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NoemiChan 2013-07-30 07:05

Hey, the ending made me cry.... there was too much love in the air... I'm so happy I got my ending... and my couple....

Spoiler for Ending:

Archaeon 2013-07-30 07:15


Originally Posted by OMG_Zerg_Rush (Post 4205029)
So recently Kawamori had to defend mikono in a interview and it got me wondering , has anything like this happened before? As in a shows creator having to defend a character from the shows fan base? This post isn't a swipe against Mikono or her fans I'm just curious.

I don't really like Mikono. Even though she is incarnation of Silvie,Silvie is so much better than Mikono.

cyberdemon 2013-08-02 23:39


Originally Posted by Archaeon (Post 4775902)
I don't really like Mikono. Even though she is incarnation of Silvie,Silvie is so much better than Mikono.

well to be fair Mikono was belittled her entire life by her family. Silvie really didn't have that problem. Apollo when taken over by Pollon's memories did point out that Silvie was different from Celiane as well.

I really wish they'd make an anime for the story of Apollonius and Celiane. There is still too much we don't know.

DuelGundam2099 2013-09-24 14:52

So in recent news FUNimation just released their english dub trailer and wow is it mediocre.

Mixy sounds very unfitting but that is probably just the first impressions or those small bits.

Frontier 2013-09-24 20:54

Thats... certainly not a trailer I would've used to advertise Evol. I thought the PV's that came out before the show aired were much stronger and those used less footage. Of course, the PV's used Sousei No Aquarion and Kimi No Shinwa instead of a generic trailer track, so it's hardly a competition.

The dub cast actually has a lot of the dub voice actors from the original Aquarion dub back, most of them voicing their characters reincarnations on the show. For example, Christopher Bevins and Brina Palencia were Apollo and Sylvia respectively, and are now Amata and Mikono. Though it would've made more sense to have Bevins voice Kagura instead, especially when his voice does not match Amata at all.

It's not how I would've casted the show, but it is interesting, and in some ways appropriate, method of casting.

As a whole I can't really form an opinion about the dub from just those snippets, but it doesn't sound terrible barring Bevins being miscast as Amata. Josh Grelle sounds like a good Andy.

D-KLAC 2013-09-25 06:51

well seeing this cast list & compare this version to 1st version series give some casting whole Reincarnation & yet some did 1st version now a new person for most some on it.

bevins as amata well total different side give from before series.

brina as mikono yea total personality different.

glass as zess give recall she was filler twin in 1st series now ascend to main roles.

jason as caye give in other series he was glasses 2nd in command person.

vale as shrade before he was sirius but now her doing person sound power with ill condition.

luci as yunoha give before she did one of shadow angel but now she a invincible girl with frog doll.

cook as donor in past series was other filler twin but now got a robot arm

clink as nun female yea total voice matching casting gag on both languages.

potter as zen yea it's all on Reincarnation casting.

carrie as crea indeed Reincarnation casting as well.

then other side we got among casting from before to now

todd as jin give before did the otaku but now can make shields.

mike as izumo before he was glen but now a different person

tatum as mykage we get it Reincarnation casting but dark side.

with odd names there are for this version we got

josh as W.hole
lexi as mix
tia as dark female
ian as nice hat dark male
jaffe as kagura

overall it different feel of deja vu on it.

Flames 2013-12-15 22:35

I felt like the main reason why Amata was attracted to Mikono is only because she look like his mother and he felt he can make up for not chasing after his mom through her. Which is disturbing and yet interesting because it means he indirectly expressing his love for his mother through her.That explains his odd exception of not wanting Mikono taking away from by Kagura and wanting Mikono to love him. He can finally have his mother figure back through Mikono.

To me this was the only interested part of this series which I wish they explored more since it may have developed Amata character and made him liking Mikono be more realistic then vibe I was getting from him about only caring about her because of her replacing his Mom in his heart regarding his failures.

Shinji103 2015-08-22 13:53

So whatever happened with the Aquarion EVOL BD box, or has it not been released yet? I've been wanting to see all that new hour+ final scene that's in it/ :D

cyberdemon 2015-08-23 19:36


Originally Posted by Shinji103 (Post 5628862)
So whatever happened with the Aquarion EVOL BD box, or has it not been released yet? I've been wanting to see all that new hour+ final scene that's in it/ :D

The regular BDs had extra and changed scenes as well. So they're adding an extra hour on top of that?

bakAnki 2015-09-29 06:54

I don't know where else to post this so I'll just put this here.

Aquarion EVOL is one of the title for Playstation VR apparently. I thought it came out of nowhere but seeing this demo, I admit it looks really interesting.

Now I want to gattai with MIX :p

Patriot's Blade 2015-09-29 07:47

so Aquarion gattai's looked DAMN AWESOME when viewed from the pilot's perspective, why can't the show had that budget...... oh wait :heh:

bakAnki 2015-10-02 09:36

Oh hey look, we're also getting Evol game for smartphone. A rhythm tap game with Aquarion EVOL's eyes as the platform :heh:

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