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Shift_ 2003-11-18 10:33

Anyone else have this problem when watching anime?
I find when I watch one ep/week of a show, I tend to lose intrest pretty quickly no matter HOW good it is....cept for certain shows.

I like to watch ALL of the eps all at once. For most anime, I wait to get all the eps, than watch just bugs me that I have to wait a week ^.^

GreyArea 2003-11-18 12:07

Surely that would only happen if you werent very interested in the show to begin with. Im currently watching Naruto, FMA and Gunslinger Girl, all of which I am galdly waiting for (Im watching other stuff while I wait though).

Its not like I loose interest in teh series', as you say you do, but I just fill the time between episodes with lots of other anime :E

Is there something in particular your bored of?

Shift_ 2003-11-18 12:19

lol, NAruto I can't watch anymore...I read the manga, FMA I want to watch all in one sprint.

I just like watching anime all at once, so I don't have to wait ^.^

I just started Stellvia yesterday...pretty good so far.

If I was watching it weekly I would of...and missed out on a great anime, same with Kiddy grade, since they have very LATE developing plots.

GreyArea 2003-11-18 13:14

Its gonna be a long wait for FMA, its got a 52 (or 50, whichever) eps to run through :)

Surely waiting for the Naruto manga is worse than waiting for the anime, as there's less content in each installment... :twitch:

Mad Cat 2003-11-18 14:03

I got a big fat problem when im watching anime, It ends when i dont want it to ;)

AnimeFangirl 2003-11-18 16:04

I know exactly how Shift feels. The only series which has been able to hold my interest despite having to wait for releases is Ippo, and that's because I was able to watch 1-58 in the space of a few days. If I have to start from episode 1 and wait a week for the next one, I'll be bored by ep 3 and move on to something else. If it's something I like, then I'll just collect it till it's done or buy the manga and read it if possible. There's a lot of completed titles out there to watch in one go, so I don't see why I have to take 13-52 weeks to follow one series.

monir 2003-11-18 16:32

Yeah, that would be nice if all the episodes are gathered before one's viewing pleasure...But then again, no one discusses a complete series episode by episode if all the episodes of that series are out there...Anticipation and waiting for any series makes this forum discussion interesting cause one gets to read all these wonderful threads and plenty of comments of likes/dislikes (your thread to begin with)...And if everyone starts waiting for the series to end before viewing, this Forum will be one boring site to visit..

hunterx 2003-11-18 16:54

if you want too long then episodes become harder to get, I'm still stuck on kenshin 36. I find that once I get a hint on how it might end my interest diminishes. green green, narutaru, popotan, gilgamesh, no gash bell etc I've stopped watching around eps 6-8. green green just ended so I started d/ling again, thank god it's only 12, I don't think I could stand 24.

Superchop 2003-11-18 17:26


Originally Posted by hunterx
if you want too long then episodes become harder to get

Well you dont necessarally (sp?) have to wait for all of the eps to be released to d/l them...I usually like to wait till a series is finished before i start watching it...but i never wait till they are all released...some series that i know loose seeds after a while i get right away...and other series that i know will have seeds for a long time...i'll wait till there's enough to fill a cd's worth...then i just d/l 3-4 eps at once...burn, and put it away till it's time for it to come out (i have a very small hd...that's why i do it that way). Of course there are exceptions to series...and i do watch them as soon as i get the eps...ex Naruto, FMP, PeaceMaker...and a couple of others...

Shift_ 2003-11-18 17:31

heh, well see I download like the first few eps by all the diffrent groups, watch them, choose the group I like and will just download and burn them, and watch it when it's done :)

RyuTengu 2003-11-18 17:59

I'm watching so many shows that it sorta evens out. By the time i finish watching episode 50ish of naruto, i'm off to watch e's otherwise release. Then after that i'm off to watch the next release, and that process continues until its next friday. Now the following episode of naruto is out right on time and i've caught up with my other series, so i think it works out perfectly. Atleast for me it does >___<;

AnimeFangirl 2003-11-18 21:56

It's not much of a problem for me this season round, since I'm not planning on watching anything except Mermaid's Forest. And those files are small and fit very nicely on my hard drive. I could watch those as they came out, since I already read the manga, but I like having those weekend anime marathons.

Kurara 2003-11-18 22:27

I know what you mean.. that's why I prefer batch downloads. When I watch more than one episode it gives me more time to get back into the anime. ^^; I watch a lot of anime every night, and that's what usually happens...

Rider_from_stay_nigh 2006-05-21 10:18

Hmm stangly I never had that problem.

Vaines 2006-05-21 10:45

As here on TV the shows are always once (or more) times a day, and I almost never concentrate on the newest shows, I never really had this problem. The only two shows I had to wait for a long time were School Rumble, and at some point there was like a year-long wait for the next episode, or something that felt that long, and yet I kept waiting for it. And it wasn't particularly my favorite show ever, so I don't think it's only if you like it. It's more if you get hooked by it that you keep informing yourself, and if I've watched a show for like over a certain number of episodes, I'll keep on looking for the other eps. The second show was Lain, I had to wait one year for the last DVD, but in that particular case it's true that I only watched it because I wanted to fill the show in my mind and imagination. I wasn't particularly attracted, but the show had something interesting about it, and it is full of things which can be discussed, and imagined after. And I like that.

Radiosity 2006-05-21 12:18 do realise this is a 3 year old thread, right?

npal 2006-05-21 12:57

Well, I like watching as many episodes at one time as possible. While this has the benefit of extreme enjoyment (for me), it has a huge drawback. It ends quickly and then I don't have anything to watch, plus if I really liked the series, I get depressed :p. But waiting for an episode is not that bad for me, but there must be SOMETHING I can watch while waiting, else I get frustrated, especially if the last episode was a cliffhanger. But other than that, I don't mind waiting. I certainly don't lose interest in a series I like just because I have to wait.

Vexx 2006-05-21 13:18

wow... talk about thread necromancy :)

I try to set aside breakfast for anime watching (my wife heads out at 0530 and my son doesn't get up for school til 0700 so that gives me an hour+ for "quality time" with my own useless timewasting -- if there's no anime to watch then I'm WoWing or recently, checking out DnDonline.

I've waited as long as six months for the "next episode" of some series... heck.... I'm waiting a year for what happens after ep 8 of Kamichu! (when the R1 DVDs come out).

stretch87 2006-05-21 13:58

who knows if the original poster is even alive still to read my reply but oh well.

YES i have this problem. i can't stand waiting an entire week to watch a single episode. the problem is, if i have to wait a week for one episode my expectations are going to be really high, and my expectations are rarely met, and even if they are the episode still feels like it went by so fast. then when i think about how i have to wait a whole week again just to watch 20 minutes i get really annoyed.

that's why i only dowload animes that are complete, so i can watch as many episodes as i want when i want

rooboy 2006-05-21 18:59


Originally Posted by Vexx
wow... talk about thread necromancy :)


Originally Posted by Radiosity do realise this is a 3 year old thread, right?

These two comments mirror my thoughts when I read this post:

Originally Posted by GreyArea
Surely that would only happen if you werent very interested in the show to begin with. Im currently watching Naruto, FMA and Gunslinger Girl, all of which I am galdly waiting for (Im watching other stuff while I wait though).

I think I'm on my third viewing of FMA now. Once the first time through, once through AS, and now once through the DVDs with my wife and son. :)

Late evenings is my goof off time. Generally I have all of my housework done by about 8:30 PM. My wife and kiddo head to bed at about that time. I don't sleep til midnight, so I have almost a set amount of time each day to watch anime (if I'm not in the middle of reading something, or, as is the case now, watching the NBA playoffs). I don't mind waiting for stuff I really enjoy, but there's plenty of shows that I just waited for them to be over to watch. Some of them I really enjoyed (Tsubasa Chronicles and Honey and Clover spring to mind), some of them I didn't (KGNE and Air), but for whatever reason, when I tried to watch them as they came out, I just couldn't keep interested from week to week.

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