think you guys already know I tend to prefer the goofier-looking characters by now. ;)


Originally Posted by C.A. (Post 2969213)
And I think Lucky Reaux is the perfect man to fight Kizaru, since he is the fastest man on Grand Line. If Kizaru being made of light itself, isn't the fastest man, Lucky Reaux must have something quite astounding, maybe he has a time fruit.

Funny that you mention this, because this is partially the reason why I want to see Lucky take on Kizaru in the first place. See, that whole thing about Lucky being the fastest in the GL was one of those (seemingly) baseless rumors that practically came out of nowhere (just like the whole "Mihawk cutting elements" deal, but I'm pretty sure that one can actually be proven). Lucky vs. Kizaru would be the perfect match-up to prove once and for all whether or not the fat dude is as speedy as the rumors say (and even if he's not, I just want to see his fighting style :))......

james0246 2010-03-23 11:28

^He uses his RPG Meat to pummel people...what else is there to see?...:D

C.A. 2010-03-23 11:29

Actually Oda really kept Kizaru's power and abilities really low.

If Kizaru stays in light form, time itself will stop, he could have owned everyone before a single second has passed.

marvelB 2010-03-23 11:49


Originally Posted by james0246 (Post 2969231)
^He uses his RPG Meat to pummel people...what else is there to see?...:D

But how do we know he isn't the world's greatest rokushiki user??? And that he uses haki to harden that meat with Tekkai?? :p

But all kidding aside, I'm still looking forward to seeing Lucky in action. Also, I just want to say I'm glad to see that Akainu's being just as ruthless as ever. We already saw him nuke that one other soldier earlier in the arc for trying to run away, and now even Coby was unfortunate enough to meet his wrath (well, almost, anyway). I can't wait for Akainu to inevitably survive his skirmish with Shanks so he can become a major villain for the latter half of the series......

C.A. 2010-03-23 11:53

Lucky should go to Kizaru and Ben should fight Sengoku, since he's supposed to be the smartest man on Grand Line.

Maybe Mihawk can cross swords with Shanks again, since its a war and not sparring.

marvelB 2010-03-23 11:57

^Ben's supposed to be the smartest in East Blue, not the Grand Line. Anyway, I think he's more likely to fight against Blackbeard than Sengoku....

C.A. 2010-03-23 12:04

Hmmm I see, then I want to see what he can really do, Marco has already showed how bad ass he is.

Shanks's crew do not have outrageous designs as most of the characters in One Piece, since they're very early designs, Oda haven't fully shaped his style yet. But the the normal-looking appearance of Shank's crew makes them big mysteries of what they can do.

Their entire crew look like they have no ability users at all, it would be quite insane if the entire crew fights with true human strength.

John D. 2010-03-23 12:12

You think Mihawk can match Shanks blow for blow (in a serious fight, not a sword duel)? Mihawk is the best swordsman (according to his title), but Shanks is sure to have some other trick up his sleeve to topple Mihawk's greater swordsmanship (Haōshoku Haki to name one).

Shanks said he came to stop the war, not to partcipate in it it (nor is he, I assume, meaning to "stop" the war by helping Blackbeard destroy the marines) and I'm curious what Shanks plans are (or maybe Ben Backmen is the one laying down the importent plan details in Shanks crew, seeing as Oda said he was the smartest one around^).

Shanks should be in a good position to come to an agreement with the marines, seeing as they are hardly fit to handle another Yonkou and his crew in their state (with the majority of WB commanders+crew still fighting and Blackbeard Pirates laying waste to Marinford). The marines have achieved their goal; both Ace and Whitebeard sleeps the deep sleep and they should want to concentrate on Blackbeard and his guys.

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